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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Mission Board is a database of currently-available assignments for players in Galactic Hub space.

The Mission Board is based on the in-game Mission Boards available at each Space station, but rather than procedural missions, these missions are created by other players. Although we're unable to pay you directly, completion of missions will aid your fellow Interlopers and occasionally provide useful information for the entire Hub (ie, you may be asked to find the second gender of a rare diplo, or perhaps locate a system which sells a certain good).

Also similar to the actual game, the Galactic Hub Mission Board is divided into factions, which represent the type of mission they have available. For example, the Galactic Hub Exobiologists faction will always have missions relating to either fauna (animals) or flora (plants).

The mission board is more for active tasks than passive requests; for example, "Looking for an Alien Multitool" would not be considered a mission, but "Locate and mark the location of an S-Class Multitool known to spawn in this specific system" would be. However, as there's definitely a need for general "looking for" requests as well, the bottom of this page has a "ISO" (In Search Of) section for those type of requests. You do not need a Galactic Hub Staff member's approval to edit the ISO section.

Rank System[edit | edit source]

Interlopers can gain ranks / levels within the Galactic Hub community by completing missions on the Mission Board, and occasionally through other tasks. Interloper ranks can be tracked on the Census - Galactic Hub page (aka Interloper Census) or the Galactic Hub subreddit.

Players must update their own ranks, as we have too many members to realistically assign a moderator to the task.

To change your rank on the Interloper Census,

  • Just edit the page and add (Level #) next to your name under the "Name & Level" section.

To change your rank on the Subreddit,

  • Find the area of the sidebar under the "Subreddit Info" section.
  • Look for where it says "(edit)" shortly below that.
  • Click edit, and you will be able to choose your user flair.
  • If you choose a new user flair in the process, remember to copy your badges so they aren't lost! If you already have a user flair, choosing a new one is not necessary.
  • If you have content in your flair which cannot be copied (ie a custom Starship Flair), message any Galactic Hub Staff member to update your level for you.

You can quickly check your rank by going to the Galactic Hub Mission Board - Completed or Inactive page, hitting "CTRL + F" (or "Search for In Page"/other option for mobile and non-Windows OS), then typing in your name.

Adding a Mission to the Mission Board[edit | edit source]

Please contact a Galactic Hub Staff member before adding your mission to this list; any staff member may approve your mission. Unofficial missions can be posted on the Galactic Hub subreddit with no approval necessary, using the "Mission" flair.

General Tasks[edit | edit source]

Any of the following tasks will earn 1 level / rank for the player who completes it.

Active Missions[edit | edit source]

  • To update your progress in, or the completion of, any given mission, contact any Galactic Hub Staff member.
  • Unless otherwise stated, any reference to "marking a location" means you should place a Communications Station there. "Communications Station" will also often be abbreviated as "comm".
  • Missions marked as "Ongoing" can't be "completed" in their entirety, only contributed to - for example, the ongoing Starship Catalog mission will never be "finished" because people will be continually adding new entries to the Starship Catalog which can be documented in further detail.

Agriculturalists - Farming[edit | edit source]

Armorers - Multitools[edit | edit source]

Atlas Entities - Technology / Blueprints[edit | edit source]

September 13th (Ongoing) - Blueprint Farm[edit | edit source]

The client wishes to contract Interlopers to mark as many Manufacturing Facility locations within a single system as possible.

The client has provided a simple set of steps to follow to accomplish this goal.

  1. ) Head to any of the following high-population planets: Awago (and Euwa), HUB11-1A6 Ronluenji XIII; Raweggerperd, HUB1-$-19E Mamtudure; China Town, HUB11-120 Blueprint Farm
  2. ) Fly at low altitude over the planet until you locate a Manufacturing Facility, then mark its location with a comm.

November 6th - Technology Catalog[edit | edit source]

This client represents The Galactic Hub Quartermaster Branch. They seek assistance expanding the Galactic Hub Technology Catalog.

The client has provided Interlopers with a set of instructions to help accomplish this goal.

  1. Identify a target star system (ideally offering one or more technologies with fewer than three locations documented already)
  2. Add/update a wiki page for the system with as much information as possible; particularly navigational aids
  3. Optional step (but encouraged): Add an entry to the Galactic Survey for the system
  4. Update the Galactic Hub Technology Catalog with your findings

This mission may be considered complete when all technologies are listed on the Technology Catalog, and will likely have multiple contributors.

Cartographers - Mapping & Related Tasks[edit | edit source]

September 10th - Galactic Survey Find Top of HUB10[edit | edit source]

Client: Guild of Galactic Surveyors

The client wishes to contract an Interlopers to find the top-most system in HUB10. Completion of this mission may assist in improving the accuracy of the Hub Management System.

The client has provided a simple set of steps to follow to accomplish this goal.

  1. ) Fly directly up from TopOfTheTree2, explore the top of HUB10, and find the "highest" system that is still within HUB10, preferably near the centre of the top of the system (i.e. not at one of the corners of the cube).
  2. ) Add an entry to the Galactic Survey for this system

Economists - Economy, Trading, & Earning Units[edit | edit source]

Exobiologists - Fauna & Flora[edit | edit source]

September 13th (Ongoing) - Locate Greater Mushroom Beetles[edit | edit source]

This client works for the Exozoologists of the non-localized cooperative NMS_Zoology. Their group has recently placed an increased emphasis on locating Greater Mushroom Beetles, or GMB's. Such species are likely the rarest subset of fauna in Euclid or beyond. More information available here.

