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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.

This article was catalogued by the Cosmic Cooperative.


Database - Cosmic Cooperative is an index page.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page includes all the registered and documented systems of the Cosmic Cooperative.

Table information[edit | edit source]

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • Put in the Current System name and remove the (CC) Suffix.
    • Instead of typing in the Wealth name (for example Booming), type in the wealth level instead (for example Low, Medium, or High)
    • Instead of typing in the Conflict name (for example Rowdy), type in the Conflict level instead (for example Low, Medium, or High)

System Region Planets / Moons Index Dominant life form Economy Wealth Conflict Discovered by Point of interest?
Ankara Aizeta 5 E3f Vy'keen Experimental High Medium Moon Cookies1 Capital, Many Bases
Avdink Aizeta 2 G3f Gek Minerals High High Winter naut No
Frolote Aizeta 1 G3 Vy'keen Mercantile High Medium Moon Cookies1 No
Nyssa Aizeta 3 G4f Korvax Nano-construction High High Winter naut Winterfox37's Base
Omlyal Aizeta 1 G2f Gek Shipping High Low Winter naut No
Resentu Aizeta 4 G7 Korvax Prospecting High Medium Moon Cookies1 No
Yache Aizeta 3 + 1 G9 Vy'keen Trade (Shipping) Medium High AlphaQu No
ZanaChaCha Aizeta 5 + 1 E3 Korvax Technology Low Low AlphaQu No
Bone Junction Aizeta 3 K9 Gek Manufacturing Medium High Halfabattle Halfabattle's Base
Actbound Aizeta 6 B6 Korvax Nano-Construction High High Halfabattle No
Bladed Scrapyards Aizeta 2 E3 Korvax Advanced Materials High Medium Halfabattle No
Gionez Aizeta 3 + 2 G1f Korvax Prospecting High Low Halfabattle No
Berilium Aizeta 2 G5 Vy'keen Manufacturing Low Low Halfabattle No
Nadustu Laportruj Shallows 4 G9f Korvax Technology Medium Medium AIphaQu First system in the second region

Additional information[edit | edit source]

The Cosmic Cooperative is located in the Euclid galaxy, centered in the Aizeta region.

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