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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 November, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Domus Stellaris Confederation
Domus Stellaris Confederation
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Woerefo Conflux
Capital system Gujole XIII
Capital planet Miasma
Coordinates 0EE9:0084:087C:0048
Portal Glyphs 40480507D6EA
Type Construction, Militant
Founded by RandomStrangr73
Platform Xbox
Release Visions

The Domus Stellaris Confederation is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Domus Stellaris Confederation is a Civilized space community, created with the intent of providing order and stability throughout the galaxy. This is achieved through extensive construction, planetary surveys and protective actions.

Our territory is presently located in the Woerefo Conflux region of the Euclid galaxy, although we do have several systems refererenced in the Galactic Hub.

We humbly accept those who aspire to bring order, provided they show commitment to safeguarding our Civilisation. But beware, interloper, those who bring chaos to our realm shall be destroyed.

Prime Directives[edit | edit source]

“We stand together. Even if we are just one being in the whole galaxy, they shall not cast us aside...” -Address of the 171st Unity Gathering.

The galaxy is an endless abyss of unforgiving emptiness. Pirates bring ruin to those who dare roam the skyways, as Sentinels slaughter on the barest disturbances of the surface. Civilisations are left to ruin. Lonesome stations are the only elements standing between Civilisation and Chaos.

We are the ones that remained.

But from the denizens of this Chaos, the Domus Stellaris Confederation arose to challenge these forces which threaten the very foundations of our Civilisation, and ensure that this galaxy is defined by order and stability.

All that we require is to gather those who are committed to safeguarding these prime directives of Order and Stability for our Civilisation. If necessary, we shall fight to the last being to preserve these directives.

Those who bring chaos must be destroyed. This will ensure the safety of our Civilisation.

Cities[edit | edit source]

A list of notable cities and colonies within our territory and beyond, according to Domus Stellaris and You: The Official Guide to Citizenship, Chapter 2, section 1.13.

Woerefo Conflux[edit | edit source]

Image City Name Planet System Planetary Coordinates Description
Vivendum Miasma Gujole XIII -2.66, +104.23 Domus Stellaris Capital
Shearwinde Frostmoor Gujole XIII --- Shrine to the Might of the People
Merrick Valdenheim Isolum --- Major Economic Centre
Oculaurum Azurla Zekrom --- Scientific Complex and Monitoring Station
Caelum Irridessa Wrenshaw -16.00, +70.84 Significant Residential Centre
Eveline Coralinth Blisshaven --- Blisshaven Region Spaceport

Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

Image City Name Planet System Planetary Coordinates Description
Shimmerlight Dawnfire HUB10-110 The Watchful Eye --- Domus Stellaris Embassy Base for the Galactic Hub
Havelock Illida HUB10-110 The Watchful Eye --- Announcement Platform and Racetrack
Illumina New Lennon HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun +16.50, -31.56 Material Trading Harbour

Current Territory[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered and acknowledged by our mapping teams:

Woerefo Conflux[edit | edit source]

Legacy Systems[edit | edit source]

DSC Systems[edit | edit source]

Savenix Instability[edit | edit source]

Naming Protocols[edit | edit source]

To denote our territory, all systems discovered or otherwise acquired should be named as such:

  • [DSC] Name of System

[DSC] is a tag given to systems to demonstrate our ownership. Add a space between [DSC] and the name of the system, so they are clear and separated for other interlopers.

There are no official protocols in place concerning the naming of systems at this time.

Note: Certain systems listed in the "Current Territory" section near the capital do not have this tag; these are considered to be Legacy systems, named before the founding of this Civilisation. These are part of our Civilisation, and should be treated as such.

Applications[edit | edit source]

No protocols have been established for new applications within the civilisation as of yet.

