Galactic Hub Multitool Catalog (Atlas)

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of the Galactic Hub Multitool Catalog. For the NEXT version, see Galactic Hub Multitool Catalog.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page contains a list of Multi-tools available in the Galactic Hub.

Alien[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
CPU.jpg Casting of Piebrenjao-Upol S/16 1,770,000 units HUB6-1D Aaalen TheMightyF0x
The Ebbernsen-Nuhos v7.31.jpg The Ebbernsen-Nuhos v7.31 A/24 6,250,000 units HUB11-1A6 Ronluenji XIII
(To Locate: Visit this system's only moon, then reload your save. Then, visit an Anomaly or other Multitool box. Confirmed as of 1.35)
RapadanzMarkXI.jpg Rapadanz Mark XI A/24 6,250,00 units HUB1-$-208 Pythavia (pHome) DrunkenSlacker
Elevated Theory XVI.jpg Elevated Theory XVI A/16 2,285,000 units HUB1-!-1A1 White Pony TheMightyF0x
TheOfharybuv13.jpg The Ofharybu v1.3 A/10 1,730,000 units HUB11-43 Eytz DrunkenSlacker
Detail-theriliawshen-agth-g200.JPG The Riliawshen-Agth G200 B/15 HUB8-1D Queen of Marmor Ocramarco
Experiment GQ4-YX9.jpg Experiment GQ4/YX9 B/8 HUB1-49 Gunnhild 7101334
MercurialLoopVIII.jpg Mercurial Loop VIII C/18 3,300,000 units HUB11-71 Yudiw DrunkenSlacker

Experimental[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
The Obbeltol-Floc v1.17.jpg The Obbeltol-Floc v1.17 S/24 2,250,000 units HUB8-183 Reisek II (See multitool's page for coordinates) Devsw1
27knye1m6upz.jpg The Yaburskov-Iter C700 S/24 Eaters XI Devsw1
ExperimentJ3B30.jpg Experiment J3/B30 A/10 1,730,000 units HUB11-C2 Olusag DrunkenSlacker

Rifles & Pistols[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Type/Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
ElevatedInspirationVI.jpg Elevated Inspiration VI Pistol/A/10 775,000 units HUB11-C2 Olusag DrunkenSlacker
ComfortingPathXVII.jpg Comforting Path XVII Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units Shiva 110, HUB-!X-110 ButterZone Omega DrunkenSlacker
ArcofGeraikiXucau.jpg Arc of Geraiki-Xucau Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units HuB1-!-9F FungdunG DrunkenSlacker
HivlietjeRidonMarkII.jpg Hivlietje-Ridon Mark II Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units HuB1-!-9F FungdunG DrunkenSlacker
Yikusalalmarkxmt.jpeg Yikusalal Mark X Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:008B Pchan424
Experiment01980Q.jpeg Experiment 019/80Q Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:00B4 Pchan424
Obedientrmt.jpeg Obedient Rozamakut-Teter Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044D:0082:0D54:00F7 Pchan424
Singularoscowiczmt.jpeg Singular Oscowicz Pistol/S/10 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:005D Pchan424
Mtrifle.jpg Vonlivun-Timu Mark VII Rifle/S/24 Euclid : Ninasoness Mass : Dithike : Orwellis (24 Slot Multitool) : ATUB:044D:0082:0D56:0036 hollyvalero