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This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Eyfert Khannate
Eyfert Khannate
Galaxy Rerasmutul
Quadrant Alpha
Region Orrest Adjunct
Capital system Amaguc-Mudu
Capital planet Yelshanbrow Kura
Coordinates 01AB:00B0:0548:01C8
Port system Dairas-Lomera
Portal Glyphs 60C331D4B9AD (Port Planet)
Government Khanate (Dictatorship)
Size Solo-R
Type Exploration, FanFiction
Founded by g5457s
Federation member Yes
Platform PC Survival
Release NextGen

There are multiple versions of the Eyfert Khannate page based on game release.

The Eyfert Khannate is a civilized space.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Eyfert Khannate is a civilization in Survival Mode and based in the first red galaxy, Rerasmutul. It is ruled by one person, the Khan. The goal is to explore the vastness of the universe while also bringing peace and prosperity to its people. Formerly located exclusively in Rerasmutul, it has expanded to Euclid, making it accessible to more people.

Areas of Control[edit | edit source]



1 - No longer in control.

2 - No longer in control except for Luziamens and Egionetsk (Sandworm).

3 - GITGUD is an alliance of three megacorporations. After a heated discussion with the Khan, they ended their coup and are given autonomous control to a region.

Entry[edit | edit source]

Travellers who wish to visit the Eyfert Khannate must go through here first.

The Eyfert Khannate isn't expecting visitors anytime soon due to its great distance from highly populated galaxies like Euclid and Eissentam. But if someone wants to pay a visit to such a distant place, there is a way to shorten travel time.

First, complete the Storyline. Before starting "The Purge", head to the Calypso galaxy. Once in Calypso, complete "The Purge". When in the Atlas Interface, reboot the universe and choose Raging Galaxy. You will be transported to the 15th galaxy Ogtialabi. From there, head to the center of Ogtialabi, Muhacksonto and Hitonskyer to reach Rerasmutul, the first galaxy with a red core.

Travelers entering the Eyfert Khannate must go through a secure port system, Dairas-Lomera. Upon arrival, travelers will enter the ever-so-beautiful, totally friendly, heavenly paradise planet Zawaii XIX. The civilization expects all travelers to prepare for a smashingly beautiful vacation at Zawaii-19, because it is assumed that one travelled such a distance for a nice, relaxing vacation in a beautiful paradise world, complete with Zawaiian music and Zula dancers!

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

Official flag and banner, registered in the Federation Vexillology Department.

The Eyfert Khannate's naming convention is used only when there are multiple civilized spaces in a galaxy.

Naming guidelines in main areas of control (Tenhoe Nebula, lower Beljan Mass, lower Niquet Void):

  • EK(solar index)/Seed Name (Optional: Notable characteristics, if any).
  • Example: EK18B/Hikhot-Riwo (Port System)

Naming guidelines in regions outside the main areas of control:

  • EK(solar index)/AnyName (Optional: Notable characteristics or random description).
  • Example: EK1A/Super Novice Star (super novice is not a real class trololololo)

EK = Eyfert Khannate.
18B = Solar Index of the system (right-most number, 018B on the signal booster).
(Port System) = Notable characteristics, if any.

History[edit | edit source]

See Eyfert Khannate - History

People and Culture[edit | edit source]

An Elite Army Kinderkin in his uniform. Note the height difference compared to a normal Vy'keen.

Buildable.pavingtall.png  Note: This section is under development.

The Eyfert Khannate is an almost homogenous society. Most citizens are of one race, the Kinderkin. They are a species of deliciously edible humanoids that greatly resemble human children, except they live twice as long and have more durable bodies. In-game, their appearance would be something like this: About 60-80% the height of the Anomaly with body type 4, but with the lankiness of body type 3.

They have a peculiar and rather twisted religion which involves intentionally worshipping and viciously harming their deity: Rakkunism. The so-called deity is currently being relocated to a new Garbage Dump Planet that is less worse than the newly discovered one. Kinderkins violently torturing their deity must be done in full concentration, free from distractions such as pesky Sentinels. This is most likely due to their troubled history as chattel slaves, livestock feed and being a delicacy of the highest order in the past, when the Sugaikinovians first discovered them.

