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This article was documented by the Galactic Hub.


The Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps is a research organization.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps is an official research subdivision of the Galactic Hub Project dedicated to exploration, discovery, and documentation of Fauna.

Mission[edit | edit source]

The mission of the Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps (GHEC) is to:

  • Discover rare and exotic fauna, and as many common species as practical, within the borders of the Galactic Hub.
  • To gather the necessary information (screenshots, coordinates, spawn information, etc) for proper wiki documentation on behalf of the Galactic Hub.
  • To share such discoveries and documentation with the citizens of the Galactic Hub for their enjoyment and use via NMSGalacticHub on Reddit, the Discord server, Twitter, and whatever other methods the Galactic Hub Council sees fit to implement.

Naming Discoveries[edit | edit source]

GHEC Researchers will know and properly employ Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines during the course of their exploration.

GHEC Researchers should use the format "Custom Name (Procedural Name)" when custom-naming fauna, or upload the species without renaming it. Names must not include any hostile or inappropriate references; such names may be removed from GHEC records.

Joining the Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps[edit | edit source]

First, complete the GHEC Volunteer Form.

After filling out the GHEC Volunteer Form, the Galactic Hub Council (particularly GH Founder 7101334 & GHEC Chief Research Officer old_school_rpg) will examine your volunteer application and, if possible, evaluate your wiki skills and any other relevant information.

The goal of the application process is to analyze your proficiency in wiki documentation and location of fauna species in-game. Your skills will not weigh heavily on whether or not you are accepted, but will determine what projects you are assigned to.

After an application is processed, applicants may be contacted directly in periods of few applications, or notified en masse via a Reddit thread notifying applicants in periods of many applications.

Research Projects[edit | edit source]

Documented Creatures Lists[edit | edit source]

See GHEC Creatures Lists for automatically updated complete lists of documented fauna found within the the Galactic Hub Project (a total of 802 so far), found within the Galactic Hub Eissentam (a total of 63 so far), or found in foreign uncivilized space (and documented by the GHEC) (a total of 37 so far).

Galactic Hub Rare Creatures[edit | edit source]

The four rarest and most prized creatures tracked by the GHEC in Galactic Hub space are the Greater Mushroom Beetle, the Stained Glass Butterfly, the Mega Rangifae or Mega Diplo, and the Mega Lesser Mushroom Beetle.

The entries below are a record of all of these rarest species discovered and properly documented thus far in the Galactic Hub. It will continue to be updated as new creatures are discovered and their creature pages created. (See the Fauna Hall of Fame for an overall list of the largest and smallest fauna discovered in No Man's Sky.)

Greater Mushroom Beetles[edit | edit source]

T. Colohobesae (4.9m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

Pre-Origins Discoveries

Axby Delta Funky Claude 1.png
Funky Claude (3.8m)
Discoverer: VanCorc

O. Bugwheymea asymmetric.jpg
O. Bugwheymea (1.0m)
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

P. Feliporae 1.png
P. Feliporae (0.8m)
Discoverer: swampcastlenms

Stained Glass Butterflies[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20200927144750.jpg
Y. Bigtourosa
Discoverer: arnaubalo

20201001215836 1.jpg
L. Tricgugusus
Discoverer: LordFrobozz

W. Tigerhomii.jpg
W. Tigerhomii
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

A. Riverurovoe
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

E. Tapiryupum
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

F. Protoyossum.jpg
F. Protoyossum
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

Pre-Origins Discoveries

A redrohoe 1.jpg
A. Redrohoe
Discoverer: swampcastlenms

No Man's Sky 20200420145048.jpg
O. Pavoeiumosa
Discoverer: TargetBob

S. Robuartum.png
S. Robuartum
Discoverer: BlackCatLair

A. Seedeisus.png
A. Seedeisus
Discoverer: BlackCatLair

No Man's Sky 20200601175604.jpg
I. Regustateum
Discoverer: arnaubalo

U. Herbmuffum
Discoverer: QuantumRiian

C. Copbalae
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

Purple Rain.jpg
V. Panlocifugea
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

S. Weedinhunia
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

Ap 815379C1-54DD-474F-B405-C775A8522735.JPEG
K. Rockruatea
Discoverer: ApexFatality

M. Crowbraous.jpg
M. Crowbraous
Discoverer: No Wheelie Zone

A. Witcholisae1.jpg
A. Witcholisae
Discoverer: Purest_green

I. Toweroqum
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

S. Huntolae
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

Frobozz SGB2 phae.jpg
P. Speltyaparica
Discoverer: Spadajones

Mega Diplos[edit | edit source]

