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David Ream is a founder and the Creative Director of Hello Games. He serves as a programmer on No Man's Sky.

Bio[edit | edit source]

People often ask me – "Excuse me, are you David Ream, Creative Director of Hello Games?"

At this point I nod.

"I thought so! I would love to know a bit more about you."

I am a polite guy, so I indulge them.

I normally start by telling them about how it all started with my Dad and his hacked Atari 2600. Piles of loose ROM chips with stickers on that said things like Frogger, Adventure, Kaboom and Defender.

We sigh together nostalgically.

I waffle on about old PC games I used to love for a bit, then move on to how I went to University to do Maths and Physics, then a Masters in Computer Science. With my smarts established I next talk about moving down to London to work for Climax as a bright-eyed graduate coder. I take them on a wild journey from there out to Kuju in the game development heartlands of Surrey, including development of some sort on every platform of the time and including personal fanboy favourites such as being able to help create a new Geometry Wars game.

If at this point their eyes have glazed over, I drop in casually that I am a keen musician, that I play the piano. That either gives them more useful insight into the David enigma or makes them think I am being a pretentious snot. Who cares? I have re-engaged them. I win!

I round it all off by saying how much I enjoy working in games, and how the opportunity to be part of a tight team made up of my mates was one that I could not possibly pass up.

They nod knowingly, smile and walk away thoroughly enlightened.[1]

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