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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Domus Stellaris Confederation
Domus Stellaris Confederation
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Woerefo Conflux
Capital system (DSC) Aurora
Capital planet (DSC Capital) Meridia
Coordinates 0EE9:0084:087C:0048
Portal Glyphs 40480507D6EA
Type Construction, Militant
Founded by RandomStrangr73
Federation member Yes
Platform Xbox
Release Synthesis

The Domus Stellaris Confederation is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Domus Stellaris Confederation is a Civilized space community, created with the intent of providing order and stability throughout the galaxy. This is achieved through extensive construction, planetary surveys and protective actions.

Our territory is presently located in the Woerefo Conflux region of the Euclid galaxy, although we do have several systems refererenced in the Galactic Hub.

We humbly accept those who aspire to bring order, provided they show commitment to safeguarding our Civilisation. But beware, interloper, those who bring chaos to our realm shall be destroyed.

Prime Directives[edit | edit source]

We are Order. We are Stability. We stand as one...Chaos shall fall.
~ Grand Marshall, Address of the 173rd Unity Gathering.

The galaxy is an endless abyss of unforgiving emptiness. Pirates bring ruin to those who dare roam the skyways, as Sentinels slaughter on the barest disturbances of the surface. Civilisations are left to ruin. Lonesome stations are the only elements standing between Civilisation and Chaos.

We are the ones that remained.

From the denizens of this Chaos, the Domus Stellaris Confederation arose to challenge these forces which threaten the very foundations of Civilisation, and show the galaxy that together, the whims of chaos and destruction will not stand!

Our civilisation is a home for any and all interlopers who seek meaning and purpose. We seek those who strive to protect the prime directives of Order and Stability for not just our Civilisation, but the universe as we know it. If necessary, we shall fight to the last being to preserve these directives.

Those who bring chaos must be destroyed. Only then will interlopers everywhere be safe from harm.

Cities[edit | edit source]

A list of notable cities and colonies within our territory and beyond, according to Domus Stellaris and You: The Official Guide to Citizenship, Chapter 2, section 1.13.

Woerefo Conflux[edit | edit source]

Image City Name Planet System Planetary Coordinates Description

Nova Aurelis Under Construction.png

Nova Aurelis Meridia (DSC) Aurora --- Domus Stellaris Capital

Vivendum Storage Hall.png

Vivendum Miasma Gujole XIII -2.66, +104.23 Core Trade Hub
Shearwinde Shrine.png Shearwinde Frostmoor Gujole XIII --- Memorial of the Battle of Firstfall, honoring those who

fight for Order and Stability throughout the Galaxy.

Merrick Trading Port- Waiting Room.png Merrick Valdenheim Isolum --- Major Economic Centre

Oculaurum Scientific Base.png

Oculaurum Azurla Zekrom --- Scientific Complex and Monitoring Station

View from atop Caelum.png

Caelum Irridessa Wrenshaw -16.00, +70.84 Significant Residential Centre
Eveline Spaceport.png Eveline Coralinth Blisshaven -44.39, -84.04 Blisshaven Region Spaceport

Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

Image City Name Planet System Planetary Coordinates Description
Shimmerlight Sanctuary- Embassy Hall.png Shimmerlight Dawnfire HUB10-110 The Watchful Eye --- Domus Stellaris Embassy Base for the Galactic Hub
Havelock Bridge.png Havelock Illida HUB10-110 The Watchful Eye +14.75, -95.82 Announcement Platform and Racetrack
View from Illumina Docklands Residential Tower.png Illumina New Lennon/Eniwa 34/L6 (Xbox) HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun/Omutsuji XVII +16.50, -31.56 Material Trading Harbour

Other Regions[edit | edit source]

Image City Name Planet System Region Planetary Coordinates Description
King's Landing- Main Entrance.jpg King's Landing Ilum Marxium [EPM] Stellaria Marxia Kuhendi Instability --- Observation Platform
Semaphora Harbour.jpg Semaphora Askora Marxia [EPM] Stellaria Marxia Kuhendi Instability --- Domus Stellaris Embassy Base for the EPM

Current Territory[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered and acknowledged by the Domus Stellaris Geographical Analysis Bureau.