YUndertiniamus 66m diplo Halba.png
Y. Undertiniamus (6.6m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

HWedgyboi 65m diplo Halba.png
H. Wedgyboi (6.5m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

OSweetdatusawae 65m diplo Halba.jpg
O. Sweetdatusawae (6.5m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

H. Mustbendae (6.3m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

Pre-Origins Discoveries

U. Rattussaxii 1.png
U. Rattussaxii (8.2m)
Discoverer: ZippyX819

E. Diploifalea.jpg
E. Diploifalea (8.2m)
Discoverer: Remy_525

O. Silverrabia.jpg
O. Silverrabia (8.0m)
Discoverer: Rho-micron

20200730220216 1.jpg
P. Bisonuaesum (7.4m)
Discoverer: Link_at_home_400

P. Marrowyocleus male.png
P. Marrowyocleus (7.1m)
Discoverer: BlackCatLair

No Man's Sky 20200711140337.jpg
Z. Sulypaagaleus (7.1m)
Discoverer: arnaubalo

No Man's Sky 20200618233837.jpg
N. Polyoirea (6.4m)
Discoverer: arnaubalo

HUB9-B6 002.png
W. Strixesfae (6.3m)
Discoverer: tfitz

No Man's Sky 20200729173047.jpg
Q. Coldatlosa (6.3m)
Discoverer: underd0se

J. Beechpagea BG resize.png
J. Beechpagea (6.2m)
Discoverer: TPHaze

No Man's Sky 20200417165142.jpg
D. Roteumea (6.2m)
Discoverer: NoCtUrNaL92

W. Lamayunusea ind.jpg
W. Lamayunusea (6.2m)
Discoverer: CinicoSenzaNome

A. Falconvimea alpha.jpg
A. Falconvimea (6.1m)
Discoverer: swampcastlenms

R Musiretioe.jpg
R. Musiretioe (6.0m)
Discoverer: MstrXeno/MrKlei

20200428233834 1.jpg
X. Oakheymima (6.0m)
Discoverer: ElCapoChino93

Inphyx megadiplo.jpg
B. Camproea (6.0m)
Discoverer: Inphyx

Loper megadiplo.png
T. Apisluceum (6.0m)

Discoverer: Unknown

Morpheus megadiplo.jpg
W. Musibondera (5.9m)
Discoverer: Morphieus312

Mega Lesser Mushroom Beetles[edit | edit source]

I. Cowzoum (8.0m)
Discoverer: Halbatroll9

Pre-Origins Discoveries

F. Gutkapeus (8.1m)
Discoverer: Phaedrus29

No Man's Sky 20200621020123.jpg
Y. Radioalea (7.1m)
Discoverer: tigercouch

Swamp lmb2.jpg
G. Quarlalusae (6.1m)
Discoverer: swampcastlenms

J. Rattustapera pF.jpg
J. Rattustapera (6.0m)
Discoverer: TPHaze

D. Grosslanima (6.0m)
Discoverer: InstaKibs

D. Magnetoenebis (5.9m)
Discoverer: zhunt69

Fauna Albums[edit | edit source]

Diplos See GHEC Diplo Album
for a catalogue of diplos
discovered in Hub space.

8m+ Fauna
See GHEC 8m+ Fauna Album
for a catalogue of 8m+ fauna
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Lesser Mushroom Beetle Album for a catalogue of Lesser Mushroom Beetles discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Butterfly Album
for a catalogue of butterflies
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Sporefly Album
for a catalogue of sporeflies
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Prionace Album
for a catalogue of rare Prionace
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC T-Rex Album
for a catalogue of rare T-rexes
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Strider Album
for a catalogue of rare Striders
discovered in Hub space.

See GHEC Prospects Album
for rare Hub examples of different genera (being tested for future albums).

See GHEC Bonecat Album
for a catalogue of Bonecats
discovered in Hub space.

Robot Antelopes
See GHEC Mech Album
for a catalogue of Hub
robot antelopes.

Flying Beetles
See GHEC Bosoptera Album
for a catalogue of Hub
flying beetles.

See GHEC Biggerfly Album
for a catalogue of Hub
large butterflies.
See GHEC Protoflyer Album
for a catalogue of rare Hub
See GHEC Sandworm Album
for a catalogue of Hub

Hierarchy / Rank System[edit | edit source]

Only the LE, CRO, or LFS-7’s may issue promotions. All ranks have certain criteria that must be filled in order to be eligible for promotion. Other factors to be included in promotions include time in service and time in rank.

