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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This databank consists of multiple databases for Budullangr farms, multi-tools, starships, and freighters.

Budullangr Farm Database[edit | edit source]

Farm Types[edit | edit source]

Consortium farms are placed in categories based on products. Here are the types of farms:

  • Mixed ("Mixed" farms are farms that don't have a primary product, NOT farms that harvest multiple products. Example: A farm that harvests 5 Unstable Gel, 5 Poly Fibre, and 3 Circuit Board. Non example: A farm that harvests 13 Heat Capacitor and 2 Glass--It primarily harvests Heat Capacitors.)

Farms[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of farms & depots in cooperation with Galactic Consortium - Budullangr.
Please DO NOT CLAIM A BASE ON ANY OF THESE PLANETS/SYSTEMS, Doing so will render their base invisible to every other player, ruining their hard work.

Submit Your Farm via this easy to use Submission Form & get Your Farm/Base added to the Wiki and Farmers Market in a 2 Birds with 1 Stone type situation!

Sponsored by the Farmers Market in conjuction with the Galactic Consortium
Base Name Type / Product Platform

Game Mode



Star System


Potential Harvest Amount Income per Harvest Portal Address

Galactic Coordinates

Blim's CB Farm Circuit Board PS4



New Hub Order

(HNO-58) Blim's Hideout

Blim's House

Circuit Board x16, Liquid Explosive x1, Glass x6 23.1 million Units.png 2058F9FFC006


Distance from Portal: 2 hours 1 minute Notes: An amazing 16 + Circuit Board Farm built by a genius of the game.
Crazy Wolf CB's Circuit Board PS4



New Hub Order

NewHubOrder Crazy

Crazy Wolf

Circuit Board x16, Unstable Gel x8, Glass x6 22.1 million Units.png 1192FAFFD005


Distance from Portal: 1 hour 1 minute Notes: This is the final resting place for The New Hub Orders Founder.
W1CK's Bomb Factory Liquid Explosive PS4



The Expanse

Wagoga IV

Emwezitis Goffit

Liquid Explosive x20 22 million Units.png 102709FF8007


Distance from Portal: 15 minutes Notes: Sulphurine Gas Planet.
Terminus Glassworks Living Glass PS4



New Hub Order


Terminus Glassworks

Living Glass x19 14.5 million Units.png 3176FAFFD005


Distance from Portal: 20 minutes Notes: Radon Gas For Harvesting.
The Pier Farm Living Glass PS4



The Expanse


The Pier

Living Glass x17 13 million Units.png 313200007FFC


Distance from Portal: 4 hours 1 minute Notes: Very close to BAH capital system.
Ontovę μmi Living Glass PS4



The Expanse

Ontovę μmi

Tonda-Buyam V3

Circuit Board x2, Liquid Explosive x2, Living Glass x4 7.9 million Units.png 1081FCFFA004


Distance from Portal: 4 hours 1 minute Notes: Trade Terminal in Base
Barbarian Supply Shop Mixed PS4



New Hub Order

NHO-GenBra Masa

Lasin Rouge

Circuit Board x2, Liquid Explosive x2, Glass x2 7.9 million Units.png 3081FAFFD005


Distance from Portal: 35 minutes Notes: Trade terminal at base, Supplies are aimed at building Atmosphere Harvesters and high end crafting. Zoology 100% scanned.

Budullangr Multi-tool Database[edit | edit source]

Image Name Platform Gamemode Star system Planet Type Class 000000000000 Comments
46X-26Y PS4 Normal TBA TBA Experimental A-24 slots 105808CAEA10

Budullangr Starship Database[edit | edit source]

Thumbnail Name Platform Star system Planet Type Class 000000000000 Comments
Budhullangr Squid Ships PS4/Normal Yasettifie Antangotenob Exotic S Class/varied slots 1166029060BE Great stop to find your dream exotic.

Budullangr Freighter Database[edit | edit source]

Thumbnail Name Platform Galaxy Star system Planet 000000000000 Comments