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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.

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Star League logo by AndyKrycek6.

The Galactic Hub Star League is a sports league.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Hub Star League is the competitive simulation sports organization sponsored by the Galactic Hub.

"Simulation Sports" is the umbrella category for any form of live-multiplayer or time-trial-based competitive event in No Man's Sky, such as mutually-agreed-upon player-versus-player (PVP) battles, exocraft racing, on-foot racing, starship battles, and many other possible events. Star League events are hosted in Normal mode on all platforms.

The Galactic Hub Star League is an External Department of the United Federation of Travelers - essentially sponsored by the Federation. (Related Federation Decision)

Roster & Scoreboard[edit | edit source]

Any player may register for the Star League on the Star League Roster. Players may compete without being registered on the roster, but will not be directly notified when events are announced.

The Star League Athlete Scoreboard tracks the progress of all players who have participated in official Star League events. All United Federation of Travelers-allied or Hubble-based civilizations may reserve their own section (team) for athletes.

The Star League is separated into multiple divisions, each with a focus on a specific sport or category of sports (see sections below for more details).

Rules[edit | edit source]

Rules depend primarily on the game mode in question. For example, in the Cadmium Division's multitool PVP battles, there are a variety of rule sets to choose from. There are only two related rules which apply to all game modes:

  • To discourage cheating and prevent the need for a live referee player in the lobby, players are required to record or stream all gameplay. Recording is recommended if possible, as some players have experienced technical difficulties while streaming.
  • If there are any restrictions on technology (ie, both players agree to uninstall all shield upgrades or only use base Photon Cannon), this must also be demonstrated at the beginning of the video.

Inability to follow these rules can lead to disqualification, judged on a case-by-case basis. These video replays are also used to promote the Star League, and (as each lobby is limited to 4 players) are the only way for spectators to view the events.

Replays & Other Media[edit | edit source]

General Star League Media

Cadmium Division

Emeril Division

Multitools: Cadmium Division[edit | edit source]

Multitool PVP[edit | edit source]

The Cadmium Division focuses primarily on Multitool Battles (on-foot PVP).

Multitool Battles are hosted at arena bases designed for PVP. These arenas may be found in Galactic Hub space or in the space of other Federation civilizations. The primary objective of a Multitool Battle is to kill your opponent without dying. Before participating in a multitool battle, you should always create a Manual Save so you can avoid dropping any items or otherwise receiving permanent damage.


Any rules may be overruled by battle modifiers (see list below).

  • On-foot icon visibility must be enabled.
  • With the exemption of any battle modifiers or other agreements between fighters, all exosuit/multitool modules and technology upgrades are allowed.
  • Plasma Launcher and Geology Cannon are not recommended for use - testing determined they are deadly to the user, but almost useless against other players.

Battle formats:

  • Deathmatch is a 1v1 competition. Last interloper standing is the winner.
  • Team Deathmatch is a 2v2 competition. Last interloper standing secures a victory for both players on their team.
  • Free-for-All is a 4-player competition. Last interloper standing is the winner.
  • Juggernaut is a 1v2 or 1v3 competition. The solo player is allowed to use their multitool's attachments, but the team of players must only use melee and Personal Shields. Last interloper standing secures a victory for all players on their team.

Battle modifiers allow for further variety in competitions. Any of the modifiers below may be applied to any of the battle formats above.

  • Bare Bones - Competitors uninstall all exosuit technology and all multitool technology except the basic weapon tech (or similar agreed-upon limitations).
  • High Damage - Competitors uninstall all exosuit shield technology (hazard protection may be left installed unless otherwise specified).
  • Off Radar - Competitors disable their on-foot icon visibility.
  • Hardcore - Competitors disable their on-foot icon visibility and have only a single life.
  • Extreme Hardcore - Competitors disable their on-foot icon visibility and lose upon taking any damage.
  • Sentinel (Drone/Quad/Walker) - A Sentinel of the corresponding type is lured into the arena before the match begins. Recommended mostly for aggressive Sentinel planets.


The following player bases have been specifically designed for player-versus-player combat, and approved for use in the Star League by their architects. All bases are in Normal Mode unless otherwise stated.

Multitool Shooting Galleries[edit | edit source]

Multitool Shooting Galleries are the secondary focus of the Cadmium Division. All shooting galleries adhere by the same two basic rules:

  • Your score must be reached within 30 seconds. You can either set a 30 second timer, or record a video and count your score from the best 30 seconds of your video.
  • You cannot hit the same target twice in a row. If you do, the second (and third, and fourth, etc) shots do not contribute to your score.