Woerefo Conflux[edit | edit source]

Legacy Systems[edit | edit source]

Note: These Legacy Systems listed below have been named before the founding of this Civilisation. These are part of our Confederation, and should be treated as such.

DSC Systems[edit | edit source]

Systems A-I[edit | edit source]
Systems J-Z[edit | edit source]

Other Civilisations' Embassy Systems[edit | edit source]

Our Embassy Systems[edit | edit source]

System Name Region Serving which civilisation?
HUB10-110 The Watchful Eye Savenix Instability Galactic Hub
[EPM] Stellaria Marxia Kuhendi Instability Empire of Phantomium Marxium

Naming Protocols[edit | edit source]

To denote our territory, all systems discovered or otherwise acquired should be named as such:

  • [DSC] Name of System

[DSC] is a tag given to systems to demonstrate our ownership. Add a space between [DSC] and the name of the system, so they are clear and separated for other interlopers.

There are no official protocols for the naming of systems. However, we would like to suggest categories which useful and insightful names can be drawn from. These include:

  • Names of scientists, or people who have changed the world for the better.
  • Beings or myths, whether imagined or real. Preferably those who are considered to be good or beneficial.
  • Places of interest which the discovered location reminds you of.
  • Any other suitable names.

Citizenship[edit | edit source]

Prospective citizens should enter our DSC Discord server. Citizenship applications are to be submitted through this.

Members[edit | edit source]

A list of high-ranking members within the Confederation. The DSC Discord contains a more exhaustive list.

Position Member Name PC/PS4/XBOX Home Planet
Grand Marshall RandomStrangr73 XBOX Miasma
--- --- --- ---

Regulations[edit | edit source]

We seek those who are committed to upholding the order of our Civilisation, and solemnly swear to:

  • Protect the Domus Stellaris Confederation with their lives.
  • Preserve the order and stability of the galaxy.
  • Bring no harm to other individuals, unless they seek to cause harm to yourself, other individuals or the Civilisation.
  • Strive to destroy all sources of Chaos, i.e, Pirates, Sentinels, harmful individuals, whenever possible.

A full list of regulations can be found in The Pocket Guide to Order and Stability, Chapter 4, section 12.3.

Background[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

“...stand together with multitools raised high...Let the light of order flood the sky...”
Excerpt from the Domus Stellaris Confederation Anthem, Verse 2, Lines 3-4.

Long ago, the Sentinels destroyed virtually all traces of civilisation.
Without a home, the few survivors wandered about, lost and alone.

From the many disparate peoples of the Woerefo Conflux, a sanctuary would rise from the ashes of war. On the frozen mountains and syrupy lakes of Frostmoor, the first Grand Marshall, Aurelia, would lead the charge against the Sentinels and show the galaxy that together, the whims of chaos and destruction will not stand!

And now, the Confederation stands as one.

Among these chaotic stars, the Confederation has made a home for any and all interlopers who seek meaning and purpose.
Our home in the stars. Domus Stellaris.

(Notice 112-C: hearsay warning:)

"The following sections have been reconstructed from data logs and hearsay by unconfirmed sources. Caution is advised before accepting the truthfulness of the following statements. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter."

The Might of The Galaxy[edit | edit source]

“…beware the empires that grow too big to care for their not repeat their mistakes.”
-What the Ascendancy Wrought, and How to Avoid it: volume 3, holo-page 52.4

It was said that many eons ago, an all-encompassing empire once stood within the Euclid galaxy. Wealth from thousands of systems flooded inward to sustain the opulent lifestyles of a few lucky individuals…as incalculable numbers of alien lifeforms toiled under blazing suns and uncaring moons. Upon the agricultural outpost planet of Meridia… well above the lush yellow fields and crystalline blue lakes… a ragtag group of pirates stumbled upon a strange diamond structure gazing down from the depths of outer space…

A weapon.

