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The Federation Vexillology Department (FVD) is a department of the United Federation of Travelers.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Federation Vexillology Department (FVD) is a department of the United Federation of Travelers created for the purpose of recording which color and pattern combinations of in-game flags and banners correspond with certain civilizations.

The goal of the FVD is to provide another aspect of shared civilized space identity: all players of a civilization could fly their civilization's flag at their base, for example. There are 64 flag combinations and 48 banner combinations.

Some civilizations also have player-designed flags, although most only have emblems (approx. 1:1 ratio). The FVD strictly records in-game flags and banners, not player-designed flags and emblems.

(Note: "Flag" refers to pole-mounted flags, while "banner" refers to the wall-mounted flags with a light positioned above them.)

Rules / Terms of Use[edit | edit source]

  • Use of the FVD as the basis for hostile territorial endeavors (ie, telling someone, "Remove this flag from your base, it's my civilization's flag") is basis for potential removal of your civilization's access to the FVD, at the discretion of any Federation Ambassador.
  • A given color-and-pattern combination for a flag or banner can only correspond with a single civilization. Civilizations with older edits will be favored in the case of multiple claims on a single flag combination. Civilizations which are inactive enough to be removed from the Civilized space page may have their flags removed.
  • You do not need to use the same colors for both the flag and banner.
  • Your civilization does not need to be a Federation-allied civilization to register in the FVD.
  • When registering for the FVD, it is your responsibility to make sure your chosen color/pattern combination has not already been claimed. The FVD is managed by all Federation Ambassadors, but no single person has the specific responsibility of managing this page; it's mostly a community page.
  • Please include both the flag and banner in a single image.

Flag Gallery[edit | edit source]

Enter your flags with the format "# / color combo", where "#" is the flag or banner's order in the "Decoration" tab. For example, the banner furthest to the left in the Decoration tab of the building menu would be 1, the banner in the middle would be 2, and the banner furthest to the right would be 3. For the color combo, use the format "larger color-smaller color".

Federation Civilizations[edit | edit source]

Non-Federation Civilizations[edit | edit source]