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Page is currently undergoing construction to reflect Update 1.3 - Atlas Rises content.

Galactic Hub Project
Galactic Hub Project
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Coordinates Coming August 20th
Founded by GalacticGeographic / 7101334 (Reddit)
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4/PC
Release Atlas Rises

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Project, generally referred to just as the Galactic Hub, is one of the largest and oldest civilizations in No Man's Sky. The civilization's focus is primarily on documenting and sharing in-game content, but the community also creates visual art, lore, videos, 3rd-party technology, and more.

The civilization is defined by its size, focus on documentation / sharing content, and excellent community. Various well-known NMS players, like Pilgrim Star Path creator Pahefu and NMS YouTuber CobraTV, are members of the Galactic Hub community. Members of the community, or people on their way to the Hub, are known as Interlopers. We've adopted the possibly-insulting, much-beloved Vy'keen phrase as our own.

The civilization occupies 11 regions, located approximately 665,000 light-years from the Center of Euclid.

Originally created to explore a single region, the Rentocnii Conflux (formerly Rentocniijik Expanse), it eventually expanded into 11 regions total. Individual players and offshoot civilizations expanded unofficially into many more "Huburb" regions. After Update 1.3, the entire civilization was relocated to the Shungka Void and 10 other regions.

Interloper Census[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Galactic Hub, the first thing you should do is sign up for the Interloper Census, for the following reasons:

  • Gives the Galactic Hub staff an accurate idea of the size of the civilization.
  • Allows other players to more easily locate your home base, and what game mode it's on (however, you can omit that info if you don't want a lot of visitors).
  • Allows people to check which platform you're on (can be useful if you post something on the Subreddit, for example, and they're wondering if it's on PC or PS4).

Benefits[edit | edit source]

NOTE: We have recently moved into a new area of space, due to changes brought by Update 1.3. As such, some of the "Benefits" section may reflect more what we're working towards than what we currently have. We have the experience to build it all again!

  • Documentation - Clearly locate desirable ships, multitools, freighters, and technology; fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources; and much more. Contribute with the knowledge that you're part of a semi-scientific community and helping other Interlopers..
  • Multiplayer Elements - As (probably) the largest civilization in Euclid, the Galactic Hub is the #1 location for multiplayer interactions, whether that means seeing other players ("Glitches" / floating orbs), player bases, a variety of Communications Stations, or just frequently coming across discovered systems. Community Farms allow players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources. We also have various purposefully-planned multiplayer events, like the Portal Party.
  • Community - The community extends beyond the in-game multiplayer elements. Our community has created over 500 wiki pages, has 5,000+ Subreddit subscribers, a variety of resources (see "3rd Party Tools" section), and even a Redbubble shop for Galactic Hub merchandise. More importantly than just the features, the Galactic Hub community are friendly, often very experienced Interlopers. We ask that new players do some basic research, but we're always willing to help anyone who needs it.

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub uses specific naming guidelines in-game. Names created using these guidelines mark the system as Galactic Hub space, and can share a variety of important information in a small number of characters. Such names can be very useful to other Interlopers.

See Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines.

Third Party Tools / Related Websites[edit | edit source]

  • Pilgrim Star Path can help players reach the Galactic Hub. (NOTE: Pilgrim Star Path will display the "old" location of the Hub until August 20th.)
  • GH Discord allows Hub players to easily chat in a less "structured" environment than the Subreddit.
  • Seamonkey420's Wiki Script allows players to create Wiki pages for the Galactic Hub just by answering some questions, then uploading necessary images.

Best of the Hub & Content Directory[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Remarkable Planets[edit | edit source]

Starships[edit | edit source]

See Galactic Hub Starship Catalog for more.

Multitools[edit | edit source]

See Galactic Hub Multitool Catalog for more.

Player Bases[edit | edit source]

See Galactic Hub Player Bases for more.

Technology / Blueprints[edit | edit source]

See Galactic Hub Technology Catalog for more.

Alliances, Subfactions, & Related Groups[edit | edit source]

Emblem for the Federation.

