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Image by Torsten Hartmann, original Hub emblem artist.

The Entropic Twilight Event is an event hosted by the Galactic Hub.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Entropic Twilight Event is a series of competitive events (referred to as a single event, as they run consecutively) hosted by the Galactic Hub. The event revolves around the concept of an apocalypse coming with the NEXT update, as the universe will likely be regenerated again (either partially or entirely), and the Galactic Hub may need to relocate.

This five-part event is made up of various competitions, each with some degree of in-game content. Prizes will include real-world Galactic Hub items, with more details coming soon.

The Entropic Twilight Event will conclude on July 17, 2018, one week before the NEXT Update releases.

Point System & Winners[edit | edit source]

Each individual contest may have up to 3 winners, with each individual winner determined by a community poll. In the unlikely event of a tie, the final winner will be determined by a judging of their Armageddon Fortress by the Galactic Hub Council. The community poll to determine the winners will run from July 17–22.

  • 1st Place: 3 Points
  • 2nd Place: 2 Points
  • 3rd Place: 1 Point

Whoever gains the most total points by the conclusion of the event will win; 1st place will win real-world Galactic Hub items, and 2nd and 3rd may or may not. Check back soon for more prize details!

Contests[edit | edit source]

Escape Ship[edit | edit source]

As the last stars in the Shungka Void are swallowed by the encroaching blackness, your shaky hands scramble to load another warp cell from within the cockpit of your starship. This engine is your only salvation, and you're determined to push it to the limits. You're not about to trust your life to any garbage-scow junkyard shuttle: only your Escape Ship can save you now.

  • For this contest, you must submit coordinates & 1-3 screenshots for the most "apocalyptic" starship you can find. What exactly does that mean? You decide, and the community votes.

Survival Weapon[edit | edit source]

The environmental temperature measurements displayed by your exosuit are steadily rising, and the piercing noise of the Sentinel Walker's laser fills your ears. This rock, your only cover, is heating up rapidly, soon to explode. Determined not to meet your end by a malfunctioning machine, you reach for your multitool, dial it to the correct attachment, and hit the Jetpack hard. Turning to look the Walker in its single red eye, you pull the trigger of your Survival Weapon.

  • For this contest, you must submit coordinates & 1-3 screenshots for the most "apocalyptic" Multitool you can find.

Mutated Beast[edit | edit source]

Like old sailors, travelers of the stars are prone to exaggeration. Whether for glory, as frequently seen in old Vy'keen warriors spreading tales of space-whales in the lowest points of the Marmor Spur, or for profit, as exhibited by Gekoil Salesmen insisting they can sell you the location to the galaxy's only Omegon asteroid, truth sometimes seems to be valued only by the Korvax.

Still, it was a foolish move to fly past that beacon. To dismiss it as some greedy Gek's attempt to protect his source of Emeril, or another Interloper with a strange sense of humor playing a prank on you. It was this disregard, this reckless abandon, which has now found you affixed in the gaze of the Galactic Hub's strangest Mutated Beast.

  • For this contest, you must submit coordinates & 1-3 screenshots for the most strange and intimidating fauna species (animals) you can find.

Armageddon Fortress[edit | edit source]

These explosions started as terrifying, but have quickly become tedious. Where you once feared for your life, you're now more annoyed that the last Cyclotron Ballista volley from a passing ship caused you to drop your bowl of Baked Cucrassula. In these end times, before the GHDF can mobilize to defend you, chaos reigns. But against all odds, you've maintained order, a pocket of resistance to the ruling entropy. Your Armageddon Fortress is your sanctuary in a sea of fire.

  • For this contest, you must submit coordinates, mode/platform, & 1-3 screenshots for a base constructed by you which is apocalyptic-or-post-apocalyptic-themed.

Memories of Home[edit | edit source]

July 25, 2018. The inky blackness seeps back to the eldritch borders it crossed to reach us, hundreds of thousands of light-years from here, where the stars in the night sky end. A new universe blinks to life before us, new possibilities in every nebula. The storm has cleared, and the sun is shining, but the nostalgia remains as you run your fingers over worn pictures taped below your starship speed display. These rare visual artifacts are your only possessions from a forgotten time, from a younger universe, your Memories of Home.

  • For this contest, you must submit 1-3 screenshots which capture elements of current Galactic Hub life in a nostalgic, "looking-back" fashion. What exactly that means is up to you! All filters and in-game photo alterations allowed. Post-processing (Photoshop, etc) or otherwise editing the image after uploading it from your PS4 is not allowed.

How to Enter / Rules[edit | edit source]

Entries must be posted on the Galactic Hub subreddit, with either "ET" or "Entropic Twilight" in the title.

  • All entries must be located within the Hubble Zone, preferably within the actual 11 regions of the Galactic Hub.
  • No mods can be visible in the screenshots (within reason, for example a HUD mod for the Survival Weapon entry wouldn't disqualify you). For the Armageddon Fortress, PC complexity limit must be unaltered, as to be consistent with PS4. Glitches (ie plant anywhere, 90 degree item rotation) are fine, as they're available for both platforms.
  • Only one thread per topic! In other words, don't post 3 separate pictures of your base as 3 new threads, put them all in an Imgur Gallery (or something equivalent) and post that as a single thread. If you post multiple separate thread, only one thread will qualify for each topic. This means each contestant should post 5 threads total if they are participating in every individual contest of this event.
  • Only one entry per person per topic. In other words, you can't enter two separate multitools for the "Survival Weapon" contest, can't make two bases for the "Armageddon Fortress," etc.
  • If you win, Galactic Hub staff will need your shipping info to send your prizes to. If you'd prefer not to give your info, or have already received similar items, you can transfer your prize to any other member of the Galactic Hub community. If for some reason we can't make contact with you for a month or so after you win, we may give the prize away in a random drawing or other contest.