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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Discovery Coalition
Discovery Coalition
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Laklhazebathy Void
Capital system (DC) Oppidium Stellus
Capital planet (DC) Primordius
Coordinates 0470:0081:0D65:006C
Founded by JAS90125/Devoid666
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Release Pathfinder

The Discovery Coalition is an Unofficial Faction Project in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Discovery Coalition's Goal is to vastly increase our Knowledge of the No Man's Sky Universe, while also Assisting in the Colonization of Civilized Space.

DC is now affiliated with the United Federation of Travelers, or The Federation, and the Galactic Hub Project.

Prime Directive[edit | edit source]

Civilization Architecture Project[edit | edit source]

The Civilization Architecture Project is designed to help Travelers that would prefer their base be designed by a Verified Architect.

Verified Architects provide Architectural Portfolios including Preset Builds from varying Architectural Styles. Travelers can contact these Architects and allow them to build their Base via Share Play (PS4).

Ongoing Directives[edit | edit source]

Genera-Specific Naming Guide[edit | edit source]

This Directive's Focus is to teach passing Travelers to identify Fauna by their Scientific Name.

Name Fauna starting with their Scientific Name, then a short variation of their Original Name.

This will allow anyone who views your Discoveries to learn and associate Scientific Names with identifying attributes.

Example :

  • Mogara // Piumpa

For help identifying Fauna, refer to the Genus page.

DC Chancellors[edit | edit source]

Discovery Coalition Chancellors are the Highest Appointed Members of the Discovery Coalition. Chancellors generally play an Active Role in Management and Growth within the Discovery Coalition, and are granted a seat on the DC Council.

The DC Council is a Private Discord Server Made up of Chancellors and Trusted Members.

Chancellors Reddit PSN STEAM
JAS90125 (Founder) u/Devoid666 JAS90125
Igottwormms u/Igottwormms Igotwormms
7101334 u/7101334

DC Lore - Historical Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • Discovery Coalition Members generally believe a Prophecy predicting the Birth of a New Universe at the End of the Current Cosmic Year. The Birth of a Universe implies the Death of the Known Universe, striking fear into DC Members across the many Galaxies.
  • Korvax Theoretical Physicists proposed a Historical Timeline to record Important Milestones leading up to the End of the Cosmic Year.
  • Races in the Known Universe were Familiar with the Concept of Hours, Sols, Days, Weeks, and Months. Indications of this knowledge are represented through Travel Times between Destinations.
  • Though Races throughout the Universe understood the Passage of Time, no Timescale had been Universally Implemented.
  • The Different Factions and Races continued to engage in Conflict, despite many attempts from the Discovery Coalition to begin a Peaceful Era.
  • The Founder of the Discovery Coalition was then Spoken to through an Ancient Monolith, and a Prophecy of an Era of Unification and Prosperity unfolded.
  • The Founder then formed a Council consisting of members from each Race that don't adhere to their Race's beliefs.
  • Council Members then set out to create four Separate Factions, each designed to Appeal to the Race it Represents.
  • The Four Factions then merged with the Discovery Coalition at the Beginning of the Final Millennium, 1000 Years from the End of the Cosmic Year.
  • The Universal Timescale was implemented, and the Beginning of the Thousandth Year Began.

Historical Timeline[edit | edit source]

Timeline only shows events that occur after the Beginning of the Thousandth Year (2017)

Events listed in the Timeline are representative of Real Life No Man's Sky Related Events as depicted from an In-Game Perspective.

The Thousandth Year (2017)[edit | edit source]

Month Historic Events
Coeptum (Co) Co1000 -Day 1 - Four Factions merged with The Discovery Coalition.

The Universal Timescale Began, and with it, the Final Millennium.

Antria (A)
Mordi (Mo) Mo1000 - Day 22 - The Founder of the Discovery Coalition was

elected as the FIrst Chancellor.

Rubeus (R) R1000 - Day 11 - u/Igottwormms was Appointed as a DC Chancellor.

R1000 - Day 15 - The Discovery Coalition was invited to the Formation of The United Federation of Travelers

R1000 - Day 20 - The Ascendant GekSpawn Declared Rubeus 20 InterGalactic NipNip Day.

R1000 - Day 22 - The Discovery Coalition began Recruiting Interlopers.

R1000 - Day 25 - The Federation was Announced Publicly.

Murrindus (Mu) Mu1000 - Day 1 - The Coalition went silent while their analysts worked tirelessy to aid Travelers, and took part in the Waking

of the Atlas. (Waking Titan ARG)

Dimidiam (D)
Septimus (S)
Intercalaris (I) I1000 - Day 9 - The Universe's First Interloper Origin Day. A Celebration of a Year's Passing since the

Interloper Arrival to the Universe.

I1000 - Day 10 - The Universe regenerated, a glitch in the simulation. Travelers across the Universe were

orphaned from their Homes. (Atlas Rises Update)

Fervidi (F)
Oryzaia (O)
Nalvemdis (N)
Cacumen (Ca) Ca1000 - Day 29 - The Titan awoke again, followed by an everlasting silence. (Waking Titan ARG)

Year 999 (2018)[edit | edit source]

Month Historic Events
Coeptum (Co) Co999 - Day 1 - The Discovery Coalition celebrates it's 1 Year Anniversary.

Co999 -Day 9 - The Ascendant GekSpawn, Convergence Field Operators,

ExtraDimensional Research Division and the Order of Nal formed into one Large Research Initiative

in celebration of Unification and Coalition.

Co999 - Day 11 - The Discovery Coalition formed an Agreement with the Galactic Hub Project,

then launched the Civilization Architecture Project.

Co999 - Day 17 - u/7101334 was Appointed as a DC Chancellor.

Co999 - Day 17- The Arrival of the Atlas Pass V4.

Antria (A)
Mordi (Mo)
Rubeus (R)
Murrindus (Mu)
Dimidiam (D)
Septimus (S)
Intercalaris (I)
Fervidi (F)
Oryzaia (O)
Nalvemdis (N)
Cacumen (Ca)