Fuyaomord ZJ167

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Fuyaomord ZJ167
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ninasoness Mass
Star system HUB5-!-A6 Fuyaomord ZJ167
Atmosphere Hazy
Terrain Rocky
Weather Volatile Storms
Resources Gr Au Cu Hr
Sentinels Average
Flora Frequent
Fauna High
Discovered by DeadSpaceTrooper
Game Mode Normal
Platform PS4
Updated Atlas Rises

Fuyaomord ZJ167 is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Fuyaomord ZJ167 is a planet in the star system HUB5-!-A6 Fuyaomord ZJ167.

It is home to Mohave Outpost, which is a Living Glass Farm.

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • “Form” refers to, for example: crystal form, resource deposit form, Pedestal Form (Vortex Cube), “Stem” Form (Gravitino Balls), etc* “Form” refers to, for example: crystal form, resource deposit form, Pedestal Form (Vortex Cube), “Stem” Form (Gravitino Balls), etc
  • “Rarity” refers to how often the resource appears on the planet, and is just an estimate (there’s no in-game value to measure it by).
Resource Form Rarity
Gamma Root Root Normal
Gold Element Normal
Copper Element Normal
Heridium Element Normal

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Name Temperament Height Weight
DeadSpaceTrooper Otistiumium Ofruna Shy 1.52m 75.69 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Gidiumeum Virg Unpredictable 1.45m 75.69 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Taofenguaeum Sofa Shy 0.78m 59.80 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Megaea Defensive 0.90m 66.17 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Erdrocliae Sofa Skittish 0.71m 39.72 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Crab Spider Fearful 1.58m 102.52 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Huiumheumum Panarius Docile 6.17m 261.65 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Losonatisil Panarius Calm 6.26m 258.89 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Lutrureusium Corth Erratic 0.95m 74.24 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Kapprimeusae Tuusv (Fish) Skittish 0.94m 79.93 kg
DeadSpaceTrooper Andoeum Tuusv Skittish 0.69m 44.59 kg

Zoology Scan Copmletion[edit | edit source]

PS4: 100%

Atmosphere & Climate[edit | edit source]

  • Maximum Temperature: 81.5
  • Minimum Temperature: 61.5
  • Storm Temperature: 82.2
  • Water Temperature; 47.5
  • Water Radioactivity (Rads): 10
  • Day Radioactivity (Rads): 5.8
  • Night Radioactivity (Rads) 6.2
  • Storm Radioactivity (Rads) 10.2
  • Sunset: 19:50 (7:50PM)
  • Sunrise: 04:00 (4;00AM)

Notable Locations & Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Mohave Outpost Farm DeadSpaceTrooper
Trade Outpost Traveller DeadSpaceTrooper

Gallery[edit | edit source]