Members[edit | edit source]

Position Member Name PC/PS4/XBOX Home Planet
Grand Chronicler RandomStrangr73 XBOX Miasma
--- --- --- ---

Regulations[edit | edit source]

We seek those who are committed to upholding the order of our Civilisation, and solemnly swear to:

  • Protect the Domus Stellaris Confederation with their lives.
  • Preserve the order and stability of the galaxy.
  • Bring no harm to other individuals, unless they seek to cause harm to yourself, other individuals or the Civilisation.
  • Strive to destroy all sources of Chaos, i.e, Pirates, Sentinels, harmful individuals, whenever possible.

A full list of regulations can be found in The Pocket Guide to Order and Stability, Chapter 4, section 12.3.

Background[edit | edit source]

“An empire once stood upon many worlds...but they grew corrupt and decadent... We shall not repeat their mistakes again.” -What the Ascendancy Wrought, holo-page 52.2.

(Notice 112-C: hearsay warning:)

"The following sections have been reconstructed from data logs and hearsay by unapproved sources. Caution is advised before accepting the truthfulness of the following statements. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter."

The Might of The Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Many eons ago, a mighty and all-encompassing empire was said to have stood tall within the depths of the Euclid galaxy. A flag, raised upon many worlds, subsuming every planet through sheer force of will. It is estimated that billions existed among their sprawling cities in relative peace, particularly near their capital, Elysium.

Claimed by several sources to have been a planet whose surface had long since been subsumed by an unending city of towering skyscrapers and aerial factories, the wealth from their outlying systems and continual conquests enabled them to sustain a fairly opulent lifestyle. A few sources state that overly priced communications devices and strange expensive curiosities were often the norm. However, this age of seemingly infinite wealth could not sustain itself. Officials began to seek more resources to feed their unending consumerist machines, Those fortunate few with means grew and expanded, while the remainder were taxed and gradually stripped of all they possessed, until they became little more than slaves.

The leaders of this empire sought yet more, but it could not maintain its hold forever. Murmurs of resistance among the heavily-taxed and lightly-patrolled outer planets emerged, as their leaders sought to control them in response. Groups would began plotting against what was formerly a beloved empire. The initial skirmishes would lead to a gradual decay of the empire into a large number of splinter factions.

It is claimed that they discovered a weapon, one which could transform garden worlds into hellish landscapes. Desert wastelands into idyllic oceans. The Atlas would shift the balance of power, and these worlds would never be the same...

The Decadence War[edit | edit source]

War soon broke out among Elysium’s elite. Desperate to maintain their hold on power, despite the deteriorating conditions of the very ground their cities stood upon, they warred amongst each other for what remained, for as far as they were concerned, there was nothing out there.

There are few remains from this time, though it is generally assumed that the empire would have fought amongst itself to the bitter end...

One thing has been confirmed among multiple sources, a small scientific fleet of their origin had been sighted and engaged near what would be the Gujole XIII system. It is unknown what happened to the crew...

A Lonesome Traveller[edit | edit source]

A ball of bursting fire rushed down upon the planet known as Nestone V. Rumours of a travelling entity gasping for breath upon a strange fiery planet emerged.

Boiling rain pouring from the sky, funnelled down by towering sail-like shoots onto the cracked, broken surface. Bursting down the door of a recently abandoned shelter, this lone sought refuge. For days, she struggled across the blazing wildlands until a ship emerged.

Some claim that this being was the chosen of the Atlas. Others, a lost traveller who smoked too much Geknip. The truth can never be known. Whatever she might have once been, it’s now irrelevant.

She had few memories, and even fewer clues.

All she had was the vaguest hope that somewhere out there was home... even if there were just clues... Many planets were observed. Even more strange wonders were catalogued. But the vast majority of beings were unknown to her. Seemingly unknowable aliens living in isolated space stations were curious at this strange being within their lonesome bastions. There was no one like her, for she was alone... Only rumours kept her endlessly searching for someone who could tell them where home was. Yet even they would grow dimmer. How could any one ever be found within all these stars...

In the end, she would settle down on the lush jungle planet of Meridia. Looking out into the stars, she could not comprehend that she would form the centre of something greater than herself...

Meridia Rising[edit | edit source]

But one day, there was a strange signal.

Heading towards it there was nothing but a strange orb, floating in the seemed to call to her.

