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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the Empire of Phantomium Marxium. For the Visions version, see Empire of Phantomium Marxium (Visions).
Empire of Phantomium Marxium
Empire of Phantomium Marxium
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Quvele Adjunct
Capital system (EPMu) Revoltwo-Kepler II
Capital planet Endor (EPM)
Coordinates 0801:0086:07E2:007A
Portal Glyphs 607A07FE3002
Size Standard (R)
Type Constitutional Empire
Founded by Jikomiko/blek18
Federation member Yes
Platform Xbox
Release Beyond

The Empire of Phantomium Marxium is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The current official flag of the EPM.
The registered flag of the EPM on the Federation Vexillology Department.

The Empire of Phantomium Marxium is a Civilized space community. It is located in the Quvele Adjunct region of the Euclid galaxy, with its capital being Endor (EPM), located in the [EPMu] Revoltwo-Kepler II system. The previous capital was planet Hoth (EPM) in the system Revoltwo-Kepler I. The EPM's territorial bounds extend up to 2,500 LY away from the location of the new capital system, in contrast to the old boundaries which extended up to 5,000 LY away.

The civilization follows a political system resembling that of an empire. Current holder of the "Absolute Emperor" title is Jikomiko.

The second in power and holder of the title "Viceroy of the EPM" is blek18, but the political power is mostly equal between him and the Emperor.
A message from the Emperor: "All Travellers are welcome! Let's build A GREAT EMPIRE to unite all Xbox players!"

All members are to obey directives and orders issued and given to them by either the "Absolute Emperor" or the "Viceroy of the EPM". In addition, members are required to follow the the Articles listed under the Directives & Laws section.

Previously, the EPM was welcoming Travellers from other platforms. It has been consequently proven however that it is too difficult to manage colonies in other platforms, and as such the Empire of Phantomium Marxium is to remain an Xbox only civilization.

Mission[edit | edit source]

The EPM's most important goal is to create a prosperous civilization with its core operations set in the Xbox universe of No Man's Sky. The accomplishments of joining the United Federation of Travelers, and the establishment of a localized community on Hoth (EPM), lead to the expansion of this objective; to industrialize the Xbox Universe as much as possible so it is equal in terms of organization to the other two universes.

A previous idea of a Company that would undertake the industrialization was proposed, but due to past ill knowledge of what the universal event would bring it was postponed. The idea of the company, the Phantomial Corporation, was ultimately scrapped due to management difficulties being present, as well as the existence of another company of the EPM, The Collective which has different goals. As such the EPM itself will undertake the industrialization that is required, which means the bases will be owned by its members and not a private company.

Projects[edit | edit source]

The Collective[edit | edit source]

The Collective abbreviated to 'PTC' is a company run by members of the EPM.

The Collective is a subset of T3 Economy systems within EPM space in Euclid and beyond. PTC systems are classified based on their location. The Collecitve itself has changed since its foundation, records of its history are stored within its headquarters archives

The Phantomial Space Force[edit | edit source]

On the 3rd of August, 2019, Emperor Jikomiko announced the launching of the EPM's own military force called the Phantomial Space Force. The main goal of the PSF is to preserve peace and order within EPM space, and if need be, intervene in galactic affairs for the same preservation of peace and order on an intergalactic scale in the Xbox Universe.

The PSF has its own fighter, dubbed Phantomial T3-M1 "Vector" and is based on blueprints created by the early Phantomial Corporation, which itself is no longer considered a project since it has been scrapped.

Note: Credits go to eharris8484 (unassociated with the EPM) for actually finding the location of the fighter.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before the Empire[edit | edit source]

A new universe was birthed and with it the Travellers that wanted to explore and document it. However at that time it was poorly organized with most civilized spaces there originating from the other two existing universes. Two Travellers in question, Jikomiko and blek18 wanted to be part of these civilized spaces. As such, the latter joined the The Communist Constellations of U.S.S.R, a civilization originating from the so called PC Universe. He established the colonies of Olleywo-Reles XVI and Oktovri Centauri V/I in the Xbox Universe's Hilbert Dimension. Soon after, Jikomiko joined as well, establishing his colony in Revoltwo-Kepler I which is in Euclid.

The leader of the CCU, known as Einhus, accepted blek18 with delight, but by the time Jikomiko joined, he wasn't found to issue a rank to the new Traveller. While at first this didn't seem suspicious due to communication difficulties always being present, later investigation revealed that Einhus had deleted his own records of existence. The two Travellers were shocked and felt betrayed and abandoned.

Following this, they thought that it would be best if they created their own civilization, taking with them their already established colonies and incorporating them into their newly formed Empire of Phantomium Marxium.

The Generations of the Empire[edit | edit source]

The First Generation - Visions Era[edit | edit source]

Incomplete archive loaded... Try loading the backup archives for more information.

The First Negotiation Day, as it is remember today, occurred on 25 April, 2019 and is an important event in EPM history. The then current members met on the old capital planet of Hoth (EPM), discussed future plans and competed against each other about who has the best green ship.

