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The logo of the GHDF.

The Galactic Hub Defense Force is the combined domestic police and military force for the Galactic Hub.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Defense Force (GHDF) is the combined domestic police and military force for the Galactic Hub civilization. The GHDF was formally established on May 24, 2018, in anticipation of the PVP multiplayer features announced as accompanying the NEXT update.

In the Atlas Rises update era, the GHDF served no in-game role. Instead, the GHDF strictly focused on vetting volunteers, accepting recruits, and preparation for NEXT (such as obtaining and outfitting the Riokazat S45, the official GHDF starship in the pre-NEXT era).

In the NEXT update era, the GHDF act as public servants and protectors of the Galactic Hub population. The GHDF may occasionally act in matters outside the Hub, such as defending another civilization from an organized attack or responding to distress calls within United Federation of Travelers space. The full scope of the GHDF's NEXT-era role, and the "final form" of the GHDF itself, won't be known until all update features are known. If economic exchange is implemented, it's possible that GHDF operatives will be paid for their service.

GHDF operatives may retire at any time and return to "civilian Hub life," although higher ranks may be requested to remain in their position until a replacement can be found.

Distress Calls & Patrols[edit | edit source]

The GHDF's primary domestic responsibility is patrolling busy systems and responding to any distress calls. In the context of the GHDF, distress calls are, essentially, messages from human players saying, "Help, I'm being attacked at (coordinates)!"

The exact method for regular players to issue distress calls, and for GHDF operatives to receive the calls, is still being worked out. It will likely be conducted primarily through the Galactic Hub Discord Server.

GHDF Patrol Ship: Riokazat S45[edit | edit source]

The Riokazat S45, discovered by Private-Miller, is the official patrol ship of the GHDF. All Recruits are required to obtain this ship in S-Class before qualifying for promotion to Trooper (in addition to other requirements, primarily battle-readiness). For security purposes, the location of the Riokazat S45 will not be provided publicly, and will only be shared with volunteers who have passed the vetting process.

The patrol ship may be flown while off-duty and used for all regular starship purposes. It must be used while on-duty, as it serves as a uniformed vehicle.

Joining the GHDF[edit | edit source]

To join the GHDF, you must fill out the GHDF Volunteer Form.

After filling out the GHDF Volunteer Form, the Galactic Hub Council (particularly GH Founder u/7101334 & GH Security Officer u/MrJordanMurphy) will examine your volunteer application and, if possible, confirm your intentions, identity, and any other relevant information. This is referred to as "the vetting process."

The goal of the application process is to select potential GHDF operatives who are looking to join the force for the right reasons. It also assesses your current skill and experience in NMS. However, your skill level won't weigh heavily on whether you're accepted or not, just on how much mandatory training you receive.

Hierarchy / Rank System[edit | edit source]

The GHDF is divided into a strict hierarchy. GHDF operatives are always expected to follow the orders of a higher-ranking operative.

Only the CIC, VCC, HSO or Admirals may issue promotions. All ranks can recommend promotions for any officer at least two ranks below their own. All Ranks are abbreviated and numbered, to make identification simple and quicker.

