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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Empire of Jatriwil
Empire of Jatriwil
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Ziumforu Adjunct
Capital system Jatriwil
Capital planet The Wings of the Jatriwil Phoenix
Coordinates 0426:0078:0D59:01D4
Size Private
Type Militant, Profit, Fanfiction
Founded by WAAM86
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Release Origins

The Empire of Jatriwil is a civilised space community.

The Blue/Orange Flag and Banner of The Empire of Jatriwil.
The Wings of the Jatriwil Phoenix.
Jatriwil farm, political base and PvP arena.
The Jatriwil Phoenix
TEJ Military Uniforms and Fighter Ship

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil was founded, created and is run by WAAM86.

The Empire rose from the ashes of Vestroga after a millennia undercover. The civilisation’s location is in the Ziumforu Adjunct in the Gamma quadrant. This is our current political home, however, there are many classified regions only known to members of the Empire of Jatriwil. The Empire of Jatriwil was involved in The Endless War within the No Man's Sky Universe and is proud of it's military and specialised units. Our military units were again used in the war against the former Solarion Imperium.

The civilisation is focused on exploration, documentation, farming, sharing content, and has an excellent community. All interlopers are welcome to settle and join our community.

Systems Discovered[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered in these regions:

  • Ziumforu Adjunct
  • Classified Regions only known by members of the Empire of Jatriwil

Unclassified Jatriwil systems[edit | edit source]

  • [TEJ] Jatriwil
  • [TEJ] Ancalagon
  • [TEJ] Hyena
  • [TEJ] Amja
  • [TEJ] Megalodon
  • [TEJ] Zillah
  • [TEJ] Demeter
  • [TEJ] Gazorpazorp
  • [TEJ] Harvey
  • [TEJ] Space Turtle
  • [TEJ] Dol Amroth
  • [TEJ] Leviathan
  • [TEJ] Azanulbizar
  • [TEJ] Prison of the Dead Moons
  • [TEJ] Erebor
  • [TEJ] Pennywise
  • [TEJ] Thorondor
  • [TEJ] Gilead
  • [TEJ] Gek
  • [TEJ] Gotham
  • [TEJ] Dalek

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Documentation - Clearly locate desirable ships, multi-tools, freighters, and technology; fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources; and much more. Contribute with the knowledge that you're part of a space farming community and helping other interlopers.
  • Multiplayer Elements - the Empire of Jatriwil is a highly recommended location for multiplayer interactions; whether that means seeing other players ("Glitches" / floating orbs), player bases, a variety of Communications Stations, or just frequently coming across discovered systems. Community Farms allow players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources.

Navigation and Arrival[edit | edit source]

Navigation[edit | edit source]

The Pilgrim Star Path is the main way to navigate to the Empire of Jatriwil.

Accessing the Ziumforu Adjunct[edit | edit source]

[TEJ] Jatriwil Portal



Arrival[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil Census[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival, the first thing you should do is sign up for the Empire of Jatriwil Census, for the following reasons:

  • Gives the Empire of Jatriwil an accurate idea of the size of the civilisation.
  • It allows other players to easily locate your home base and what game mode it's on (however, you can omit that information if you don't want a lot of visitors).
  • It allows people to check which platform you're on (can be useful if you post something on the Subreddit, for example, and they're wondering if it's on PC or PS4).

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil follows one rule when it comes to naming a system. [TEJ] is the only mandatory part of our naming convention.

Third Party Tools / Related Websites[edit | edit source]

Subfactions[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil Board[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil Board is a group of players who take part in the running of the Empire. They are considered to be "the leaders of the Empire of Jatriwil".

Staff and Representatives[edit | edit source]

Staff[edit | edit source]

Although many of our citizens gather and document information, some members of the community have stepped up to specific roles or efforts.

Board Members[edit | edit source]
  • WAAM86 - Founder, Board Member, Lead Exoagriculturalist (Primary crop farming consultant)
  • Tobes90 - Board Member, Lead Exozoologist (Primary fauna consultant)

Lore of the Empire of Jatriwil[edit | edit source]

  • Part 1:- The beginning of the Empire Of Jatriwil
  • Part 2:- The rise of an ancient Empire
  • Part 3:- The tedium of politics
  • Part 4:- Operation Adder
  • Part 5:- Finale; The Arrival of the Endless War!
  • 50 Years after the end of the Endless War, the Emperor falls!

These sections are now located on my user page. The story arc of 'The beginning of the Empire of Jatriwil and what led to the Endless War' has now been completed. Thanks to all who have read the series.

War History of the Empire of Jatriwil (RP/Lore)[edit | edit source]

Military Units, Military Uniforms and Fighter Ship (RP/Lore)[edit | edit source]

The Empire of Jatriwil is very proud of it’s military units and all of their accomplishments throughout the Empire’s history.

There are Jatriwil military soldiers, the Phoenix legion soldiers & the R.I.S.E unit soldiers.

There are other parts to The Empire of Jatriwil’s military as well but these are classified.

The TEJ-V1 Fighter ship is the Empire’s military ship of choice.

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

Emblem for the Federation.

(Refer to Civilized space page for more info)

The Empire of Jatriwil officially rejoined the United Federation of Travelers on 1 Oct 2020. We aim to help and assist where we can.

The Empire had temporarily withdrawn on 4 July 2020, but remained an ally of the Federation during the intervening months.

TEJ Enterprises[edit | edit source]

TEJ Enterprises is a loan company owned and run by the Empire of Jatriwil. TEJ Enterprises now runs shared community farms and pays towards the upkeep of them.

PS4 Community Farms[edit | edit source]

Image Base Name Production Type Harvest Location
& Game Mode
TEJ Community Farm.jpg Jatriwil Farm
Large depot community farm
Depot Frost Crystal, Solanium, Gamma Root, Fungal Mould, Cactus Flesh, Star Bulb, Mordite, Coprite, Sac Venom, Gravitino Ball and Albumen Pearl
(Exact quantity = 10 x Circuit Board, 10 x Living Glass, 10 x Liquid Explosive & loads of extra resources for Glass etc.)
(Region Ziumforu Adjunct)

Gallery[edit | edit source]