The Second Generation - Beyond Era[edit | edit source]

The Beyond Era started with a loss for the EPM. On 14 August, 2019 ex-member and one of the Founders of the Empire acted against the EPM, by deleting the Empire's Discord server and suspending its Xbox Club. The reasons are to remain as classified information to preserve the integrity of the EPM.

Later the same day, Emperor Jikomiko, Viceroy blek18 and Registered Members SparkiinJayz, ForwardPhoenix6 and Ballston Gamer joined communication to observe what the results of Beyond, the universal event were and as it turns out it changed little in terms of the galactic structure.

The search for the new capital system concluded when the PTC located the system Naossas, which fits the searching criteria. Since then the system is known as
[EPMu] Revoltwo-Kepler II, and the capital planet is Endor, formerly known as Appor 49/T8.

Naming Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Members can use prefixes/suffixes to indicate that their planet/system/base is a part of the civilization:

  • For planets any name can be given alongside the prefix Phantomia/Phantomium or the suffix Marxia/Marxium. Example: Phantomia <DesiredName> => Phantomia Vasilena.
  • For star systems it is advised to add the prefix [EPM] to mark it as one of our own. Example: [EPM] <DesiredName> => [EPM] Bushize

In case of naming systems not belonging in Euclid, the prefix needs to include the number of order of the Galaxy. Example of a system located in the Hilbert Dimension:
[EPM-2] <DesiredName> => [EPM-2] Revoltwo-Kepler I
PTC naming guidelines have been changed as well, when naming a system within EPM territory with the wish to also record it for the PTC, Travellers are advised to use the prefix [EPMu] or in case of another galaxy [EPMu-n] where n is the number of the galaxy.

  • For bases to be cataloged on this page, they also will need the prefix [EPM]. Example: [EPM] <DesiredName> => [EPM] FOB1

Note: Most systems discovered post-Beyond use the aforementioned guidelines. In addition, the planet's name guidelines are not a necessity but the rest of them are considered a requirement for proper cataloging.

Joining[edit | edit source]

If you want to join, you should message any of the current members that have a link to reddit and ask them there.

The Subreddit is NMSPhantomEmpire.

Members[edit | edit source]

Founders of the Empire[edit | edit source]

Member name Platform Gamertag Galaxy
Jikomiko1 Xbox Jikomiko Euclid
blek123 Xbox blek18 Euclid, Hilbert
matomaty Xbox Le Matomaty Hilbert

Registered Members[edit | edit source]

Gamertag Platform Galaxy
SparkiinJayz Xbox Euclid
ForwardPhoenix6 Xbox Euclid
Ballston Gamer Xbox Euclid, Eissentam

Banned Members[edit | edit source]

Gamertag Platform Details
KEETH1775 Xbox Ex-Founder of the Empire, went against established laws of the EPM.

A new EPM Xbox Club has been established, under the name NMS Empire of Phantomium Marxium. The owner of it is Viceroy blek18. Travellers are warned that any other club with another owner or a slightly different name are impersonating the EPM.

Note: The Founders of the Empire are the members who were in the Empire when The First Negotiation Day took place.

Territorial Boundaries[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered and claimed by the EPM in the Beyond Era.

Euclid - Quvele Adjunct[edit | edit source]

System Name Planet Image Planet Name Moon Name
[EPMu] Revoltwo-Kepler II Endor (EPM)Space.jpg Endor (EPM) N/A
Alpha Secunda.jpg Alpha Secunda N/A
Koridia.jpg Koridia N/A
Polis Dualia.jpg Polis Dualia New Hoth
Phantomium Separatum

The capital system preserves its predecessor's name, only difference being the numbering. Even if it previously indicated socialistic/communistic ideals, it still remains an important monument to the EPM's past.

Bases Established[edit | edit source]

Once constructed and finalized, player bases from the Beyond Era will appear here.

Directives & Laws[edit | edit source]

The following are laws and directives that are to be followed regardless of any circumstances.

Article I[edit | edit source]

Paragraph I: Actions that are to be taken by members of the EPM that affect it in any way are to be discussed first with the Emperor or the Viceroy.
Paragraph II: As a continuation of the previous paragraph, if a member wants to establish a company within EPM space (5000 LY radius from the capital system) he needs to be granted authorization to do so by either the Emperor or the Viceroy and also be able to maintain its Gamepedia page.
Paragraph III: All members of the EPM are to treat each other equally and with respect, failure to do so will result with the ostracism of the perpetrator from EPM space.
Paragraph IV: Any member who is deemed a threat to the EPM and its citizens will once again be ostracized from EPM space.

Article II[edit | edit source]

Paragraph I: Warships of any kind that enter the territory of the EPM without authorization will be treated as a threat and dealt with accordingly.
Paragraph II: As an exception of the previous paragraph, any warship belonging to a civilization member of the UFT or any other alliance the EPM partakes in will be treated as allies and can feel at home.

