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The Galactic Cup is a player-organized event.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Sentinel Ball: 2018 Galactic Cup is a variation of the World Cup with a touch of No Man’s Sky to it in which civilizations and hubs compete.

This event takes place at the Galactic Frontier Hub.

  • There will be a bracket for each platform
  • The three final teams consisting of PS4, PC, and Xbox will not be eligible to compete because of lack of cross play so the winner will be decided by the nation with the most points scored in total.

Sentinel Soccer[edit | edit source]

Sentinel Ball is a soccer-like sport that replaces the soccer ball with the can-like object dropped from sentinels upon killing them. It is a much more simplified version of soccer and cannot be played until the release of NEXT. We know NEXT will involve a traditional multiplayer experience. Hopefully, this will allow for synchronized play in which multiple players can see and pass the same sentinel can which allows us to play this sport.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Failure to abide to these rules results in a foul in which the opposing team gains possession of the ball at the center field.

  • No positions - There are no specific positions such as goalkeepers or defenders.
  • No mods that enhance your performance in the game.
  • No hate speech among other players.
  • No PVP

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Two teams of three will compete per match
  • As long as the ball remains in the stadium it is always in play
  • If the ball is out of the stadium, the opposing team will gain possession of the ball at the center line.
  • Team with most points wins the match.

Event Dates[edit | edit source]

The event will take place in late August to October. No official dates have been decided on yet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]