And as she reached out, she saw another like her. Another traveller. They were not alone in the universe after all.

From that day forth, she would adopt the name of Aurelia, just like the shining golden stars she gazed upon every day. She would seek to gather individuals like them. After all, if they could not find their home, they would make a home for every lost Traveller in the galaxy.

Consequently, the Aurora Collective, a proto-Domus Stellaris Confederation-like group would be formed upon the shores of Meridia’s grand crystalline lakes. Through Aurelia’s leadership, their lone research base would expand into the great capital of Chroma.

A towering scientific and cultural gardenscape where thousands of people would settle under their protection, it shone as a safe haven throughout the galaxy. Though fairly small, it would continue to grow under the Traveller’s leadership.

Several other groups would emerge around this time, most notably:

  • The Val’kyr Remnant: They claimed to be a successor state to old empire cited in “The Might Of The Galaxy” section above. Hardened by Frostmoor’s deathly snowstorms, they rely on military strength to protect their newfound homeland.
  • Yisuna Technologies: Founded an unknown number of Annual Time Units (or years) ago by SalesGek Yisuna, they were a company which specialised in multitool production, and exploratory tools for protective applications. They claim that on the world of Imagination, dreams and multitools are made.
  • Several smaller factions which shall not be discussed here, but can be found in Together At Last: A History of The Shearwinde Accords, section 3, holopage 27.17.

However, the astute among you may notice these factions no longer exist... The reasons are outlined below.

Aurelia stood upon Chroma City’s expanding walls, watching the sky above her as the wind blew from the garden-topped skyscrapers.

Strange drones had been reported for several years now, but they had never massed in such huge numbers. Beings watched as they scanned everything in sight, children danced and played around their strange scanbeams, commuters curiously watched them on the way to their farms and their office blocks, but before they could interact, they usually left as quickly as they arrived.

Then one day, they saw Chroma in its shining glory. The crowded throngs of beings in the wide, grassy boulevards. Korvaxes crunching numbers in science labs. And the great tower which watched upon them all. They acknowledged it with their scanners. And they fired...

The Most Feared Enemy[edit | edit source]

Within 72 hours, everything we had built became a smoking ruin. It soon became clear: These Sentinels are an existential threat to Civilisation itself.

A few survivors, Aurelia being among them reluctantly gave their farewells to the city which had shone across the galaxy, desperately seeking assistance to hold off this newly emerged Chaos.

Seeking sanctuary within the hold of the Val’kyr Remnant, they were met with distrust and imprisonment within the hard stone walls of their city, Shearwinde. The remains of the Aurora Collective were few, but they were fuelled by an idea. If the people of the galaxy could fight under a single banner, the forces of Chaos could someday be overturned. Even as they would surely spread across the stars...

Though Aurelia suffered dearly under them, she would not be cowed by their threats. And over time, they would begrudgingly tolerate each other. But despite all their efforts, they would soon be running low on options. The Val’kyr Remnant would fight bravely to stop them, but they were nothing compared to the Sentinels.

Soon, it became clear that no nation could ever hope to defeat them alone. The Sentinels would drive them closer together. They could either destroy each other to the end, or they could reluctantly negotiate an alliance... And Aurelia, seeing first hand the indiscriminate devastation the Sentinels wrought, would spend much of the rest of her life trying to help bring this gathering of unlikely nations together...

Over many years, terms would be created for the formation of a Confederation. The meeting halls would be filled with struggle and determination. But at long last, the Shearwinde Accords would be signed. This would be the last thing Aurelia would ever she passed, initial trepidation would soon lead to a celebration of the newfound Confederation’s might.

This holo-excerpt acts as a constant reminder: Order and Stability can only be maintained by fighting for it. Any rumours to the contrary are inaccurate, and should be reported to the nearest Truth Dissemination Centre.

Forged by the fires of Chaos, these divisions would mostly fade from memory (except in certain historical holobooks), and the Domus Stellaris Confederation would stand forever as a beacon of Order and Stability.

And they shall burn for what they did to Meridia.

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