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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

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NOTE: The scores on this page are "locked in" and any further edits will be reverted. A new page will be created for general leaderboard racing; Renaissance Cup scores will be recorded on this page for archival purposes.

The Renaissance Cup was a multiplayer exocraft racing championship hosted by the Galactic Hub.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Renaissance Cup was a multiplayer exocraft racing championship hosted by the Galactic Hub. It was essentially the "new version" of the old Galactic Hub Cup. Efforts to repurpose Renaissance Cup racetracks for regular racing, now that the Cup has concluded, are currently underway.

The following text in this section was from before the Cup concluded:

This is not a Galactic Hub-only event: all NMS players are welcome to join! However, some bases may be quite distant from their Portals, so make sure you will have enough time to reach the race before it begins. Do not claim a base on the same planet as a racetrack for the purpose of long-distance Portal travel, or you will overwrite the racetrack base. (You can claim a base if you turn Base Sharing off, but please remember to remove your base from the system before turning it back on.)

Players can compete against each other in real-time and/or on the leaderboards at separate times by beating each others' scores.

Although you can't see other players' exocrafts, you can at least see them as floating orbs / "Glitches." This allows you to compete against other players or spectate ongoing races.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

The Renaissance Cup was a 7-day-long event which concluded on October 29, 2017.

Simultaneous Start[edit | edit source]

The only challenge to multiplayer racing is making sure all players begin racing at the same time. For this purpose, we will use the Coordinated Universal Time clock. Players will press "Begin race" (R3) at 5:00 PM exactly.

Because of Rule 1, this measure is mostly just to ensure the race is fun for everyone and well-synchronized - it's not possible to cheat on the leaderboards by starting the race early.

Real-world Prizes[edit | edit source]

The winners of the Renaissance Cup will win real-world prizes! Prizes were physically manufactured by AndyKrycek6 using morgvom_org's art.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. All racers must include a screenshot or video of their time for it to be an official record. Images must be standard PS4 screenshots: not cropped or camera pictures of TV screens.
  2. All racers must use the vehicle indicated on this page (ie, can't use a Nomad for a Roamer track and actually enter the time).
  3. All racers should have fully upgraded vehicles. No restrictions on Boost upgrades, etc.
  4. Records are subject to discretion and disqualification on behalf of the Galactic Hub Staff if image editing is suspected.

How to Compete[edit | edit source]

Competing in the Renaissance Cup is easy: just show up on time! If you can't make it to the scheduled real-time races, you can race any of the tracks early or late, until the 30th when the winner is announced.

If you're unable to edit the Wiki, just send the screenshot of your lap time to 7101334 or any other Galactic Hub Staff member.

Racetracks & Leaderboards[edit | edit source]

PS4[edit | edit source]

23rd: Asgard Valley Circuit - Syn1334[edit | edit source]

Asgard Valley Circuit

After using a ramp to launch you off a massive cliff, this frozen-forest race takes you winding up and down a mountain ridge, before again launching you across the valley. Right before the finish line, you will be required to climb a cliff in your Nomad, timing your boosts carefully to scale the vertical cliff.

  • Location: Asgard, HUB1-X$-201 Hendrix
  • Vehicle(s): Nomad only
  • Difficulty: Medium-to-Hard
  • Portal Address: Due to a game glitch, this address (although it was obtained in-game and double-checked) leads to the wrong planet in the right system. You can still use this to place a waypoint and then warp there, if you're in Hub Space.
  • Video Preview
Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 118.69 Seconds
7101334 129.51 Seconds (Skip to 10:22)
the_toastkid 143.58 Seconds

24th: Saffronia Roamer Raceway - DesignationG[edit | edit source]

A two minute circuit that requires well-timed jumps and careful braking that takes you by the shallow waters and rock formations adjacent to the Gem of Saffronia.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 81.90 Seconds
7101334 83.11 Seconds (Skip to 10:33)
the_toastkid 84.72 Seconds
AndyKrycek 86.94 Seconds

25th: Neutron's Crashed Freighter Course - Ocramarco[edit | edit source]

Crashed Freighter Cource

After a long distance race across the ocean, racers reach a crashed freighter and jump over and through its wreckage before heading back to the finish line.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 292.25 Seconds
AndyKrycek 298.43 Seconds
7101334 304.37 Seconds (Skip to 19:07)
the_toastkid 309.15 Seconds
DrunkenSlacker 328.17 Seconds

26th: Azad Gauntlet - Nicky_Tsardust[edit | edit source]

Azad Gauntlet

Starting in Nicky_Tsardust's Firebase Phlebas, the Azad Gauntlet forces you to weave and slalom between ancient natural pillars, race down flooded canyons, and dive off of a rock formation into an underwater cave system, all while dodging Azad's 2.5-meter-long sharks.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 195.24 Seconds
the_toastkid 228.53 Seconds
DrunkenSlacker 232.70 Seconds
7101334 234.42 Seconds

27th: Drylands Speedway - Mad_in_Italy[edit | edit source]

Drylands Speedway, marked by the glowing checkpoints.

Starting underneath the gaze of the Base Jazart-Pran's WALL-E statue, racers will be kicking up sand as they fly across the sloping desert dunes. Be prepared to occasionally slam on the brakes in order to cross narrow rock-bridges over caves and chasms!

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 115.47 Seconds
the_toastkid 117.75 Seconds
7101334 132.91 Seconds (1:06:04)
DrunkenSlacker 232.70 Seconds

28th: Toastkidland Ridge Race - the_toastkid[edit | edit source]

Toastkidland Base

You will spend most of this race balancing on this planet's incredibly narrow mountain ridges, before turning into a small plains area and back to the base.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 52.85 Seconds
the_toastkid 59.75 Seconds
7101334 60.42 Seconds (1:21:30)

29th: Fallen Angels Racetrack - AndyKrycek[edit | edit source]

Fallen Angels Racetrack

This epic race, with a full stadium start/finish, takes you around the crashed freighter situated close to the base/start. Spectators are welcome in the viewing balcony or in the VIP seating area

  • Location: Ajin, HUB1-16A Sato
  • Vehicle(s): Roamer and Nomad
  • Difficulty: Medium-to-Hard
  • Portal Address: THIS PLANET HAS NO PORTAL. However, this address will take you to the correct system, and you can set a waypoint from there.


Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Nicky_Tsardust 82.70 Seconds
the_toastkid 89.64 Seconds
7101334 94.66 Seconds

PC (Unofficial)[edit | edit source]

PC's Galactic Hub didn't submit enough tracks to have an official Renaissance Cup.

The Six Deadly Rocks - Ezegnegch[edit | edit source]

The Six Deadly Rocks. A racetrack that goes through six massive rock formations.

The Six Deadly Rocks is a difficult racetrack that takes racers through six massive rock formations across the planet's rolling plains.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
(u/g5457s) Ezegnegch 167.29 Seconds

Rathloriel Run - Rhomicron[edit | edit source]

Rathloriel Run

Rathloriel Run is an endurance test over land, lake, and ocean, with occasional precision-based challenges upon the planet's particular geological features.

Reddit or PSN/Steam Name Time (Link Screenshot) |
Rho-micron/Rhomicron 331.94 Seconds
g5457s/Ezegnegch 263.43 Seconds