For more information on the Eyfert Khannate's demographics and culture, and Kinderkins in general, visit this link: Kinderkin.

Government[edit | edit source]

The Euclid Expansion is located in a star-poor region called the Tenerris Instability.

The civilization is growing in size but is still a dictatorship with Khan Ezegnegch as the leader. However, a very powerful group of megacorporations called GITGUD (Great Itney Trio Group Under Duling) has risen to power and attempted a coup d'etat. Initially, their attempts are suppressed. But thanks to another massive universe-changing event, they and their followers are given a region to control. As a result, the civilization is now split into two main regions, with Irmiciach acting as the bridge between them. The current approval rating of the Khan increased to 87% thanks to the mostly peaceful resolution of the conflict. While the Khan is still the supreme ruler, GITGUD now has near fully autonomous control of the region they've been given.

Most government-related stuff like the location of the capital, the police, the army and the pathfinders are in the red zone, while the economy-related stuff like the port system, Trade routes, corporations and financial hubs are in the blue zone. Everyone is free to choose which side to settle except for a few highly restricted systems in the neutral zone.

Because of the removal of portal interference, intergalactic travel is now significantly easier. This caused the people, including the evil doers and the coup d'etat instigators, to unite together and debate whether to stay in the galaxy but move to a different region, or go intergalactic and find another red-core galaxy much farther away. In the meantime, the Khannate has moved to a nearby area of space.

Expansions[edit | edit source]

Expansions are multiple claimed star systems located in a sizeable area of space, usually a star-poor region.

A group of deities led by a "bearded man wearing a plaid shirt" granted the Nexus' teleporter the ability to warp travelers to some of the most interesting places (all of it in Euclid) in the universe. This made intergalactic travel between Rerasmutul and Euclid possible. The expansion proper is located in a star-poor region called the Tenerris Instability. It is located within the Hubble zone, appx. 5,000 light years away from the Galactic Hub and 6,800 light years away from the AGT.

Brithili Minor, EKca Mifattomu, Tenerris Instability, Euclid
Coordinates: 042C:0074:0D49:00CA

Police[edit | edit source]

The Headquarters of the Eyfert Khannate Police Force is located in the system ??? in the Thwait Void. It enforces the law in the civilization, maintaining peace and order. It also handles rescue missions and coordinates disaster risk management.

Army[edit | edit source]

The Headquarters of the Eyfert Khannate Army is located in the planet Onkers in the Zaifund VII system in the Orrest Adjunct. The army is split into three divisions - Peacekeepers, Keshiks and Surveyors. When things get too out of control for the police, the peacekeepers step in to help. The Keshik division is the main offensive force. In peaceful times, they massacre sentinels. The Surveyors are the main explorers and pathfinders. They are trained to adapt to a wide variety of circumstances as they explore and survey systems.

Prison[edit | edit source]

Citizens who commit crime are sent to the prison system ??? in the Orrest Adjunct. Those convicted are sent to either the ??? planet (more petty crimes like theft and rape), ??? planet (serious crimes like 1st degree murder) or dead ??? (wide-reaching crimes like plunder, genocide and treason). A ??? serves as the home for the security force in the system.

Elite Army[edit | edit source]

The Headquarters of the Eyfert Khannate Elite Army is located in the planet Heffern IX in the Hachim system.

The civilization's Psionic Super Soldiers, the Eyfert Khannate's Elite Army is called the Lan'Aue (roughly pronounced Lan-a-wa), which roughly translates to "no mercy". In a similar fashion to the Sugaikinovi Fringe Elite Army, these soldiers are the best of the best the civilization has to offer. One Elite Army member has the strength to take down over 1,000,000 soldiers, making them super soldiers. However, unlike their SKF counterparts, they won't be emotionless, unrepentant killers. They'll have solid physical and psychological training to prepare them for the horrors of the training program and potential combat in the future. Ezegnegch and child prodigy Naman are main leaders though Naman supervises most operations. Ezegnegch serves as a mentor and creator of the Elite Army training program, which will be a significantly deadlier and harsher version of the SKF Elite Army training program.