(Refer to Civilized space page for more info)

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub is a founding civilization in the United Federation of Travelers. We assist and cooperate with all civilizations, but will always prioritize fellow Federation civilizations. Historically, we have worked most closely with the Amino Hub, and also have a close alliance with No Man's Sky Love and the Deep Thought Collective.

Galactic Hub Council[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Council is a group of players formed with the intention of advising the Hub's founder on how to manage the Galactic Hub, new policies, new events, and more.

The Council's first primary purpose was to help organize our move from Rentocniijik Expanse / Rentocnii Conflux into our current home region.

For a full list of Council members, see the "Staff" section.

Galactic Hub Hilbert[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub's sister civilization, Galactic Hub Hilbert, can be found in the Hilbert Dimension. Visit that page for more info.

Galactic Hub Science Corps[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Science Corps is an association of players in Galactic Hub space who are interested in researching so-called "Hub Science" - measuring specific, often subtle aspects of the game. Early examples of "Hub Science" would be the Subprojects, studying topics like weather, time, stellar region shape, and repeatable changes in the visual appearance of certain elements of solar systems.

Science Officers receive a unique badge (Ψ) on the Galactic Hub Subreddit and, also through Reddit, will be notified of any new Hub Science projects or discussions. Science Officers are never required to participate in any study or discussion and are always free to spend their time however they choose, but you should only sign up for the Science Corps if you're interested in actually engaging in discussions and studies when possible.

You can apply for the Galactic Hub Science Corps in this thread or message 7101334, Galactic Hub founder, on Reddit.

Embassy Systems[edit | edit source]

Embassy Systems are single systems claimed by the Galactic Hub in another civilization's space. Embassy systems have a few purposes:

  • Dedicated teleportation point between that civilization and the Galactic Hub for whoever claims the system, or anyone else who makes the journey from the Hub to the Embassy.
  • Dedicated location for members of both civilizations (Galactic Hub and native civilization) to leave Communications Stations.
  • Display of friendship and respect in making the (usually long) journey from the Hub to the native civilization.
  • In the future, particularly if HG allows multiple bases on one character, they may be locations for Galactic Hub outposts in the form of player bases.

The names for embassies attempt to combine Galactic Hub naming conventions with local naming conventions.

Alpha Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Beta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Delta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Gamma Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Near Center[edit | edit source]

Canon References[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub has been referenced by actual in-game content, and was also a part of the Waking Titan ARG. That means the Galactic Hub is canon in the NMS universe!

Staff[edit | edit source]

Although many of our citizens gather information, some members of the community have stepped up to specific roles or efforts.

Any Interloper who feels they are qualified is welcome to ask for a "Lead" position in any role.

  • 7101334 - Founder, Lead Exozoologist, Main Subreddit Moderator (Primary fauna consultant)
  • Pahefu - Atlas Entity (3rd-party Tool Creator), Council Member (Primary 3rd-party tool creator)
  • UniDestiny - Wiki Admin, Lead Cartographer, Council Member (Primary map-making & navigation consultant)
  • 57Dynasty - Lead Economist, Council Member (Primary economic / financial consultant)
  • zachsonstacks - Lead Exoagriculturalist, Council Member (Primary crop farming consultant)
  • seamonkey420 - Lead Archivist, 3rd Party Tool Creator, Council Member (Primary Hub-history consultant)
  • SteelySam13 - Lead Starship Engineer, Council Member (Primary starship tech & tactics consultant.
  • Teovin - Subreddit Moderator, Council Member
  • TheMarco - 3rd-party Tool Creator, Subreddit Moderator
  • nphyx - 3rd-party Tool Creator, Council Member
  • Trig-Antrax - r/NoMansSkyTheGame Moderator, Council Member

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Any images which don't require their own article (ie, fauna) and are not maps or navigational aids should be posted here.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • German gaming journalism website Gamepro published a (largely inaccurate) article on the Hub on March 25th, 2017. This article mentions odd practices that aren't known to actually occur, like selling the location of NMS gold deposits for real-world money.
  • The Galactic Hub's official flag & emblem were chosen on April 9th, 2017, after a community vote (download).
  • A number of references to the Galactic Hub and Galactic Hub content can be found on Waking Titan, the No Man's Sky-related ARG website.