One which would transform garden worlds into hellish wastelands.
And empty moons into tropical paradises.
It called itself the Atlas.
Through its power, nothing would ever be the same again…

Wars of Dedacence[edit | edit source]

“The Atlas giveth… but in the end, it taketh away.”
-Excerpt from an ancient holo-tome, cited in: It Came From The Sky: A Guide to the Wonders and Dangers of Space and Beyond, chapter 37, holopage 2163.74.

As pollen-filled winds blew from Meridia’s towering treespires, beings of all kinds worked and mingled amongst the garden-topped skyscrapers of Chroma City, as those without means dreamt of better lives from their aged, but cosy wooden shacks.

Out here, they don’t hear the murmurs of revolt in the outer rim.
The hunger strikes.
The emerging riots.
Or of robotic soldiers marching within their walkers, determed to quell this “insurrection”.

Many of the best and brightest here dreamt of becoming scientists, seeking to understand the inner workings of the universe. Strange drones would soon land onto their shores. Creatures of all sorts watch as they scanned everything in sight. Children danced and played around their strange scanbeams. Commuters curiously watched them on the way to their farms and their office blocks. But they would always leave before anyone could interact with them.

But elsewhere, the old Empire seemed on the verge of collapse. Many of the elites who ruled from the vast complexes of Elysium began raising armies to challenge the weakened and strained central government.
Surely, they would never reach Meridia…right?

It was not meant to be. Comprehensive holonews reports gave way to sparse rumours, and what they stated was increasingly grim. Devastation…the ground lain in ruin. Riots and looting as people fought over basic needs. Trade driven to a halt, as ships are hastily converted to weapons of war.

Within one rural settlement, a scruffy youthful humanoid being gazes wistfully towards Chroma City across the Expanse Sea. The drones that have now become a common sight seemed to be jittering in what seemed to be anxiousness. Despite all the issues, it seemed that everything was still under control. But the whims of fate could not account for the darkest day the universe would ever see. And who would rise from the ashes of this day…
And little did they know that from this insignificant dot in the universe…Civilisation would rise. Their deep, crimson scanbeams would ominously glow for the last time. Then…they fired…

Against The Tides of Chaos[edit | edit source]

“Remain vigilant. The most dangerous enemy is always the one you don’t expect…”
Saving the Galaxy, One Entity at a Time: volume 5, holo-page 31.2

The sentinels would open fire on everything. Dust. Smoke. Fire. Panic and devastation. Chaos would swarm the streets as civilisation crumbled around them. Only a few individuals with multitools could hold them off. Even fewer would survive to leave the planet. It is said that this happened everywhere across the galaxy. Unending conflict between nations and races, as the Sentinels sought to wipe clean every trace of civilised existence. Did the Atlas bring this upon them? Did these creatures seek to destroy? Or impose some twisted balance in the universe?

Those who remained scattered across the galaxy… including a somewhat aging science vessel where a few of Meridia’s survivors remained as they took to the skies. No matter what, they would have to make do.

Massive outpourings of grief followed… the end of their homeland… their friends and families… and as it became clear how much they destroyed…all of civilisation, turned to ash by these bloodthirsty monsters.

Travelling from star to lonely star, they sought a way to fight back against the trillions of Sentinels scavenging the galaxy. But many creatures would rather retreat to their space stations than battle this existential threat. To them, these people were nothing more than interlopers. Many would fall, but in the end, all they could do was seek a Sanctuary for anyone willing to fight back. These Interlopers, who instead of sitting there and waiting for death, would soon raise arms against the forces of Chaos, and bring Civilisation to the galaxy.

Upon the frozen mountains and syrupy lakes of Frostmoor, a new order would rise. They would make a stand.

A home for any and all interlopers who seek meaning and purpose.

Our home in these chaotic stars... Domus Stellaris.

The Birth of Order and Stability[edit | edit source]

“…one snowflake might melt in the sun, but many can bury the tallest mountains.”
Stand Together: A Guide To Being An Effective Member of Society: Chapter 1, holo-page 1.32.

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