Diplomatic Relations[edit | edit source]

Civilized Space Relations Reasons
The Collective Friendly Limited Partnership Contract
Domus Stellaris Confederation Friendly Mutual Embassies
Helios Confederation of Independent Systems Friendly Undergoing Diplomatic Discussion
Galactic Republic of Eissentam Neutral Reforms to less aggressive behavior
of the GRE has led to a cease of adversarial relations.
The Communist Constellations of U.S.S.R Adversarial Historical Events
  • Note A: The EPM deems members of the UFT as friends.
  • Note B: Adversarial relations are only accounted for in terms of lore, they do not portray actions that should be taken in game.

Phantomial Records[edit | edit source]

Visions Era[edit | edit source]

Date of Event Description of Event
20 March, 2019 The idea of an empire has formed.
22 March, 2019 The Empire of Phantomium Marxium has officially been created in accordance to civilization standards. The CCU loses its Hilbert Dimension colonies to the EPM due to members leaving it and joining the Empire.
23 March, 2019 The EPM is accepted into the United Federation of Travellers.
17 April, 2019 A new emblem is created to represent the EPM on gamepedia and on the Federation subreddit. KEETH1775 officially joins the civilization, establishing a base on Hoth (EPM). Blek18 soon follows with his own base on the capital planet. The EPM has now created a small community on Hoth (EPM).
21 April, 2019 The objective of the EPM expands. The Phantomial Corporation is to be founded and existing production bases are to be placed under its authority. Plans to expand it are set in motion. The capital base of Casterly Rock is moved closer to the other capital bases. All three of them now share a common coastline.
25 April, 2019 Le Matomaty officially joins the EPM and begins construction on his base EPM Terra Prima. A historical meeting of the current members came to happen today, as they all gathered at the base EPM Hoth Baraks. Its architect, KEETH1775, alongside Emperor Jikomiko, blek18 and newly joined Le Matomaty sat in front of the EPM sign and later, they called in their starships to showcase their collection of green ships. This day will be remembered in history as the First Negotiation Day.
25 May, 2019 SparkiinJayz joins the EPM as a registered member. The four members that were present during the First Negotiation Day are deemed Founders of the Empire. All big projects, including "The Phantomial Corporation", are postponed due to ill knowledge of future universal events.
26 May, 2019 SparkiinJayz shares his ideas for outdoor farms with the EPM.
2 June, 2019 Construction on a base orbiting the moon Polis Sentinelia begins.
5 June, 2019 The orbital base is finalized and is given the name EPM Alpha-102 Orbital Station.
14 June, 2019 ForwardPhoenix6 is now an official registered member of the EPM.
18 June, 2019 Blek18 is accepted as an Ambassador of the EPM in the Federation.
26 June, 2019 A Diplomatic Envoy was sent to the Domus Stellaris Confederation, consisting of Emperor Jikomiko himself and blek18. Both parties agreed to set up Embassies in each others' territory, with the DSC EPM-E Base already having been built in DSC territory.
14 July, 2019 SparkiinJayz creates a way for T3 (Rich, Flourishing, Booming etc.) Economy systems to be recognized within the space of the EPM. T3 Systems are assigned into the Olympus Alliance with a more characterizing tag to represent their economy to other Travellers.
16 July, 2019 Ballston Gamer joins the EPM as a registered member. The "Historical Entries" are now called "Phantomial Records".
20 July, 2019 It is decided that the Olympus Alliance should be re branded to the Phantomial T3 Collective.
23 July, 2019 The now Phantomial T3 Collective is officially recognized within the Corporate Directory.
24 July, 2019 A new guideline is implemented when naming systems in Galaxies other than Euclid.
31 July, 2019 Viceroy blek18 states that the EPM's territory expands up to 5000 LY in a spherical radius centered around Revoltwo-Kepler I, and the other Galaxies capitals respectively. Construction on the capital base of Eissentam begins.
3 August, 2019 The Phantomial Space Force is announced by the Emperor, granting the EPM a militant classification.
13/14 August, 2019 With the confirmation from the Atlas itself that the universal event known as Beyond by Travellers won't wipe their creations, the search for a new suitable capital begins early. KEETH1775 chose to act against the EPM and deleted the Discord Server, and thus is banned from EPM space indefinitely. Further investigation indicates that the unofficial census, the EPM Xbox Club is also suspended.

Beyond Era[edit | edit source]

Date of Event Description of Event
14 August, 2019 After the EPM's loss of some of its platforms of communication, the Emperor, the Viceroy and the currently registered members joined communications to observe the universal event known as Beyond.
15 August, 2019 Naming Guidelines have been updated for uploading systems within EPM space with the intent of recording it for the PTC.
The trial of KEETH1775 was held today. Following established laws, specifically according to Article I; Paragraph III & IV he is ostracized from EPM space indefinitely.
Emperor's Signature:Jikomiko (talk) 10:18, 15 August 2019 (UTC) Viceroy's Signature:Blek456 (talk) 10:13, 15 August 2019 (UTC)
21 August, 2019 The idea of the Phantomial Corporation is scrapped.

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