  1. Commander-in-Chief (CIC): This rank is reserved for the leader of the Galactic Hub. The Commander-in-chief has supreme authority over the GHDF, and has final say over any military action taken by the Galactic Hub.
  2. Vice Command Chief (VCC): This rank is occupied by the Galactic Hub's second-in-command. The Vice Command Chief has the authority to use the GHDF, in any way seen fit to protect and serve the Galactic Hub. If the Commander-in-Chief is unable to fulfil his duties the Vice Command Chief has full authorisation to sanction all military actions.
  3. Head Security Officer (HSO): This role is occupied by the Galactic Hub’s head of security. The Head Security Officer is responsible for all security matters relating to the Galactic Hub, and oversees all GHDF operations. This rank will run the day-to-day operations of the GHDF, and all active ranks will be required to report and answer to, this officer. This rank serves as the intermediary between the GHDF and the VCC and CIC.
  4. Admiral (ADM-7): The rank of admiral can only be appointed by the CIC, VCC or the HSO. This rank can only be achieved if someone occupying the rank retires or is removed. This rank is the highest achievable rank, without holding office as the CIC , VCC or HSO. Admirals will be required to maintain GHDF standards, by assessing gathered intelligence and assigning tasks to be carried out by the appropriate ranks. Admirals will report directly to the HSO. Each Admiral will oversee one of the platforms.
  5. Captain (CPT-6): The rank of Captain is the highest rank achievable without holding a position in the Galactic Hub Council. This rank will be achieved when CDR-5's demonstrate resourceful, and independent thinking when working on covert operations. CPT-6's will be expected to use their time undercover to scout potential threats and feed this information back to the admirals or Head Security Officer. Whilst Captain's will be unable to authorise covert ops, they will be expected to suggest potential operations to higher ranks. Captains may also be used to specialise in an area of expertise, such as technology or scouting etc.
  6. Commander (CDR-5): This rank will be achieved after LT-4's show an ability to quickly assess situations, and make informed decisions. CDR-5 is the first rank to be able to perform covert operations. CDR-5's will be charged with infiltrating potential hostile groups, and gathering intelligence that could prevent attacks on any federation civilisation. All missions will only be sanctioned by the rank of Admiral or higher.
  7. Lieutenant (LT-4): This rank will be achieved when MC-3's demonstrate a high proficiency at finding and identifying hostile groups. LT-4's will be tasked with engaging enemy combatants, and retaliation attacks on hostile groups (in-game). Lt-4's can call on all lower ranks (excluding recruits) to assist on in-game operations. All operations LT-4's participate in, will only be authorised by admiral rank, and higher.
  8. Master Chief (MC-3): This rank will be attained once SC-2's have demonstrated leadership qualities. MC-3'S will be tasked with monitoring activities of foreign hostile groups through sites such as reddit (without actively joining), and reporting back to higher ranks. Master Chief's will coordinate with SC-2's to search for hostile members within the GH discord. MC-3's will respond to domestic and allies' (other federation civilisations) calls for help.
  9. Senior Chief (SC-2): This rank will be achieved after Petty Officers have proven their dedication to assisting the Galactic Hub's members. Senior Chief's will be tasked with training new recruits, and creating exercises to develop the skills needed to perform their roles. They will also be charged with helping to answer calls for help on the discord channel, and dispatching PO-1's to assist as well.
  10. Petty Officer (PO-1): This is the first attainable rank in the GHDF, and is achieved once recruits have proven themselves as capable and worthy, of being Officers of the Galactic Hub. Petty Officers will be tasked with monitoring hostile group activity on the discord page, as well as answering domestic calls for assistance, by Galactic Hub residents.
  11. Recruit: Recruits do not hold a rank, and will be tested and trained. Recruits will only receive a rank if they prove themselves, during their training period, which will last approximately two weeks. They will be required to answer to all GHDF officers, however their training regiment will be overseen by SC-2 ranked officers.
  12. Reserves: Reserves do not hold a rank or have access to secure channels. An officer can request to be moved to the reserves if they no longer have time to contribute in a meaningful way. If they wish to be re-instated they can contact the (ADM-7) in charge of their platform or the HSO. It will then be decided what rank they would return at. Non-active officers may also be moved to the Reserves at the HSO's discretion.

Training[edit | edit source]

Terms of Engagement[edit | edit source]

The GHDF have 5 possible Terms of Engagement (ToE) tiers, which are applied depending on the current security climate in the Galactic Hub. Unless you have reason to believe otherwise, such as direct communication from a higher ranking operative, always assume that the GHDF is operating on the Atlas ToE.

