Drop Pod

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Drop Pod
Drop Pod
Type Shelter
Release ExoMech
Description Inventory upgrade location

Drop Pod is a Point of Interest.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Drop Pod is a Point of Interest which allows the player to upgrade their Exosuit inventory. The Exosuit will gain one additional slot every upgrade up to a maximum of 48 for Inventory, 48 for Cargo, and 14 for Technology. Each Drop Pod may be used only once.

Drop Pods allow a player to choose one of three types of inventory upgrade:

  • General - the standard inventory space, which can be re-purposed for Technology if needed
  • Cargo - an additional space that permits stacking of products. Due to Cargo upgrades being much more expensive on a station, it is better to upgrade them using a Drop Pod instead.
  • Technology - Dedicated specifically for Exosuit technology.

Strategy per planet[edit | edit source]

Use a Signal Booster and Drop Pod Coordinate Data to locate the first pod. Complete it, and use another to locate the next closest. Then fly roughly 1.5-3 minutes in the starship while still inside the atmosphere. Land and use the Signal Booster again. Repeat process to find multiple Drop Pods per planet. Be sure not to back-track.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

In order to get an upgrade from the Exosuite Upgrade Module which is inside the Drop Pod, the player must repair three Damaged Components on the Upgrade Module.

Name Repair cost
Product.nanotubes.png Damaged Electrode SUBSTANCE.CAVE.2.png Ionised Cobalt x55
TREASUREPROD.PLANT.png Faulty Hologram Product.antimatter.png Antimatter x1
NmsCommodity Five Dimensional Torus.png Shattered Power Core SUBSTANCE.CATALYST.2.png Sodium Nitrate x45
SUBSTANCE.AIR.1.png Oxygen x40

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • Previously if the player had 12 tech slots and attempt to purchase another, then the Drop Pod would become "used", but will grant no upgrade. There are 14 Max upgrades and when you reach max it should notify.
  • Drop Pods also act as shelters and provide protection from the weather, hostile fauna and sentinels. As with any other shelter, the multi-tool cannot be drawn while standing inside the pod.
  • Drop Pods can also be located with an Exocraft that has an Advanced Signal Booster installed.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Release - Added to the game.
  • Atlas Rises - Provides one choice from three types of inventory upgrade (general, cargo, technology).
  • NEXT - Three Damaged Components need to be repaired, formerly units were required.

Gallery[edit | edit source]