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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of Forgotten Colonies. For the current version, see Forgotten Colonies.
Forgotten Colonies
Forgotten Colonies
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Yuhymunosh Anomaly
Capital system Otohime
Capital planet Otohime Prime
Coordinates 0F55:0088:082E:PC
Founded by Thamalandis
Release Atlas Rises

The Forgotten Colonies are a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Forgotten Colonies represent the distant settlements and factions striving for dominance along the outer border of the Beta and Delta sector far beyond 750.000 ly from the galactic center. It is a story and roleplay focused hub on the fringe of Civilized space in No Man's Sky. The Yuhymunosh Anomaly is its founding region, but since the Outer Rim Expedition, its main goal is to establish contact with the corners of the universe and to rekindle civilization. All future members are asked to join the Outer Rim Expedition. Due to its symbolism and heritage, Otohime remains the capital of the Traveller's Guild.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The Forgotten Colonies have several goals; to support strife and claims for faction roleplay, to offer a local nomenclature to people in the region, and to blaze a way beyond the outer rim into the dark void, each cluster and portal a stepping stone into the void beginning at 750.000 Ly from the center.

Directive[edit | edit source]

Yuhymunosh Records[edit | edit source]

Extremes[edit | edit source]

The highest known radiation any human survived is 64 Sievert over their lifetime. This planet signs your death warrant in three minutes... do not visit.

  • Highest Encountered Toxicity Hishia, Hishia 5 94.6/119 Hammett (-11.9 pKs)

This planet is effectively clad in highly concentrated sulfuric acid during rain when its compounds get washed out of the atmosphere and react with it. You are safer to bathe in a volcano's acid lakes.

  • Highest Temperature Difference Heusde, Heusde 5 -95.9°C/146.7°C (dT = 242.6°C)
  • Strongest Acid Storm (Lush) (pre 1.38, unbeatable now) Vesuvit, Suri 112.7 Hammett (Tox)

If one considers the acidity ingame as a scale of ten for the pKa, a non alkaline rain would be (pKa = -11.3), which lies around Perchloric Acid. The superacid threshold is Sulfuric Acid with -12 (120 Hammett ingame). The treacherous thing is... this planet is beautiful and tame during its normal deluge.

Factions[edit | edit source]

The Forgotten Colonies don't follow one narrative, but the culmination of many. Several factions vie for power and support among Travellers and allies of all races to pursue their own goals. Join their realms, explore their resources or try to bolster their enemies. The ultimate fate of the Yuhymunosh Anomaly is up to you!

Special Rule Option[edit | edit source]

Anyone can still found factions and everyone is free to add systems to any (although certain rules would be appreciated). To consider a balance in the region, I personally will add a mechanic for us to decide if a faction has enough resources and potential to expand or even claim distant new holdings. If the current conflict/wealth state is in line with their goals they can gain, and if not, lose points. This is also dependent on their focus (it is easier for Gek factions to acquire and rule Gek systems. Equal right groups can rule any but with no benefits.) If systems are explored and added by new players, those will also be added to their resources. And yes this can cripple a faction in future phases for fleet developement or expansion. Please consider carefully based on the following rules.

My modifiers are as follows:

  • Anarchy (Chaos+, Order-, no positive race effects)
  • Communism (No Wealth Influence)
  • Confederacy (200% Expansioncost, Order+)
  • Cooperative (50% Expansioncost, Chaos-)
  • Corporate (Wealth+, Poverty-)
  • Democracy (200% Expansioncost, Wealth+)
  • Dictatorship (Order+, Chaos-)
  • Feudal (50% Expansioncost, Poverty-)
  • Imperial (Wealth+, Chaos-)
  • Patronage (Order+, Poverty-)
  • Theocracy (No Order/Chaos Influence)
  • Prison Colony (Wealth+, Any Level of Conflict-)

Races (No Order Influence malus in own race systems, Higher strain for other races)

Traveller (No Expansioncost, Only Traveller Systems)

Independants (Neutral)

The base expansion cost is 1 per 10 ly from the capital, the cost is rounded up. You would have to pay the resource it lacks the most. A low order system can be taken with military power. A lower wealth system can be bought out. If a faction wants to take it by force despite not supplying the lowest good, the cost is doubled. Assaulting a capital (Conflict 1, Wealth 3) takes double points regardless of choice. Any capital can randomly found a new faction if unclaimed during a seeding turn.

This is just a suggestion. I will keep the list on the factions page updated with this info to see if a faction is overextended. Just food for thought.

Trade Routes[edit | edit source]

Note that trade routes can get exhausted and all planets are connected. The station has its own supply and demand pool... also some might be problematic in RP. We present them anyway!


  • Create several trade routes of good systems to switch between them during recovery. It is unknown if other players influence each others prices either.
  • Without many trade routes, make sure you scout the planets for the port with the best prices and the one with the highest production. If one has 50 and the other has 75, buying at the bad port will put the other at -25. You won't find the good there anymore. Always buy at the best first if you want to maximize profit and then buy at the best producer to maximize trade goods.
  • Keep an eye on the space station prices. If the planets drop too low, sell there. Always sell in bulk, as the reduced price hits after the fact.

4-Way[edit | edit source]

3-Way[edit | edit source]

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

Systems[edit | edit source]

While there will and can be no enforced nomenclature in NMS, it is proposed to name systems with a one or two word string of your choice or a thematic theme for a race (take the X-Series as example). You can add the tag of a faction in [] to make it a core world or permanent claim, but please only do so in systems that are of their main culture/economy/race. No additional info inside the name should be added to keep a sense of immersion.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Any planet can be named and no one will be called out for doing so. However if the local atmosphere is extreme (red), consider naming them by a general number after the system's name to highlight its hostile properties (Example: Papako 2 for the system Papako and the second planet being dead).

Please always name them by their position for uninhabited planets (Desolate etc.). To know which number applies, fly back to the space station and check the planet's distance. The closest is 1 and counting up.

The most valuable planet should carry the system's name and the suffix Prime unless a unique name is wanted with the suffix. In doubt this defaults to the closest planet to entry or to a Verdant/Gaia world nearby, but only if it has a space port. In general, if it is devoid of animals or has huge gaps in waypoints, consider to take the next possible planet. It might not be a true tradecenter.

If a planet has no space port (test with Economy Scanner in its atmosphere to avoid being send to neighbour planets) it is not a true capital and is never given Prime! For systems with dead planets and only one planet, just name them for the system. Only add Prime if it is actually settled.

Moons[edit | edit source]

If a moon is not extreme or uninhabited by intelligent life, you can add a special name to it. If possible a moon should be named after its home planet to highlight its relationship and properties. A planet named Elka would thus have a moon named Elka Mater, with the moon itself being Mater. This allows for the moon name to be reused as well.

Should the planet be inhospitable or dead and the moon settled, the moon would get a unique name with the planet being the blank name and number of the system.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

If buildings are there, try to name them accordingly (the proposed ingame name or yours + its purpose). Shelters are a name that applies to a random assortment of buildings for housing in-game. A basic scan will always tell you the name of the waypoint. Alternatively the internal station will tell you. Abandoned structures can be named ruins.

A station with a Landing Pad should be called a settlement and any combination of a landing pad with a more complex base structure would be an enclave.

Unclear waypoints or Drop Pods mark the area and can be named after its geography. In general any waypoint without a landing pad is free to be named, but a rough nomenclature would be appreciated.

Known Players[edit | edit source]

Player Name PC/PS4 Home System Home Planet
Thamalandis PC Otohime None