  • Vy'keen ToE: If a threat to the Hub or its citizens is perceived/detected, destroy it immediately.
  • Sentinel ToE: If a threat to the Hub or its citizens is perceived/detected, disable it (such as getting a starship to the "leaking plasma and smoking" stage). Destroy only if necessary.
  • Atlas ToE: If a threat is perceived, attempt to communicate with it. Determine intentions / de-escalate the situation. Disable and destroy only if necessary.
  • Gek ToE: If a threat is perceived, do not engage unless actual hostilities are witnessed (ie firing on another player). Attempt communication first; determine intentions / de-escalate. Disable and destroy only if necessary.
  • Korvax ToE: Engage hostile targets only in self-defense or when specifically called by a citizen.

Officer Registry[edit | edit source]

If a player is not on this list, they can be assumed not to be a member of the GHDF.

Note: "Image" will be filled after NEXT drops and character models are visible. Officers will likely be asked to take similar photos of their characters in front of GHDF ships at a specific base location. Please do not add any images yet.

PS4[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Playstation Network ID Rank Date of GHDF Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
7101334 Syn1334 (CIC) 2018/05/14 1
AndyKrycek6 AndyKrycek (VCC) 2018/05/14 2
MrJordanMurphy JordanMurphy (HSO) 2018/05/14 3
StollarS86 stolle25 / StollarS86 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 4
Carpocalypto Carpocalypto RECRUIT 2018/06/06 5
VanCorc VanCorc (MC-3) 2018/06/06 6
darkfusion42 Dark_fusion42 (MC-3) 2018/06/06 7
verachuta verachuta (SC-2) 2018/06/06 8
Mtntech Baycod9 RECRUIT 2018/06/06 10
Voidblazer Voidblazer (PO-1) 2018/06/06 11
Ogreace Ogreace RECRUIT 2018/06/06 12
old_school_rpg bigdcaughman (CPT-6) 2019/02/15 13
TheMaffiamaster DemonsEncircled_ (LT-4) 2018/06/06 14
Jimthefishes jamesb112345084 (MC-3) 2018/06/06 15
BigBossMcD BigBossMcD RECRUIT 2019/08/23 16
WAAM86 WAAM86 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 18
Kabalis Kabalis (PO-1) 2018/06/06 19
SilvetSky1 SHasan119 (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 20
Lionheart7060 CaptainReven (PO-1) 2018/06/06 21
LordBrewer89 brewer1600 RECRUIT 2019/09/11 22
DesignationG DesignationG (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 23
BluesAddiction stampcat (SC-2) 2018/06/06 24
rwhitby rodwhitby (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 25
Mark4945 Mark4945 (MC-3) 2018/06/06 26
seamonkey420 seamonkey420 (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 28
Kaboom443 Kaboom443 PO-1 2018/06/01 29
StipularSauce77 Weird2u RECRUIT 2018/06/06 30
MiracleWhiff MiracleWhiff RECRUIT 2018/06/06 31
Arcmi27 Arcmi12212012 RECRUIT 2019/09/11 33
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 34
A-Man54321 A-Man54321 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 36
Crum013 Crum013 (MC-3) 2018/06/06 38
Chet_Chetterfield utliston78 (CDR-5) 2018/06/06 39
TheCosmicFang TheFang1212 (CDR-5) 2018/06/06 40
Hollyvalero HollyWorks (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 42
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 43
Winters97 ozzyboy97 RECRUIT 2018/06/06 45
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 46
Visitabo JFO008 RECRUIT 2018/06/06 47
LegitN00bM00ves Ghost_Leader-3 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 48
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 49
Kew89Play Kew89Play (CPT-6) 2018/06/24 50
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 51
Redsubset83#8083 Redsubset83 RECRUIT 2018/06/24 52
i02_ i02_ (SC-2) 2018/06/24 53
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 54
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 57
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 58
backdeckpro backdeckpro RECRUIT 2018/06/24 59
BaronAtlas zep1976 (PO-1) 2018/06/24 60
Bperkins22 Bperkins2121 RECRUIT 2018/06/24 61
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 62
nodudesky iSHOTbambisMOMha RECRUIT 2019/06/24 63
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 64
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 65
Ajarmageddon304 Eljeffio (MC-3) 2018/06/24 66
Lobstar_91 Lobstar91 RECRUIT 2018/06/24 67
Prefect4Me Prefect4Me (SC-2) 2018/06/24 68
zazariins matthew71nsw / zazariins / galacticheritage (CDR-5) 2018/06/24 70
crazykiller001 crazykiller001 RECRUIT 2018/06/24 71
MrSllim89 MrSllim89 (CPT-6) 2018/06/24 72
ChromeDistrict ChromeDistrict (SC-2) 2018/06/24 74
crusoejp davejp87 (CPT-6) 2018/06/24 76
Reever6six6 Reever6six6 (LT-4) 2018/06/24 78
nmskibbles shreddedcrevice (ADM-7) 2018/10/08 79
KurganSPK KurganSPK (MC-3) 2019/03/31 82
RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 84
[1] RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 85
CommanderGan0n Comander_Gan0n (MC-3) 2019/04/03 87
- RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 90
massivehen massivehen RECRUIT 2019/04/03 91
swampcastlenms swampcastlenms (LT-4) 2019/04/03 93
iBolt iBolt RECRUIT 2019/04/03 94
jchysteria Jchysteria (MC-3) 2019/04/25 96
[2] RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 97

