Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost
Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ummati Cloud
Star system Asoilar
Planet Kazakita Yunsky
Builder Ezegnegch
Game mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises
Farm Geobay
No No
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
Yes No

Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost is a player base.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Eyfert Khannate Euclid Outpost is a base in No Man's Sky, created by NMS Player Ezegnegch.

The base is a 3-story structure suspended in the air by massive and highly durable support pillars to withstand the planet's ever-changing weather conditions.

Features[edit | edit source]

Going from the top to the bottom:

  • 4 landing pads for tourists and passing travellers.
  • 4 waiting areas, 1 for each landing pad.
  • A central glass dome ornamented by NipNip.
  • A motel and resting area with a clinic
  • A small restaurant and bar.
  • A small convenience store area.
  • A leisure and office area with a hidden security room.
  • A larger dining area with 4 terraces looking out to the mountains outside.
  • 4 extreme durability support pillars.

Yield per Harvest[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]