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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the Galactic Hub Calypso Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Galactic Hub Calypso
Galactic Hub Calypso
Galaxy Calypso
Quadrant Gamma
Region Uisaor Spur
Capital system HUB1-194 Popingo-Efuk
Capital planet Humiena XIV
Coordinates 042F:0078:0D55:0194
Port system HUB1-21 Welcome
Portal Glyphs 5021F9556C30
Size Standard-R
Type Construction, Documentation, & Profit
Founded by 7101334
Director: CommanderGan0n
Federation member Synthesis
Platform PC/PS4/Xbox
Release Origins

Galactic Hub Calypso is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official flag and banner of Galactic Hub Calypso

Galactic Hub Calypso is an extension of the Galactic Hub civilization into the Calypso galaxy.

This small area of space offers players the opportunity to meet other players, visit bases, share discoveries, and more. See “Benefits” section for more details.

Galactic Hub policy encourages players to remain in the Euclid galaxy (first/default galaxy), but it is ultimately each player’s decision. Galactic Hub extension civilizations exist to provide as similar of an experience as possible in the post-Euclid galaxies.

Interloper Census[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching the Galactic Hub, the first thing you should do is sign up for the Interloper Census, for the following reasons:

  • Gives the Galactic Hub staff an accurate idea of the size of the civilization.
  • Allows other players to more easily locate your home base, and what game mode it's on (however, you can omit that info if you don't want a lot of visitors).
  • Allows people to check which platform you're on (can be useful if you post something on the Subreddit, for example, and they're wondering if it's on PC or PS4).

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Documentation - Clearly locate desirable ships, multi-tools, freighters, and technology; fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources; and much more. Contribute with the knowledge that you're part of a semi-scientific community and helping other Interlopers..
  • Multiplayer Elements - As (probably) the largest civilization in Euclid, the Galactic Hub is the #1 location for multiplayer interactions, whether that means seeing other players ("Glitches" / floating orbs), player bases, a variety of Communications Stations, or just frequently coming across discovered systems. Community Farms allow players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources. We also have various purposefully-planned multiplayer events, like the Portal Party.
  • Community - The community extends beyond the in-game multiplayer elements. Our community has created over 500 wiki pages, has 15,000+ Subreddit subscribers, a variety of resources (see "3rd Party Tools" section), and even a Redbubble shop for Galactic Hub merchandise. More importantly than just the features, the Galactic Hub community are friendly, often very experienced Interlopers. We ask that new players do some basic research, but we're always willing to help anyone who needs it.

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub uses specific naming guidelines in-game. Names created using these guidelines mark the system as Galactic Hub space, and can share a variety of important information in a small number of characters. Such names can be very useful to other Interlopers.

See Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines.

Regions Occupied[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

  1. Uisaor Spur (042F:0078:0D55:0000)
  2. Ilongl Cloud (0430:0078:0D54:0000)
  3. The Arm of Kiffeyn (042F:0078:0D54:0000)
  4. The Arm of Taticale (0430:0078:0D55:0000)
  5. Egerap Anomaly (0430:0078:0D56:0000)
  6. Wakestones Expanse (042F:0078:0D56:0000)
  7. Erhahn Fringe (042E:0078:0D56:0000)
  8. Imrikians Terminus (042E:0078:0D55:0000)
  9. Imedeili (042E:0078:0D54:0000)
  10. Kovasu Adjunct (042F:0079:0D55:0000)
  11. Lossians Boundary (042F:0077:0D55:0000)

Navigating to & Living in the Galactic Hub[edit | edit source]

See Interloper's Handbook - Guide to the Galactic Hub for a guide on how to reach the Hub, how to contribute to the Hub, customs of Hub life, and more.

For a HUber to Galactic Hub Calypso please contact:

  • Reddit: CommanderGan0n.
  • PS4: Comander_Gan0n
  • Discord: CommanderGan0n#3189

Third Party Tools / Related Websites[edit | edit source]

  • Console-native Communities: PlayStation Community - Search "NoMan'sSky Galactic Hub"; XBox Club - Search "NMS Galactic Hub Project" (public club)
  • GH Discord allows Hub players to easily chat in a less "structured" environment than the Subreddit.

Best of Galactic Hub Calypso & Content Directory[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Image Name Location Scan Info &
Gannon sgb 1.jpg C. Microbujugium Planet: Ropius VI
System: HUB3-1A Etagao III
Region: The Arm of Kiffeyn
Quadrant: Gamma
Coordinates: 042F:0078:0054:001A
Glyphs: 201AF9555C30
Galactic Hub Calypso
Temperament: Instinctive
Diet: Di-Hydrogen Crystals
Height: 0.5m
Weight: 27.6kg
Notes: Green Blood
Other: This SGB is located in Galactic Hub Calypso This SGB features translucent, recurve shaped, pure white colored wings with the "stained glass" pattern associated with it's species.

Remarkable Planets[edit | edit source]

Starships[edit | edit source]

Multitools[edit | edit source]

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. Sources are included for further information (some have special reload requirements, etc).

Image Name Description Source
SurgeoftheNexus.jpg Surge of the Nexus (Visions) S/24 Alien found by u/MrBlack87 Source
HarbingerofKitinskXI.jpg Harbinger of Kitinsk-XI (Visions) S/24 Alien found by u/MrBlack87 Source

Player Bases[edit | edit source]

This section lists known Player Bases in Galactic Hub Calypso space.

PS4[edit | edit source]

Image Base Name Production Type Harvest Location
& Game Mode
PS Messages 20190901 183255.jpg Ricky's Scented Herbs Farm Scented Herbs & NipNip 042F:0078:0D55:0194
Normal mode

PC[edit | edit source]

Image Base Name Production Type Harvest Location
& Game Mode
No Man's Sky Screenshot 2019.08.31 - GHUB Calypso Capitol Capitol Building 042F:0078:0D55:0194
Normal mode
Calypso Welcome Center HUB.jpg Calypso HUB Welcome Center Welcome Center/Inn Carbon, Venom Urchin, Gravitino Host, Albumen Pearl Orb, NipNip Buds. 042F:0078:0D55:0021
Normal mode

XBox[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer Content[edit | edit source]

Alliances & Subfactions[edit | edit source]

Emblem for the Federation.

(Refer to Civilized space page for more info)

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub is a founding civilization in the United Federation of Travelers, and all of our extension civilizations are either Federation members or planning on membership in the future.

We assist and cooperate with all civilizations, but will always prioritize fellow Federation civilizations. Historically, we have a close alliance with No Man's Sky Love and the Deep Thought Collective.

Galactic Hub Civilizations in Other Galaxies[edit | edit source]

See main Galactic Hub page for more info.

Galactic Hub Council[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Council is a group of players formed with the intention of advising the Hub's founder on how to manage the Galactic Hub, new policies, new events, and more.

The Council's first primary purpose was to help organize our move from Rentocniijik Expanse / Rentocnii Conflux into our current home region.

For a full list of Council members, see the "Staff" section.