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A freighter farm

Farming provides the ability to plant certain resource products and then harvest crops from them after a certain period of time. These can then be sold in the marketplace in their raw form, used as ingredients for crafting, or transformed into other products than can be sold. These plants are referred to in-game as Harvested Agricultural Substances.

Crops may only be grown after learning the proper building parts from a farmer NPC that has been hired for your base or Freighter. This NPC character will require an Agricultural Terminal to provide research capabilities. Although some of the provided plants may be grown outdoors in the proper conditions, most farms are built inside Bio-Domes as they provide slots for Hydroponics Trays and more convenient harvesting.

An index of player farms can be found at Community Farms.

Available crops[edit | edit source]

Grow times, and sell values:[1]

Source Product Grow Time Base Sell Value Sell Value

per Harvest

per Harvest1
Carrion Root Mordite 60 mins 13.8 units 345 units 25
Echinocactus Cactus Flesh 120 mins 178.8 units 17,880 units 100
Coprite Flower Coprite 30 mins 6.9 units 172.5 units 25
NipNip Nip Nip Buds 60 mins 17,776 units 17,776 units 1
Gamma Weed Gamma Root 30 mins 171.9 units 8,585 units 50
Solar Vine Solanium 120 mins 165.0 units 8,250 units 50
Frostwort Frost Crystal 15 mins 158.1 units 7,905 units 50
Fungal Cluster Fungal Mould 30 mins 178.8 units 8,940 units 50
Gravitino Host Gravitino Ball 60 mins 8,250 units 8,250 units 1
Star Bramble Star Bulb 30 mins 32 units 1,600 units 25
Venom Urchin Sac Venom 40 mins 6,875 units 6,875 units 1
Albumen Pearl Orb Albumen Pearl 80 mins 27,500 units 27,500 units 1

1 Harvests greater than 1 vary and are dependent on Game mode.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Farming was introduced during the Foundation update
  • Many of the agricultural plants and products were renamed during the Atlas Rises update
  • Crops can be harvested by anyone finding a working farm, not just the player who created and planted it

References[edit | edit source]

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