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The Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps is a research organization.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps is an official research subdivision of the Galactic Hub Project dedicated to exploration, discovery, and documentation of Fauna.

Mission[edit | edit source]

The mission of the Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps (GHEC) is to:

  • Discover rare and exotic fauna, and as many common species as practical, within the borders of the Galactic Hub.
  • To gather the necessary information (screenshots, coordinates, spawn information, etc) for proper wiki documentation on behalf of the Galactic Hub.
  • To share such discoveries and documentation with the citizens of the Galactic Hub for their enjoyment and use via NMSGalacticHub on Reddit, the Discord server, Twitter, and whatever other methods the Galactic Hub Council sees fit to implement.

Naming Discoveries[edit | edit source]

GHEC Researchers will know and properly employ Galactic Hub Naming Guidelines during the course of their exploration. Not all systems are required to be uploaded but it is strongly advised that any system in which a discovery is made be properly named and cataloged.

GHEC Researchers should use the format "Procedural Name (Custom Name)" when custom-naming fauna, or upload the species without renaming it. Names must not include any hostile or inappropriate references; such names may be removed from GHEC records.

Joining the Galactic Hub Exobiology Corps[edit | edit source]

First, complete the GHEC Volunteer Form.

After filling out the GHEC Volunteer Form, the Galactic Hub Council (particularly GH Founder 7101334 & GHEC Chief Research Officer old_school_rpg) will examine your volunteer application and, if possible, evaluate your wiki skills and any other relevant information.

The goal of the application process is to analyze your proficiency in wiki documentation and location of fauna species in-game. Your skills will not weigh heavily on whether or not you are accepted, but will determine what projects you are assigned to.

After an application is processed, applicants may be contacted directly in periods of few applications, or notified en masse via a Reddit thread notifying applicants in periods of many applications.

Hierarchy / Rank System[edit | edit source]

The GHEC is organized into a hierarchical rank structure as follows:

  1. Lead Exozoologist (LE): This rank is reserved for the Director of the Galactic Hub. The Lead Exozoologist maintains authority over the GHEC, and has final say over all exploration and research endeavors.
  2. Chief Research Officer (CRO): This researcher is the Director of the GHEC. The Chief Research Officer is responsible for all fauna research matters relating to the Galactic Hub and oversees all GHEC operations. This rank will run the day-to-day operations of the GHEC, and all active ranks will be required to report and answer to, this researcher. This rank serves as the intermediary between the Lead Exozoologist and the rest of the GHEC.
  3. Lead Fauna Specialist (LFS-4): These researchers possess great knowledge of the game’s genera, and an ability to create edit and maintain wiki articles. They are authorized to conduct recruitment activities across various subreddits and social media. These researchers will have authority to direct lower ranks and report and advise directly to the CRO.
  4. Fauna Researcher (FR-3): These researchers are proficient in discovering and classifying rare species with little oversight and proficient in creating and editing wiki articles. They report to the Lead Fauna Specialists.
  5. Hunter (H-2): These are researchers who have not yet demonstrated an ability to properly document discoveries but who are proficient at finding and noting the location of rare and exotic species to pass along for documentation
  6. Scout (S-1): These are recruits who have not yet received training in proper documentation and discovery of species.

Researcher Registry[edit | edit source]

PS4[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Playstation Network ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
7101334 Syn1334 (LE) 2019/09/01 1
old_school_rpg bigdcaughman (CRO) 2019/09/01 2
swampcastlenms swampcastle (LFS-4) 2019/09/01 3
MysticPhantasm MysticPhantasm (S-1) 2019/09/07 5
Kaboom443 Kaboom443 (S-1) 2019/09/07 9
CommanderGan0n COMANDeR_GAN0N (S-1) 2019/09/13 10
gagekj gagekj (S-1) 2019/09/28 14
I_love_polar_bears RivalPurple (S-1) 2019/09/28 15
docteurmccoy docteurmccoy (FR-3) 2020/01/16 20
Phaedrus29 Phaedrus29 (FR-3) 2020/01/16 21
yashajeria200215 yasha200215 (S-1) 2020/02/21 24

XBox[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) XBox Live ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
ApexFatality ApexFatality93 (LFS-4) 2019/09/01 4
NBatch NBatch (S-1) 2019/09/07 6
BlackCatLair BlackCatLair (LFS-4) 2019/09/13 11
Titter2 Titter2 (H-2) 2020/01/02 18
XA_ProgramRAM ProgramRAM (S-1) 2020/02/21 23

PC[edit | edit source]

Username (Reddit, etc) Steam ID Rank Date of GHEC Acceptance (Year/Month/Day) Officer Number
Gek_King OOGAA BOOGAA (H-2) 2019/09/07 7
DiabolicalBlue Hattori Blade (H-2) 2019/09/07 8
rocky1138 rocky1138 (S-1) 2019/09/28 13
wdibble (H-2) 2019/09/18 16
CapnStankBeard CapnStankBeard (S-1) 2019/12/05 17
KurganSPK KurganSPK (S-1) 2020/1/16 19
LordFrobozz LordFrobozz (S-1) 2020/01/27 22

Hub Rare Fauna Hall of Fame[edit | edit source]

The three rarest creatures tracked by the GHEC in Galactic Hub space are the Greater Mushroom Beetle, the Stained Glass Butterfly, and the megafauna Rangifae or megafauna diplo.

