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Colour Orange
Type Lush - Halcyon
Release Beyond
Order 10
Galaxy sequence
Previous galaxy Next galaxy
Eltiensleen Elkupalos

Eissentam is a galaxy.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Eissentam is the 10th galaxy in the No Man's Sky universe.

The Fade and Galaxy Centre are fundamental parts of every galaxy. In Eissentam, the centre appears to be orange.

This galaxy can be reached by:

  • Warp travel - Players start here with a crashed ship after reaching the centre of the Eltiensleen galaxy.
  • Simulation reset - Players in Nepitzaspru galaxy and in all the subsequent galaxies up to Eltiensleen, who choose to reset the simulation into a Lush galaxy during the New Beginnings primary mission, will start again in this galaxy.

Region categories[edit | edit source]

Regions can be categorised by the prefix or suffix added to the procedurally generated name (∗ marks its location). Names without prefix or suffix can also appear, it is currently unknown if this is a bug or not.

  1. ∗ Adjunct
  2. ∗ Void
  3. ∗ Expanse
  4. ∗ Terminus
  5. ∗ Boundary
  6. ∗ Fringe
  7. ∗ Cluster
  8. ∗ Mass
  9. ∗ Band
  10. ∗ Cloud
  11. ∗ Nebula
  12. ∗ Quadrant
  13. ∗ Sector
  14. ∗ Anomaly
  15. ∗ Conflux
  16. ∗ Instability
  17. Sea of ∗
  18. The Arm of ∗
  19. ∗ Spur
  20. ∗ Shallows

Known Regions[edit | edit source]

The Eissentam core
PS4 5-2-2019

Beyond[edit source]

Region Civilized
Ajna'ibni InExCor
Goghed Shallows InExCor
Kaoare Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Laodiere InExCor
Marcki Galactic Hub Eissentam
Miskirt Conflux InExCor
Odyaks Shallows InExCor
Umtats Anomaly Galactic Hub Eissentam
Vayrial InExCor

Visions[edit source]

Region Civilized
Aadwajima Cloud Eissentam Confederated Systems
Alabiku InExCor
Beuryac Fringe Bella Star Empire
Bohriga Nebula Eissentam Confederated Systems
Brzeml Terminus Eissentam Confederated Systems
Brzmel Terminus
Coless Sector
Drussau Expanse
Eaexandos Expanse
Econnune Sector MegaCorp
Ersetadtk Void {{{civilized}}}
Eswrigur Expanse
Etforsk Shallows Bella Star Empire
Etierfi Eissentam Confederated Systems
Gefright Spur InExCor
Haldech GenBra Space Corp
Hezavia {{{civilized}}}
Kianse Band
Kolisant Terminus Bella Star Empire
Konaim Shallows
Lebolgo Shallows
Lehyneujm Anomaly Bella Star Empire
Nebaadwi Nebula
Orakta Shallows Eissentam Confederated Systems
Oyleyan Adjunct InExCor
Sea of Zonyayp Galactic Hub Eissentam
Slyako GenBra Space Corp
The Arm of Gucoble
Tozalco Shallows
Vaxyeloh Spur Bella Star Empire
Xetraija Shallows
Yastiluxi Terminus
Yihusnel Bella Star Empire
Yuphonite Shallows

Abyss[edit source]

Region Civilized
The Arm of Fupand Galactic Hub Eissentam
Zahrel Expanse Galactic Hub Eissentam

NEXT[edit source]

Region Civilized
Aevens Fringe Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Anolamga Spur Galactic Hub Eissentam
Aslees Boundary
Cuculta Galactic Hub Eissentam
Ejongaa Anomaly Galactic Hub Eissentam
Epimetu Void
Etmarao Galactic Hub Eissentam
Exramb Adjunct Galactic Hub Eissentam
Hiquaa Boundary Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Iptrevs Fringe Galactic Hub Eissentam
Lopbacen Conflux
Nijhwal Boundary Galactic Hub Eissentam
Ologowe Fringe Galactic Hub Eissentam
Omskio Instability Galactic Hub Eissentam
Otreie Void Galactic Hub Eissentam
Owvell Spur Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Qangew Expanse Galactic Hub Eissentam
Rayuyar Band Galactic Hub Eissentam
Rezhensk Galactic Hub Eissentam
Riwala Galactic Hub Eissentam
Sobert Cloud Galactic Hub Eissentam
Taenefe Fringe
Tavill Galactic Hub Eissentam
Ubotad Terminus Vanguard of the Mythos
Umaton Instability Galactic Hub Eissentam
Usband Cluster Galactic Hub Eissentam
Wedragi Spur Galactic Hub Eissentam
Yamiraith Sector Galactic Hub Eissentam
Yatrifex Galactic Hub Eissentam
Yeiada Sector Galactic Hub Eissentam
Yuyari Sector Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Zecaici Conflux

Atlas Rises[edit source]

Region Civilized
Albaku Band
Atchase Spur
Audorfe Band
Boreta Band Consortium Hub - Eissentam
Botepa Instability
Deburin Oxalis
Enness Shallows
Essura Fringe The Eissentam Men Explorers
Falayt Terminus Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Giseuse Mass
Havense Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Hibahpuch Boundary
Hodesalo Nebula Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Hurenima Black Cloud Commonwealth
Irenko Expanse
Irheimri Fringe Galactic Vanguard
Itesuvi The Eissentam Men Explorers
Ivacht Instability Republic of Kairos
Jamarambu Empyrean of Dominion
Kerlewa Nebula The Firegnomes
Kidilt Galactic Hub Eissentam
Kitzill Shallows
Koare Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Lokinso Terminus
Luwath Mass Galactic Hub Eissentam
Myrurhah Conflux {{{civilized}}}
Nexoviduc Fringe
Noschule Band Solis Dominion
Nugnitimo Boundary
Onritid Fringe Empyrean of Dominion
Pihnevsk Cloud Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Piyatii Galactic Hub Eissentam
Puikin Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Qubetur Shallows Rai
Rakviole Void Galactic Hub Eissentam
Regiz Cloud Trijen Collective
Republic of Kairos - Discoveries Republic of Kairos
Resmand Eissentam Travellers Foundation
Sea of Emurros Republic of Kairos
Sea of Ifraav Republic of Kairos
Sea of Iktock
Sea of Laedit
Sea of Owranada Galactic Hub Eissentam
Sea of Sargar Republic of Kairos
Siwarg Conflux
Stvard Eissentam Travellers Foundation
The Arm of Ikbaks
The Arm of Opangl
The Arm of Urmannovi Empyrean of Dominion
Uldrust Band Republic of Kairos
Vemuru Anomaly Empire of the Rising Sun
Vemuru Anomoly Empire of the Rising Sun
Zolanor Terminus

Civilized space[edit | edit source]

Name Atlas Rises NEXT Abyss Visions Beyond
The Eissentam Men Explorers X
Black Cloud Commonwealth X
Empire of the Rising Sun X
Empyrean of Dominion X
Galactic Vanguard X
Republic of Kairos X
Eissentam Travellers Foundation X X X X X
Galactic Hub Eissentam X X X X X
Galactic Republic of Eissentam X X X X X
Bella Star Empire X X X X X
InExCor Eissentam X X X X
Nomad Mercenaries X
United Colonies of New Sol X
Eissentam Confederated Systems X

Gallery[edit | edit source]