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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.
A freighter farm

Farming is one of the major methods of fund-raising in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Farming provides the ability to plant farmable agricultural products and then harvest resources from them after a certain period of time. Haz-Mat Gauntlets are generally required, except for Echinocactus. The harvested products can then be sold at Galactic Trade Terminals in their raw form, used as ingredients for crafting, or transformed into other products that can be sold. Most of these resources are referred to in-game as Harvested Agricultural Substances.

Crops may only be grown after learning their blueprint from the Farmer that has been hired for your base or freighter. This NPC character will require an Agricultural Terminal to provide research capabilities. Although some of the provided plants may be grown outdoors in the proper conditions, most farms are built inside Bio-Domes as they provide slots for Hydroponic Trays and more convenient harvesting. Crops can also be grown on freighters, as Hydroponic Trays can be built on the second floor and higher.

Blueprints for crops can be bought from the Construction Research Station in the Nexus for 3 Salvaged Data.

An index of player farms can be found at Community Farms.

Available crops[edit | edit source]

Product Resource Grow Time
Base Sell
Value (Units.png)
Amount per
harvest[note 1]
Total Sell Value
per harvest (Units.png)
Required Materials

for Blueprint

NmsFarming Albumen Pearl Orb Icon.png
Albumen Pearl Orb
Albumen Pearl
2 9,025 1 9,025 Indium x60

Paraffinium x20

NmsFarming Cucrassula Icon.png
Cactus Flesh
16 28 100 4,368 Cactus Flesh x50  

Pyrite x25  

NmsFarming Coprite Orb Icon.png
Gutrot Flower
4 30 39 1,170 Faecium x40
NmsFarming Skywort Icon.png
Frost Crystal
1 12 50 936 Frost Crystal x50  

Dioxite x25

Fungal Cluster
Fungal Mould
4 16 50 1248 Fungal Mould x50

Ammonia x25

NmsFarming Dicotyl Icon.png
Gamma Weed
Gamma Root
4 16 50 1,248 Gamma Root x50  

Uranium x25

NmsFarming Gravitino Orb Icon.png
Gravitino Host
Gravitino Ball
2 12,445 1 12,445 Chromatic Metal x25  

Silver x120

Magnetised Ferrite x25

NmsFarming Carrion Root Icon.png
Mordite Root
8 40 25 1,560 Mordite x40
NipNip Buds
4 17,776 1 17,776 NipNip Buds x1

Faecium x20

NmsFarming Vivilava Icon.png
Solar Vine
16 70 50 5,460 Solanium x50  

Phosphorus x25

Star Bramble
Star Bulb
4 32 25 1,248 Star Bulb x50

Paraffinium x25

NmsFarming Bloodsbane Icon.png
Venom Urchin
Sac Venom
3.33 11,685 1 11,685 Emeril x100

Gold x50

  1. Harvests greater than 1 vary and are dependent on Game mode. In Normal, they alternate between 39/78/156 & 41/81/162 (on unknown criteria so far)

Crafting products[edit | edit source]

Here are the minimum number of resources required to set up a self-sustaining farm for one of each of the higher-end Advanced Agricultural Products, with highest possible yield per hour:

The best value is Living Glass as it grows much more rapidly as both Liquid Explosive and Circuit Board grow in roughly 24 hours.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Resources can be harvested by anyone finding a working farm, not just the player who created and planted it.
  • You can build farms inside your Freighters. A Construction Limit might be triggered if there are too many items in the same room. If this occurs, try building in separated rooms. (It appears NipNip plants use a higher construction limit and only 6 of them can be planted in a freighter room.)

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Foundation - Introduced to the game.
  • Atlas Rises - Farming related products and resources renamed. Blueprints of these products were changed.
  • NEXT - Blueprints of farming related products were changed.
  • NEXT 1.55 - Growing time of farming related products were changed.
  • NEXT 1.58 - Blueprints of farming related products were changed.
  • Beyond - Amounts per harvest were changed; blueprints can be bought for Salvaged Data