Galactic Hub Multitool Catalog (Atlas)

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of the Galactic Hub Multi-tool Catalog. For the current version, see Galactic Hub Multi-tool Catalog.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This page contains a list of Multi-tools available in the Galactic Hub.

Alien[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
CPU.jpg Casting of Piebrenjao-Upol S/16 1,770,000 units HUB6-1D Aaalen TheMightyF0x
The Ebbernsen-Nuhos v7.31.jpg The Ebbernsen-Nuhos v7.31 A/24 6,250,000 units HUB11-1A6 Ronluenji XIII
(To Locate: Visit this system's only moon, then reload your save. Then, visit an Anomaly or other Multitool box. Confirmed as of 1.35)
RapadanzMarkXI.jpg Rapadanz Mark XI A/24 6,250,00 units HUB1-$-208 Pythavia (pHome) DrunkenSlacker
Elevated Theory XVI.jpg Elevated Theory XVI A/16 2,285,000 units HUB1-!-1A1 White Pony TheMightyF0x
TheOfharybuv13.jpg The Ofharybu v1.3 A/10 1,730,000 units HUB11-43 Eytz DrunkenSlacker
Detail-theriliawshen-agth-g200.JPG The Riliawshen-Agth G200 B/15 HUB8-1D Queen of Marmor Ocramarco
Experiment GQ4-YX9.jpg Experiment GQ4/YX9 B/8 HUB1-49 Gunnhild 7101334
MercurialLoopVIII.jpg Mercurial Loop VIII C/18 3,300,000 units HUB11-71 Yudiw DrunkenSlacker

Experimental[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
The Obbeltol-Floc v1.17.jpg The Obbeltol-Floc v1.17 S/24 2,250,000 units HUB8-183 Reisek II (See multitool's page for coordinates) Devsw1
27knye1m6upz.jpg The Yaburskov-Iter C700 S/24 Eaters XI Devsw1
ExperimentJ3B30.jpg Experiment J3/B30 A/10 1,730,000 units HUB11-C2 Olusag DrunkenSlacker

Rifles & Pistols[edit | edit source]

Multitool Name Type/Class/Slots Total
Location Discoverer
ElevatedInspirationVI.jpg Elevated Inspiration VI Pistol/A/10 775,000 units HUB11-C2 Olusag DrunkenSlacker
ComfortingPathXVII.jpg Comforting Path XVII Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units Shiva 110, HUB-!X-110 ButterZone Omega DrunkenSlacker
ArcofGeraikiXucau.jpg Arc of Geraiki-Xucau Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units HuB1-!-9F FungdunG DrunkenSlacker
HivlietjeRidonMarkII.jpg Hivlietje-Ridon Mark II Rifle/A/24 3,400,00 units HuB1-!-9F FungdunG DrunkenSlacker
Yikusalalmarkxmt.jpeg Yikusalal Mark X Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:008B Pchan424
Experiment01980Q.jpeg Experiment 019/80Q Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:00B4 Pchan424
Obedientrmt.jpeg Obedient Rozamakut-Teter Rifle/S/24 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044D:0082:0D54:00F7 Pchan424
Singularoscowiczmt.jpeg Singular Oscowicz Pistol/S/10 Eissentam EHub 24 Uujjara Void 044C:0081:0D56:005D Pchan424
Mtrifle.jpg Vonlivun-Timu Mark VII Rifle/S/24 Euclid : Ninasoness Mass : Dithike : Orwellis (24 Slot Multitool) : ATUB:044D:0082:0D56:0036 hollyvalero