For more information, please visit this page. Heads-up: violence and gore. Eyfert Khannate Elite Army

Pestinia Pestis Purge Prizes[edit | edit source]

The Eyfert Khannate has a campaign that aims to rid the universe of every single sentinel they encounter. The more sentinels destroyed, the greater the rewards.

Target Points
Hostile Flora 1 for every 50 destroyed
Drone 1 for every 10 destroyed
Armored or Corrupted Drones, security robots gone postal in Derelict Freighters 1
Abyssal Horror - Annoying Exploding Jellyfish 2 per jellyfish
Traveler-Hostile Fauna 2
Derelict Freighter security turrets 3
Biological Horrors - Cute Cyclops 3, including the hive
Quadruped 4
Abyssal Horrors - Phallic Eye and Tasty Anglerfish 5
Traveller-Hostile Megafauna 6
Biological Horrors - Cute Insects 6
Walker 8
Sandworms 30
Pirate Escort 4
Normal Pirate 6
Mostly Harmless Pirate 8
Dangerous Pirate 11
Elite Pirate 14
Sentinel Starship 15
Hostile Freighter 20
Derelict Freighter 15-30 depending on difficulty
Sentinel Mothership 100




1 15 3,000 units

250 Ferrite Dust

2 33 6,300 units

1 random item from each Cargo Drop type (up to 7 items).

3 87 15,000 units
4 150 24,000 units

AtlasPass v1

5 300 45,000 units
  • High-slots C-class Rifle.
  • Multi-tool weapon of choice + related technology upgrade.
6 600 87,000 units

AtlasPass v2 and AtlasPass v3

7 1500 210,000 units

C-class small-inventory Fighter Starship or units at 90% of the starship's value.

8 3000 360,000 units
9 6000 630,000 units
  • 28-slot A-class Shuttle Starship or units at 120% of the starship's value.
  • Lectures and courses on economy, business management and Trade routes.
10 9000 1x Fusion Accelerant or Cryo-Pump, all product formulae and directions required for creation of the chosen item
  • S-class Experimental or Alien-type Multi-tool.
  • Suite of S-class multitool upgrade module of choice (Scanner, boltcaster, blaze javelin, mining beam, pulse spitter or scatter blaster).
11 15,000 1x Stasis Device or Fusion Ignitor, all product formulae and directions required for creation of the chosen item

Complete bundle of base-building materials necessary for the production of chosen item.

12 60,000 Free small A-class Freighter + 10 B-class Frigates + all Freighter Hyperdrive Upgrades

One plot of land in one discovered yellow system of choice within Exalkisi Sector or Thwait Void, permanent ownership. Low or medium wealth systems only. Moons, small or medium-sized planets only.

13 300,000 Free large A-class 34-slot Freighter, 20 A-class frigates

Permanent ownership of one moon in one discovered yellow system of choice within Exalkisi Sector or Thwait Void. Low or medium wealth systems only. Parent planet must not have rings.

14 3,000,000 Free S-class Shuttle, Explorer, Fighter, Hauler, Squid Exotic, S-class Freighter, 30 S-class frigates
  • Full suite of S-class Upgrade Modules
  • Permanent ownership of one small or medium sized planet in one discovered yellow system of choice within Exalkisi Sector or Thwait Void. Low or medium wealth systems only.
15 30,000,000 Permanent ownership of one undiscovered yellow system within the FNAF, Exalkisi Sector or Thwait Void, excluding important systems. 3 celestial bodies or less, low or medium wealth, only 1 large planet is permitted.
16 300,000,000 Permanent ownership of one chosen system of any color within the FNAF, Exalkisi Sector or Thwait Void, excluding important systems. No discovery, wealth, planetary size or number restrictions.
17 1,350,000,000 Become the supreme ruler of one of the FNAF regions: Eyharg Quadrant, Faegen, Rachepa Cluster, Zivaiur Cluster

(Limited! Only four are allowed to reach this tier. Only one claimant per region)

18 4,294,967,295 Become the supreme ruler of the Eyfert Khannate, if one can achieve this in a lifetime.

(Limited! Only one is allowed to reach this tier)

Civilized Space Relationships[edit | edit source]

Despite being a member of the United Federation of Travellers, the Eyfert Khannate is isolationist in nature, preferring to not interfere or participate in most events. But when it comes to exploration or pathfinding-related tasks, they won't hesitate to offer their knowledge and expertise to those who need it. There is only one civilization it has significant contact with: The Galactic Hub.

Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub is the only civilization the Eyfert Khannate has significant contact with as Ezegnegch used to be a regular visitor before moving to Rerasmutul. Since the establishment of the Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost, a formal alliance between the two civilizations is formed. The Galactic Hub Embassy Eyfert Khannate is established in the Fazalte-Mosky system, signifying the friendly and prosperous relationship between the two civs now and the future.

(Placeholder. Fanfiction coming soon):
Intergalactic travel between Rerasmutul and Euclid is now possible thanks to Featured Bases. Instead of an outpost, the Eyfert Khannate now has a presence in the Hubble zone. For now, a small, temporary base in the Sivess Instability is constructed, to facilitate easy intergalactic travel. The search for a suitable location for the Euclid Expansion is underway.

An embassy system in the Savenix Instability has been located. The embassy building is finished but more improvements are underway thanks to a new wave of changes to the universe.

Embassy system: New Ragon, HUB10-44 Masaoka-Olney, Savenix Instability, Euclid. (May be subject to change).

Alliance of Galactic Travellers[edit | edit source]

Buildable.pavingtall.png  Note: This section is under development.

Government Projects[edit | edit source]

Project Elskyvin is a science-focused research. Its aim is to document star sky colors for all spectral classes. The project is ongoing and is approximately 25% complete.

Results: Spectral numbers 0, 1, and 2 are complete. 3 - 9 are still ongoing. Red stars don't seem to follow the trend, but yellow, green, and blue stars are consistent. A gallery will be available soon.

Due to a massive universe-changing event, the project is put on hold until more data is obtained.

Operation: Lonely Red Dawn is an pathfinding-focused mission. Because portal interference is removed, intergalactic travel is now significantly easier, as one can simply input 000000000000 to teleport to a spot appx. 5,000 - 10,000 light years from the galactic core. Due to the isolationist and paranoid quasi-nomadic nature of its people, there are proposals, even from the coup d'etat instigators GITGUD, to move from Rerasmutul to another red-core galaxy, with some wanting extreme isolation in galaxies like Sthatigudi. Because of the resources amassed while exploiting the Tenhoe Nebula, and the easing of intergalactic travel thanks to the removal of portal interference, extreme long distance travel is significantly easier. Talks are will be held on the the Eyfert Khannate's relocation to another location within the galaxy, or in another red-core galaxy. This operation is currently on hold until further notice.

Eyfert Khannate: Origins is a science-focused project dedicated to exploring the Kinderkin's origins. Volunteer scientists will be sent on a long journey to the Sugaikin Boundary and Kukasoo Void, the two regions where the Kinderkins prospered until the Zayuguanch Uprising plunged the area into anarchy. Its mission is to compare data collected from ages past, such as comparing the former glorious Capital Triangle's capital, Kamaixingti to its current form, Kamaix-Guchu (page will be updated soon). All systems mentioned and documented in the Sugaikinovi Fringe, Sliodmarka Void, Kukasoolen and Eymionovsky will be compared to its present counterparts.

Important systems[edit | edit source]

These are systems of significant importance.

Capital Systems[edit | edit source]

Red Zone and Eyfert Khannate capital: Ashen planet Yelshanbrow Kura, Amaguc-Mudu system

Blue Zone capital (unofficial): Hyperborean planet Yugeto III, Iderariu system

Trade Route Systems[edit | edit source]

Two trade routes will be established soon. Aside from being important trade locations, they also function as the headquarters for various government services as well. Added security from the government results in secure trading with significantly reduced crime. All systems are wealthy and have a trading value of at least 90. The 3-way trade route is found in the Red Zone while the 4-way trade route is found in the Blue Zone.

3-way Trade Route[edit | edit source]

  1. Nuyamaga (Material Fusion)
  2. Goriya XVIII (Trading)
  3. Anyore-Och IV (Scientific)

4-way Trade Route[edit | edit source]

  1. Okkano-Ryomsk I (Construction)
  2. Miboso-Fote (Mining)
  3. Imurob (Rerasmutul) (Power Generation)
  4. Rayosukih (High Tech)

Outposts[edit | edit source]

Outposts are single stars claimed outside of Eyfert Khannate space. A base is built to facilitate ease of travel across large distances to various points of interest. Currently there are no outposts.