The GHEC is organized into a hierarchical rank structure as follows:

  1. Lead Exozoologist (LE): This rank is reserved for the Director of the Galactic Hub. The Lead Exozoologist maintains authority over the GHEC, and has final say over all exploration and research endeavors.
  2. Chief Research Officer (CRO): This researcher is the Director of the GHEC. The Chief Research Officer is responsible for all fauna research matters relating to the Galactic Hub and oversees all GHEC operations. This rank will run the day-to-day operations of the GHEC and serves as the intermediary between the Lead Exozoologist and the rest of the GHEC.
  3. Lead Fauna Specialist (EC7): This rank can only be appointed by the LE or the CRO. It can only be achieved if someone occupying the rank retires or is removed so as not to overwhelm communication with the CRO. These researchers command an expert level of knowledge of the game’s genera, and possess an ability to create, edit, and maintain wiki articles. They are authorized to conduct official recruitment activities across various subreddits and social media. These researchers will have authority to direct lower ranks and report and advise directly to the CRO.
  4. Senior Fauna Specialist (EC6): These researchers are highly proficient in independently discovering and classifying rare species and in creating and editing wiki articles. They possess at least an intermediate knowledge of the game’s genera and may conduct official GHEC fauna research without assistance. Additional duties include instructing lower ranks on proper fauna identification and proper wiki documentation practices. They report directly to the LFS’s.
  5. Fauna Specialist (EC5): These researchers are highly proficient in independently discovering and classifying rare species and skilled at creating and editing wiki articles without assistance. They possess general knowledge of the game’s genera.
  6. Fauna Researcher (EC4): These are researchers who are proficient at properly documenting discoveries independently and are skilled at discovering and classifying rare species for documentation.
  7. Fauna Analyst (EC3): These are researchers who have documented discoveries but are not yet fully proficient at wiki documentation and who are skilled at discovering and classifying rare species for documentation.
  8. Hunter (EC2): These are researchers who have just begun documenting discoveries with guidance and are capable of discovering and classifying rare species for documentation.
  9. Scout (EC1): These are recruits who have not yet received training in proper documentation and discovery of species.

Researcher Registry[edit | edit source]

PS4[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Playstation Network ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
7101334 Syn1334 (LE) 2019/09/01 1
old_school_rpg bigdcaughman (EC7) 2019/09/01 2
swampcastlenms swampcastle (EC7) 2019/09/01 3
docteurmccoy docteurmccoy (EC7) 2020/01/16 20
Phaedrus29 Phaedrus29 (CRO) 2020/01/16 21
arnaubalo arnaudbalo (EC6) 2020/04/21 29
CorvusCorax_668 CorvusCorax_668 (EC3) 2020/06/01 31
CinicoSenzaNome CinicoSenzaNome (EC5) 2020/06/10 32
Gold_JuJu_Candy Gold_JuJu_Candy (EC1) 2020/07/19 39
Diosantox46 DioSantox46 (EC1) 2020/07/20 41
VertSkiy AirosRhyner (EC1) 2020/08/26 44
RagemKagem RagemKagem (EC2) 2020/09/08 45
wamblins Mimsley (EC1) 2020/10/01 46

XBox[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) XBox Live ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
ApexFatality ApexFatality93 (EC7) 2019/09/01 4
BlackCatLair BlackCatLair (EC7) 2019/09/13 11
TPHaze TPHaze12 (EC7) 2019/09/28 12
Titter2 Titter2 (EC2) 2020/01/02 18
fxzero666 Fxzero (EC2) 2020/07/12 38
KinG-Asssassin KinG Asssassin (EC2) 2020/07/19 40
BolusDeBeer Bolus de Beer (EC1) 2020/07/30 42
Aflack420 Aflack420 (EC1) 2020/08/01 43
Halbatroll9 Halbatroll (EC2) 2020/10/10 47

PC[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Steam ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
LordFrobozz LordFrobozz (EC4) 2020/01/27 22
Polemarch _polemarch_ (EC2) 2020/04/07 25
SirSatire SirSatire (EC1) 2020/04/13 27
ElCapoChino93 ElCapoChino (EC5) 2020/04/20 28
Famtan101 Chickenman505 (EC2) 2020/05/18 30
Seyurie Seyurie (EC3) 2020/06/29 34
Jazzmine Jazzmine (EC2) 2020/06/29 35
ardyalligan ardyalligan (EC1) 2020/06/29 36
Pl4yerTen Pl4yerTen (EC1) 2020/07/05 37
Grimgore2 969ROB (EC2) 2020/10/12 48