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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorised.
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Euclid: 10 PS4 Normal Farms is a list of systems in the Euclid galaxy

Summary[edit | edit source]

List as of Feb. 24, 2018.

This was put together so I could quickly go to reliable farms it no longer applies to the game.

GenBra's Quick List of Euclid Farms[edit | edit source]

Late Adds[edit | edit source]

  • Aurora Paradiso - The EPIC Captians (Five) CB Farm. 5.5 minutes away. 700+ Thamium9 at Galactic Terminal.
  • Hidden Valley Ranch - REDDIT POST - 10CB's in GHUB

Farms[edit | edit source]

Star System Place Coords Portal Distance Discovered Trade Terminal
Elysium Arcadia Elysium 9 (mixed farm) 051D:007F:01B8:008D 208D009B9D1E 2.5 minutes BoomstickJoe Yes
A small mixed farm located on an Exotic Bone Jax Moon. Nice place, interesting design. 5 Liquid Explosives and 1 Heater - Terminal sells 191 Nitrogen, 134 Thamium9
Manster's System Manster's New Gammafields 044C:0081:0D53:0039 503902554C4D || 3 minutes || Manster_ || No
Manster's iconic 38 per/hr Living Glass Farm.
Grefri ECSD Coults79c's LE and CB Farm 051D:007F:01B7:00A4 30A4009B8D1E || 1 minute || Coults79c ||Yes
5 CB, 12 LE Farm. Gigantic pillar of gold right at the base edge.
Note: I have had to frequently reload my game on the planet for the base to appear.
HUB1-19D Yoarkis Caravan Base 044C:0082:0D55:019D 119D03556C4D || 1 minute || Carrissis ||
Great place
Aleseum safe waters Aleseum Gardens 0742:007C:0EF1:004B 304BFD6F2F43 || 1.5 minutes || KnightAlese || Yes
Aleseum Gardens a Liquid Explosive Farm beautifully located on a frosty river world.
(Jacob's Dreams) ECSD Jacob's CB Farm 051D:0080:01B7:00E6 10E6019B8D1E || 6 minutes || Jacob_2000_Lol || Yes
Jacob's CB Farm approx 10 Circuit Boards
HUB5-$-1D9 Voyager Irradiated Wasteland LG Farm 044D:0082:0D56:01D9 11D903557C4E || 3 minutes || TheLastKenny_98 ||
time is for Nomad; 32LG per hour Living Glass Farm.
(VHF9-!$-A0) Demeter Jatriwil's CB Farm 09DB:0082:0DDD:00A0 10A0035DE1DC || 6 minutes || WAAM86 ||High Output
Jatriwil's CB Farm 18 Circuit Board Farm over water. Blue Star, Water world with Sea Kelp
Ziberia Atmosphere Research Facility 0F76:00F6:0F76:0017 101777777777 || 15 seconds || VitaminArrr ||No
Atmospheric Harvester Farm 6(per hour).
(HUB11-!$) Mxln mxln792's Gammaland LG Farm 044C:0081:0D55:005F 105F02556C4D || 3 minutes || mxln792 || No
(Dangerous driving drops); 40LG per Hour Living Glass Farm.
Loarksin System The Chapterhouse on Cinnabar 06FD:0084:0916:002A 302A05117EFE || 6 minutes || onewheelwobbler ||
Unstable Gel x13 Farm

Alternatives[edit | edit source]

Star System Place Coords Portal Distance Discovered Trade Terminal
Ozawag-Tosovk System The Nine Gardens on Casa Verde 044F:0082:0D54:0012 501203555C50 || 2 minutes || Shadowlobo80 || Yes
The Nine Gardens a mixed farm with some rarities.
unknown N.O.V.A. system Operation N.O.V.A. Center 0C33:0091:0B22:0012 101212323434 || || Xelrick ||
Circuit Board x2, Liquid Explosive x1, Living Glass x1 - DOESN'T HAVE MUCH, but interesting base
[[]] planet coords P# || distance || name || notes

Needs Verification[edit | edit source]

Star System Place Coords Portal Distance Discovered Trade Terminal
[[]] McLizard's CB LG Farm 046D:0080:0D66:019B 119B01567C6E || 5 minutes || nMclizard420 ||
CB Farm on Lush planet
[[]] planet coords P# || distance || name || notes

EUCLID GAS FARMS[edit | edit source]


built by 7101334

Radon Lagoon Refinery: Cering-Eslu system [044C:0081:0D55:004A]


Sulphurine Center: Wild hunt system [044C:0081:0D55:0133]


Nitrogen Alpha: [HUB11-70] Vy'Queen system [044C:0081:0D55:0070]


PERMADEATH FARMS: Euclid[edit | edit source]

Star System Place Coords Portal Distance Discovered Trade Terminal
Red Plains (Survival Farm)
Infinite's (IC-19H) LG Farm 044D:0082:0D55:0027 102703556C4E || 90 seconds || InfinityDrags || High Output Calium
19 LG Farm on Gamma planet.
Infinite's (IC-21H) Explosive Farm 0649:0081:01BA:0242 1242029BBE4A || 1 minute || InfinityDrags || 300+ Thamium9
Large scale x21 Liquid Explosive Farm on a Toxic Planet.
ToddUmptious Good Apollo 3.0 BASE
PlanetZenith IV
046D:007F:0D65:01CD 21CD00566C6E || 4.5 minutes || ChristianHour || Korvax Casings
Gek Relic
600+ Thamium9
EXTREME SENTINELS, x7 CB x2 LE Farm -Shallow waters with Kelp Sac
Yasumi-Tunge XVII Kraatse Base 07E9:0082:0EFE:0044 2044036FFFEA || 30 seconds || aakse000 || 649 Thamium9
Warning, must jetpack up a steep tunnel, this is a floating base and there is no ladder. Farm has: 7 Circuit Boards, 6 Liquid explosives.
Pchan's Gammabamma
Radiated Southern Farm
Gammbamma Ya'll
044D:0081:0D55:010D 410D02556C4E || 8 minutes ||Pchan424 || 679 Thamium9
x17 Living Glass Farm. Drive is mostly over radiated water with a high population of Kelp Sac. This place has a lot of Fish in the ocean, pretty cool.
[[]] planet coords P# || distance || name || notes

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

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