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Galactic Hub Project Legacy Region

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The Galactic Hub Project Legacy Region is a super-region.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Project Legacy Region refers to the Rentocnii Conflux and 10 surrounding regions which were occupied by the Galactic Hub civilization prior to Update 1.30.

Although extensive documentation efforts are no longer underway in the Legacy Region, you can see the information documented on this region prior to 1.30 on the Galactic Hub Project (Pathfinder) page.

See the regular Galactic Hub page for information relating to the Hub's current operations in the Shungka Void and 10 surrounding regions.

NMS Archaeological Survey[edit | edit source]

Andrew Reinhard of Archaeogaming is conducting a post-Update 1.3 Xenoarcheology survey in the Legacy Region. He is conducting this study under the title "Legacy Hub Archaeological Project (L-HAP)", for his sub-group of Archaeogaming, the "NMS Archaeological Survey." This section serves as a directory to his articles, and a brief summary of each.

Legacy Heritage Archive[edit | edit source]

7101334, founder of the Galactic Hub, established the Legacy Heritage Archive program in the Galactic Hub. Inspired by the NMS Archaeological Survey and the Galactic Heritage Archive program, the Legacy Heritage Archive seeks to document, share, and protect bases constructed in the Legacy Hub prior to the Atlas Rises update. After the NEXT update, it will be expanded to include all Atlas Rises-era bases, provided they still exist.

Note that some Galactic Heritage Sites have also been identified in the Legacy Hub.

Like the Archaeological Survey, active research is still being conducted in this project.

Additional information[edit | edit source]