The tables below are a record of all rare species discovered and properly documented thus far in the Galactic Hub. It will continue to be updated as new creatures are discovered and their creature pages created.

The current tables cover the game eras of NEXT, Abyss, Visions, and Beyond.

Greater Mushroom Beetles[edit | edit source]

Image/Name Location Discoverer
Axby Delta Funky Claude 1.png

Funky Claude
(Y. Larvakuthae)

Planet: Axby Delta
Hub Region: HUB 1 The Arm of Vezitinen
Glyphs: 11F5F9556C30
P. Feliporae 1.png

P. Feliporae

Planet: Astyanax
Hub Region: HUB 6 Uefert Nebula
Glyphs: 1163F9557C30

Stained Glass Butterfly[edit | edit source]

Image/Name Location Discoverer
A redrohoe 1.jpg

A. Redrohoe

Planet: Arkangel
Hub Region: HUB 5 Nugsdor Adjunct
Glyphs: 10C4F9557C31

Mega Fauna Diplos[edit | edit source]

Image/Name Location Discoverer
U. Rattussaxii 1.png

U. Rattussaxii

Planet: Jurassic Parq
Hub Region: HUB 9 Sivess Instability
Glyphs: 119CF9557C2F
E. Diploifalea.jpg

E. Diploifalea

Planet: Zal'Danel
Hub Region: HUB 6 Uefert Nebula
Glyphs: 1107F9557C30
O. Silverrabia.jpg

O. Silverrabia

Planet: Leviathania on PC
Hub Region: HUB 3 Dexterf Sector
Glyphs: 1075F9555C31
P. Marrowyocleus male.png

P. Marrowyocleus

Planet: Jolivi
Hub Region: HUB 9 Sivess Instability
Glyphs: 5040F9555C2F
A. Falconvimea 1.jpg

A. Falconvimea

Planet: Victory
Hub Region: HUB 5 Nugsdor Adjunct
Glyphs: 1166F9557C31
R Musiretioe.jpg

R. Musiretioe

Planet: New Lennon (PS4)
Hub Region: HUB 10 Savenix Instability
Glyphs: 106AFA556C30
Master_Xeno & MrKlei
12-4-2019 3-31-28 PM-0uxjpc5a.png

T. Sanguinnadima

Planet: Wucastbu
Hub Region: HUB 11 Nonlopsi Instability
Glyphs: 0062F8556C30

Hub Mini Diplo List[edit | edit source]

Buildable.pavingtall.png  This section is under development.

Image/Name Size Location Discoverer
I. Canisigoe Rational.jpg

I. Canisigoe

0.4m Planet: Dave XIII
System: HUB1-40 Freeza
Glyphs: 1040F9556C30
A. Bearbocris.jpg

A. Bearbocris

0.5m Planet: Isbeckermi Anis
System: HUB8-93 Himurob
Glyphs: 2093F9556C2F

H. Beetluueum

0.6m Planet: Krematorian
System: HUB2-221 Kunash's Folly
Glyphs: 4221F9555C30
G. Ovineasulium 1.jpg

G. Ovineasulium

0.7m Planet: Lugravi Minor
System: HUB7-112 Nye
Glyphs: 1112F9557C2F
S. Elephaxaledea Radical.jpg

S. Elephaxaledea (Friendly Diplo)

0.8m Planet: Earthen Paradise
System: HUB1-A Jewel of Vezitinen
Glyphs: 100AF9556C30
M Chronosyus 1.jpg

M. ChronosyusEarthen Paradise

0.8m Planet: Hyperzypheria
System: HUB7-33 Sword
Glyphs: 1033F9557C2F
O. Purupthikia Male.png

O. Purupthikia

0.8m Planet: Apygete XII
System: HUB4-1DC Ondontju
Glyphs: 01DCF9556C31
T. Sanguindoquievia Vectorized.jpg

T. Sanguindoquievia

0.8m Planet: Kuking
System: HUB7-5F Wahlgorep
Glyphs: 405FF9557C2F
1-12-2020 8-38-03 PM-t1jhplzb.png

E. Brocrorosa

0.8m Planet: Taak 20/M5
System: HUB4-20 Cheokai-Iogen
Glyphs: 0020F9556C31
X. Lycanhonium 1.jpg

X. Lycanhonium

0.9m Planet: Tasmania
System: HUB8-DB Juniper
Glyphs: 10D8F9556C2F

F. Grantboisoe

0.9m Planet: Dwork Delta
System: HUB7-15 Estuks
Glyphs: 1015F9557C2F
Profile pic.jpg

W. Hopedlegea

1.4m Planet: Rookepos Prime
System: HUB8-93 Himurob
Glyphs: 5093F9556C2F

K. Ranaakoe

1.5m Planet: Arqe Gamma
System: HUB6-72 Geniannurt
Glyphs: 3072F9557C30
Z. Halogrea - male.png

Z. Halogrea

1.6m Planet: Pimei Omega
System: HUB3-20 Gormid
Glyphs: 0020F9555C31
B Cataroteum 1.jpg

B. Cataroteum

1.7m Planet: Soong
System: HUB7-B4 Spiner
Glyphs: 10B4F9557C2F
E. Pineioea male 1.png

E. Pineioea

1.7m Planet: Liopolyde lots
System: HUB10-C3 Kukiham-Sui
Glyphs: 00C3FA556C30

B. Copdigwafium

1.7m Planet: Buyth Delta
System: HUB8-93 Himurob
Glyphs: 300BF9557C2F