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The First Spawn Gek is an ancient Gek subspecies that, in the past, dominated the entire galaxy.

The First Spawn Wars[edit | edit source]

Many different histories can be written based on the same set of basic facts. While each may portray the same story, the writer's viewpoint and opinions color the story in various ways. The following is one of those varied histories.

The plaques of the Korvax and Gek provide an understanding that the Gek were once led by a eugenically perfected "master race" of Gek known as the "First Spawn" who were obsessed with conquering the entirety of the galaxy and harnessing its resources in order to push out the Sentinels and Atlas.

Biding their time as the Vy'keen and the Sentinels clashed against one another and depleted their forces, the First Spawn of the Gek Dominion proceeded with their first invasion of an alien race, what is known as the "Great Disconnection" to the Korvax that remained on the remnants of Korvax Prime. During this, the Korvax's main neural networking hub was completely annihilated and the planet itself shredded into asteroid-esque chunks, killing billions of unborn and elderly Korvax whose deaths were collectively witnessed by the survivors.

Enslaving the majority of the younger members of the Korvax species in an act of "Mercy", the young Korvax were put into horrific conditions of slavery, abused and neglected even into death where their bodies were stripped down, examined, and melted down into more equipment for the First Spawn's war effort.

In the spawning pools of Balaron, hundreds of enslaved Korvax entities sacrificed themselves in desperation and used their Nanite Clusters to rewrite the biology of First Spawn embryons. They installed the devotion to the Atlas in their minds and made them into a commerce-focused race instead of conquerors and warriors. This created the modern Gek race (essentially a Gek/korvax hybrid), and ultimately led to the downfall of the First Spawn Empire.

Later, the Korvax's Atlas Priesthood began to quietly gain the trust of (and eventually convert) members of the Gek merchant community. There even came a point where certain high-ranking emissaries of the Gek were personally brought to the then-dormant Atlas' personal chamber, where, as a result of their altered genetics, the once fanatically devoted individuals became humbled by their insignificance in comparison to this infinite deity-machine. Eventually, as the new Gek became more numerous, members of the merchant community began to question the First Spawn's methods, beliefs, and sanity.

An entire uprising then took place where the highly coordinated Korvax laborers began to openly rebel from within the Dominion's center with almost no response from local garrison forces. Crippled by this sudden loss of production, the First-Spawn's forces turned inward to shut the rebellion down, only to be met with sudden and confusing resistance from dissident governors and once compliant merchants.

Now crippled financially and industrially, the First Spawn were promptly set upon by the resurgent Sentinels, having licked their wounds from their wars against both the Vy'keen and the original First Spawn. Sandwiched between a dissident homeland and a merciless aggressor, the First Spawn's now irreplaceable forces were crushed flat, culminating in a final particularly violent rebellion on Balaron where the First-Spawn's specially crafted spawning pools were dredged of their infants and dried, leaving them to expire gasping in the sand. With the elimination of the last few holdouts within the Dominion, the Merchant class of the Gek declared the Korvax's freedom, allied with them and their "God" Atlas, and stagnated their borders to their present extent, solidifying the new Gek Dominion as a vast corporate juggernaut rather than as an expansionistic empirical junta.

Possible Return[edit | edit source]

Some NPC interaction added in the Atlas Rises update suggest that some First Spawn Gek might still be found in Gek society. A large enough disruption in an area close to a first spawn may drive it out of hiding.