Garbage Dump System[edit | edit source]

Unanimously chosen by literally everyone, even gaining total bipartisan support from the Khan and GITGUD, this system is so bad, it makes the former garbage dump Nisiyskoid look like heaven on heaven. It is SO BAD, it is just way too bad to relocate the deity of Rakkunism there. Despite the logistical challenges of intergalactic travel, there is collaborative effort in making it easier, as everyone can't wait to violently destroy such a horrible system.

EK9B THIS SYSTEM SUCKS I HATE IT SO MUCH, Tenerris Instability, Euclid
Coordinates: 042C:0074:0D49:009B

Civilization Formation[edit | edit source]

The Eyfert Khannate is civilization that is really picky in finding a home. Here are the requirements for civilization formation:

  1. It must be in a red galaxy. E.g. Rerasmutul, Twerbetek, Sugueziume.
    • If the galaxy is ancestral, yellow stars will be avoided. (The removal of this requirement is currently being debated)
  2. It must be within or near a special region with anomalous and colorful gas clouds against a dark area of space. Example: Wanowar Spur.
    • The region must be located well outside the spawning ring.
  3. The governmental capital listed in this civilization page must be a wealthy and peaceful system, preferably uncharted or abandoned and blue in color for added security.
    • If no suitable wealthy/peaceful system is found, then a mid-wealth and peaceful, uncharted or abandoned system located close to multiple wealthy systems will be chosen instead.
    • The capital planet must be in a large-sized extreme weather volcanic planet with mountainous terrain, preferably with red skies, red waters and red lava.
  4. The port system can be any system with at least 2 celestial bodies, preferably blue in color for increased security.
    • The port planet must be an extreme-weather planet regardless of size and biome. This is mainly for security purposes and to ensure visitors are prepared for the harsh, extreme-weather planets Kinderkins tend to live in. Travelers going through at least 17 galaxies are expected to be very well equipped.
  5. A garbage dump system loathed by majority of the citizens. This is where the citizens go to dump all their garbage and release their accumulated stress and hatred.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, the civilization will form. Trade routes, prison systems and more discoveries will follow.

Expansion Formation[edit | edit source]

Conditions for making an expansion are more relaxed.

  1. It can be in any galaxy. If the galaxy is Ancestral, having a red core is much preferred.
  2. It must be in a star-poor region with multiple rogue stars.
  3. The expansion's headquarters must be in a red, green or blue star. Wealth must be at least medium, regardless of conflict.
    • The headquarters planet must be in a frozen, barren or scorched planet, regardless of size and weather.
    • The flora in the frozen and barren biomes must be pre-Atlas Rises or Origins and further.
  4. The port system can be any system with at least 2 celestial bodies.
    • The port planet is the one closest to the Space Station. It can be any biome except for Exotic and Mega-Exotic.
  5. A garbage dump system loathed by majority of the citizens. This is where the citizens go to dump all their garbage and release their accumulated stress and hatred.

Documented Systems[edit | edit source]

Name Civilized Platform Galaxy
Amaguc-Mudu Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Dairas-Lomera Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
EK89 Hueyua-Semb Eyfert Khannate PC Euclid
EKca Mifattomu Eyfert Khannate PC Euclid
Enyovseg Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Hikhot-Riwo (PS4) Eyfert Khannate PS4 Rerasmutul
Irsakhot II Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Kamaix-Guchu Eyfert Khannate PC Euclid
Lishouve I Eyfert Khannate PC Euclid
Luziamens Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Nisiyskoid Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Peksjo Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Pitkya (Rerasmutul) Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Rizyakho Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Rodingg-Zaka Eyfert Khannate PC Euclid
Uapseu Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Vitalsb XI Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Wagori XVIII Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul
Yevoik-Rubhan Eyfert Khannate PC Rerasmutul

Economy[edit | edit source]

The Eyfert Khannate's economy is capitalist in nature with multiple sources of income. Their main sources are trading and farming, while secondary sources include purging PESTINIA PESTIS from existence.