Shooting Galleries & Leaderboards

Add the weapon(s) used to achieve this score in parentheses next to your score.

Scores must include a video of the interloper achieving that score

Image Location Planet System Glyphs Coords Leaderboard
Nal's Glory Shooting Gallery Nopekav Prime 101CFA556C30 || || 7101334 - 40 (Blaze Javelin)

Starships: Indium Division[edit | edit source]

The Emeril Division encompasses all sports focused on exocraft. This includes exocraft races, exocraft combat, exocraft death races, and others.

Races & Death Races[edit | edit source]

Starship racetracks may be a series of player-placed checkpoints via Beacons, or simple Point-A-to-Point-B drag races.

In a drag race, "Point A" is vaguely defined (such as "somewhere on Planet X" or "deep in space"). Pilots then align themselves with other racers. "Point B" is strictly defined (such as "as soon as you exit your ship on the space station"). Due to this, drag races vary slightly in length, and are not suitable for Leaderboards.

In a checkpoint race, the starting point and the finish point are both strictly defined. Pilots must then fly reasonably close to a series of checkpoints (Beacons) placed by other players.

Any drag race or checkpoint race can also be used as a death race. For a death race, weapons won't be allowed until after your ship passes through a specific checkpoint, detailed under each racetrack below. Use of weapons before that checkpoint will disqualify the attacking pilot.

Image Location Planet System Glyphs Coords
HUB10-181 Space Station 2.jpg Abandoned Station of HUB10-181 N/A HUB10-181 Fretensis 1181FA556C30 || 042F:0079:0D55:0181
An abandoned space station acts as the finish line (Point B) for drag races. Recommended starting point (Point A) is deep space or planet Surface Tension. Weapons live either after exiting atmosphere, or after passing first planet.

Dogfights[edit | edit source]

Dogfights are combat between ships with no focus on races. While this may take place in a designated area (for example, "stay within the atmosphere, stay within these caves, stay within this fleet of freighters & frigates"), combatants will only be disqualified after significantly straying from these guidelines.

Image Location Planet System Glyphs Coords
Exogorth Cavern.png Exogorth Cavern Mylai HUB9-13D Shizz Show PEX 113DF9555C2F || +16.20, -135.56
A spacious cavern, ships are allowed to leave the cavern briefly but must not stray too far for too long or risk disqualification. A small base marks the cavern's location.
Masa 32-M6 Surface.png Siraan Mountains Masa 32/M6 HUB5-F9 Bungri 10F9F9557C31|| -9.38, +152.73
Poor visibility and mountainous terrain are the main challenges in this extreme desert. Reaching cloud height will result in a disqualification.
HUB10-181 Space Station 2.jpg Abandoned Station of HUB10-181 N/A HUB10-181 Fretensis 1181FA556C30 || 042F:0079:0D55:0181
An abandoned space station serves as the central point of this dogfight zone. There are no specific boundaries, but lone pilots who stray extremely far from other fighters (sustained periods of fleeing spanning a considerable distance) risk disqualification. If all or the majority of fighters leave the space station zone, it will not result in disqualification.

Exocraft: Emeril Division[edit | edit source]

The Emeril Division encompasses all sports focused on exocraft. Currently, exocraft racing is the sole sport recognized by the Emeril Division.

Races[edit | edit source]

Exocraft races are the sole sport falling under the Emeril Division. Races are judged by their length - short (2 minutes or less), medium (2-5 minutes), long (5-30 minutes), and extreme (30+ minutes).

Other: Tritium Division[edit | edit source]

The Tritium Division encompasses sports which don't fit into the other divisions, such as on-foot triathlons pachinko, and Vyskee-Ball competitions.

Image Location Planet System Glyphs Coords Leaderboard
Cosmic Pachinko 2 7101334 - 10
Galactic Hub Golfsite Alpha Imedesed V HUB8-156 Hunaba-Okka 1156F9556C2F || (+44.10, -158.19)
042E:0078:0D55:0156 ||
Vyskee-Ball 1.png Vyskee-Ball Alsto HUB5-11A Taylisa-Yuse 011AF9557C31 || (+14.88, -124.25)
0430:0078:0D56:011A ||