  • Locate Conokinis beetles (or possibly Bos spiders) with full-sized mushrooms on their back (not just mushroom caps).
  • Extensively document their appearance with screenshots, as well as their location (at least Coordinates, but ideally a thorough documentation of the system's placement in space).

September 14th - Locate 4 Elusive Fauna Species[edit | edit source]

This client, a fellow Galactic Hub Interloper, has had difficulty locating a small number of species in the Gadureyr III system.

On two of the planets, a total of four fauna have evaded detection after dozens of hours of searching over the course of a week.

Homesteaders - Player Bases (Not Incl. Farming Missions)[edit | edit source]

November 13th - Help 7101334 Find His Dream Home[edit | edit source]

This client, Galactic Hub Lead Exozoologist 7101334, is interested in moving to the Cranberry Coast, HUB9-E2 Citrus, but only if a base which meets any of the following conditions can be located:

  • Underwater, but not so deep that the base couldn't be partially above water. (Ideal option)
  • On uneven terrain near the coast, with the base boundaries partially including the ocean.
  • Underwater at any depth. (Last resort)

Keep in mind that terrain modification doesn't show for other players, so terrain modification is not an option for this mission.

If you find such a base, mark it with a Communications Station, and just to be safe, a Beacon so you can relocate it.

UPDATE: Multiple players have spent extensive amounts of time searching the Cranberry Coast for the specified kind of base, with no success. As such, this mission will be updated to search for a base as described above, on any lush, cold, or desert/dry planet.

Science Corps[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The Galactic Hub Science Corps predates the Mission Board, and as such, their missions are a little different than other faction missions. See Galactic Hub Science Corps for more information.

September 24th - Time, Weather, and Stellar Research[edit | edit source]

Security Personnel[edit | edit source]

(Ongoing) - Portal Security Checkpoint[edit | edit source]

The client is the head Security Officer for the Galactic Hub. The contract is to establish secure checkpoints at any and all portal entrances within Hub space.

Instructions to complete contract.

  • Locate Portal within a Hub system
  • Place communications ball close to portal to ensure message will alert any Traveler using the portal
  • Upload message " Code:6ORB"
  • Record proof of completion (screenshot, portal address, coordinates with system name)

Once complete, notify Hub Staff.

April 12th - Fauna Threat[edit | edit source]

Reports of Large predators preying on interlopers and wary Travelers within Hub space has prompted the Security Office to open a contract on the elimination of fauna. Any predator with a height of at least 4M is to be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Instructions to complete contract.

  • Locate predator fauna with a minimum height of 4M
  • Take a screenshot while viewing through scanner so that readings are visible
  • Add fauna to the wiki
  • Exterminate predator
  • Take a second screenshot showing the creature has expired

Once complete, notify Hub Staff.

Starship Engineers - Starships / Freighters[edit | edit source]

September 7th (Ongoing) - Expand on Starship Catalog Entries[edit | edit source]

This client researches the specifications of the Hub's most aesthetically pleasing starships, and is contracting Interlopers to gather the information on his behalf.

  1. ) Top Speed (at Thrusters & Boost) - Top speed is reached in space, and is an "invisible stat" in that it is not directly connected with Maneuverability. Reference your ship's cockpit display screens to check current speed in u/s.
  2. ) Regular Stats (Damage/Shield/Hyperdrive/Maneuverability) at S-Class. These will vary slightly, but a sample is still useful information.
  • Create a new page for the Starship and include the information above, plus as much other information as you can.

Miscellaneous Missions - Everything Else[edit | edit source]

November 5th (Ongoing) - Add to the "Best of the Hub"[edit | edit source]

This client is a Galactic Hub Councilman who would like to see the documentation of the Hub's best content expanded even further.

Diplomatic Missions[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic Missions are missions outside of Galactic Hub space, submitted by representatives of civilizations which have established a Formal Alliance with the Galactic Hub.

These are considered high-priority missions, and will grant a minimum of 3 levels / ranks when completed. Interlopers who complete a Diplomatic Mission will also be granted the Diplomat Flair (☼) on the Galactic Hub subreddit.

April 16th - Embassy Construction - Galactic Consortium[edit | edit source]

The Client, The Galactic Consortium, is interested in having a Galactic Hub embassy built in their new location.

NOTE - All Galactic Hub Embassies are named in accordance with hosting civilization's naming standards.

Instructions to complete mission.

  • Contact Dispatch Officer /u/Spacetruckin16 requesting interest in taking the mission, from there you will receive the coordinates for the system that the embassy will be built in
  • Travel to specified system and construct the embassy
  • (Optional) Meet with representative of host civilization to construct monument
  • Screenshot your work and notify Hub Staff

Completed or Inactive Missions[edit | edit source]

See Galactic Hub Mission Board - Completed or Inactive

ISO (In Search Of) Requests[edit | edit source]

Include your Reddit username and a short summary of what you're looking for. If you don't have a Reddit username, you can include any other name and specify that it's not Reddit. You can optionally include more information, but it may not be necessary in most cases of simple requests.

7101334 - Looking for 24 slot, S-Class Alien Multitool[edit | edit source]

(Reply) this is confirmed. this video is 100% legit. Takes about an hour via Nomad but its worth it. i just cleared my inventory and died after i got the upgrade. that way i did not have to drive an hour back.

Albee12 - (PC) Looking for Confirmed Travelers on Stations[edit | edit source]