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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Category Earth
Type Localized Earth Element
Rarity Uncommon
Blueprint Value 62.0 Units.png
Used for Building, Crafting, Charging, Upgrading
Symbol CO2
Release Visions

Dioxite is a resource.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Dioxite (CO2) is a resource and one of the localised earth elements.

Game description[edit | edit source]

Local mineral extract, typically found in large deposits or extracted from common minerals after inspection with an Analysis Visor.

Typically found on planets with a frozen environment.

Source[edit | edit source]

Dioxite can be refined using a Refiner with the following ingredients:

Use[edit | edit source]

Dioxite is used as an ingredient for crafting the following products:

Dioxite is used as an ingredient for refining the following products using a Refiner:

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Due to it's periodic symbol being CO2, Dioxite may be implied to be some form of carbon dioxide. This is supported by the fact that Dioxite is only naturally found on cold planets and carbon dioxide solidifies into dry ice in extreme cold temperatures of at least −78.5 °C (−109.3 °F). Incidentally, some cold planets are cold enough in No Man's Sky to reach that temperature.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • NEXT - Added as a resource.
  • Visions - Hidden changes: The information panel has an additional icon indicating its purpose.

Gallery[edit | edit source]