PC[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Steam ID Rank Date of GHDF Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
FrequentWerewolf1 ☣RadioActive☣|comWonkru (PO-1) 2018/08/31 9
IAmNobody4 IAmNobody4 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 17
WAAM86 WAAM86 (SC-2) 2018/06/06 18
rwhitby rwhitby (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 25
Wookieschnitzel Wookieschnitzel (LT-4) 2018/06/06 27
Xainesworld Xaine (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 35
rusynlancer Rusyn (ADM-7) 2018/06/06 37
wino_lino wino_lino RESERVE 2018/06/06 41
SwusInABox Swus / Azyde (CPT-6) 2018/06/06 44
xaker_v xaker_v RESERVE 2018/06/24 55
GrandAdmiralMellacus GrandAdmiralMellacus RESERVE 2018/06/24 56
Ericojawn Erico (SC-2) 2018/06/24 69
TREX [PC]#0569 TREX RESERVE 2018/06/24 73
physicalConstant AYQ RESERVE 2018/06/24 75
8bagels 8bagels RESERVE 2018/06/24 77
nmskibbles Ishkabible (ADM-7) 2018/10/08 79
ardyalligan ardyalligan (ADM-7) 2019/03/03 80
DiabolicalBlue Hattori Blade (CPT-6) 2019/03/11 81
KurganSPK KurganSPK (MC-3) 2019/03/31 82
Luke#2316 Threal RESERVE 2019/06/01 83
Zergling924 Zergling924 RECRUIT 2019/07/25 86
GnarlyTango GnarlyTango RESERVE 2019/08/03 88
OOGAABOOGAATheGekKing#8099 OOGAA BOOGAA SC-2 2019/08/03 92
CheddzyTF cheddZy RECRUIT 2019/09/11 95

XBox[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) XBox Live ID Rank Date of GHDF Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
xEliteTechx Th3 Sly M0use RECRUIT 2019/09/11 32
rusynlancer Rusynlancer (ADM-7) 2018/06/06 37
Titter2 Titter2 RECRUIT 2019/09/11 59
Volziinos_Zahkrii Nova6842 (CDR-5) 2019/04/03 89
[3] RECRUIT 2019/--/-- 97
BlackCatLair BlackCatLair (CDR-5) 2019/06/01 98
NBatch NBatch (PO-1) 2019/08/03 99
SagedaDumbass Zerokai123 RECRUIT 2019/08/03 100
Shattered_Persona Da636Hustla (SC-2) 2019/08/03 101