Galactic Republic of Eissentam

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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 November, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Galactic Republic of Eissentam
Galaxy Eissentam
Quadrant Gamma
Capital system Aurebesh
Coordinates 0540:0083:0E68:003B
Founded by Brickticks
Platform PC
Release Visions

The Galactic Republic of Eissentam is a Civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Republic of Eissentam, (or just The Eissentam Republic), is a Civilized Space community based out of Praxeum Spaceport in Aurebesh System.

The Republic, being a contained work-in-progress democracy, does not interfere with any pre-existing Galactic Organizations, Empires, Governments, HUBs, Clans, Confederacies,or any other civilized region of space.

Founder[edit | edit source]

This republic was founded by user Brickticks in October 2017.

Flagship[edit | edit source]

The flagshipof the republic is the personal Freighter of the founder, and is known as Vanguard-5 or The Vanguard.

It has a maximum Hyperdrive range, which, at a full tank of 5 Hyperbaric jumps, consists of 14,320 light-years.

Current Fleet Arrangements[edit | edit source]

  • Vanguard-5, Resurgent S-Class Capital Freighter, (Flagship).
    • Ships:
      • Silver Specter S28, Primary S-Type Fighter for Vanguard-5, (Brickticks's personal X-1 Stormfighter).
      • Souless Resistance, S-Type Giga-Class Hauler.
      • The Owl of Abstraction, S-Type Shuttle
      • S-Type N-63 Hypertreker Explorer
      • Breath of Infinity, S-Type S-1 P-Squidie Exotic.
      • C-Type Rasamama S36.
    • Armaments
      • 19 Standard 1,000 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turrets
      • 1 Heavy 1.250 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turret
    • Frigate Teams
      • Alpha Vanguard
        • Alpha-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Alpha-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Alpha-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Alpha-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Alpha-5 Vanguard (Support)
      • Beta Vanguard
        • Beta-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Beta-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Beta-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Beta-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Beta-5 Vanguard (Support)
      • Epsilon Vanguard
        • Epsilon-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Epsilon-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Epsilon-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Epsilon-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Epsilon-5 Vanguard (Support)
      • Gamma Vanguard
        • Gamma-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Gamma-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Gamma-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Gamma-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Gamma-5 Vanguard (Support)
      • Theta Vanguard
        • Theta-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Theta-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Theta-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Theta-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Theta-5 Vanguard (Support)
      • Omega Vanguard
        • Omega-1 Vanguard (Exploration)
        • Omega-2 Vanguard (Industrial)
        • Omega-3 Vanguard (Trader)
        • Omega-4 Vanguard (Combat)
        • Omega-5 Vanguard (Support)

  • Delta-3, Resurgent S-Class Capital Freighter, (Sedcondary Cruiser).
    • Ships:
      • 4 unknown starships.
      • Monomito S26, S-Class X-1 Stormfighter.
      • S-Class Exotic
    • Armaments:
      • 19 Standard 1,000 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turrets
      • 1 Heavy 1.250 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turret

  • Raxen-7, Resurgent S-Class Capital Freighter, (Heavy Destroyer)
    • Ships:
      • Scrappy's Iron IV, A-Class X-1 Stormfighter
      • 5 Unknown Starships.
    • Armaments
      • 19 Standard 1,000 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turrets
      • 1 Heavy 1.250 Gigaton Turbo Laser/Battery Beam Turret

Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Notable Systems[edit | edit source]

Navigating to and Living in the Republic[edit | edit source]

The Republic can be found at the following coordinates:


Census[edit | edit source]

  • Brickticks (Founder and current Supreme Commander until the formation of the GRE Constitution and Senate).

Starmap[edit | edit source]

Eissentam map01.png

The Quindecim Regulations[edit | edit source]

Freighters[edit | edit source]

Venator Class freighter
  • All Capital Freighters owned by Republic Citizens must be of either Venator-Class, Imperial-Class, or Resurgent-Class design.
  • Any Capital Freighters of Sentinel-Design within the Republic are allowed to pass through, but must be traded off before one can assume Citizenship within the Republic.
  • When battling for Capital Freighters, please note that only Venator-designed ones, (either Venator, Imperial, or Resurgent Class), may be accepted. Any Sentinel-design ones are to be shot down on sight, after, of course, you've dealt with all the Pirates.
  • We do NOT accept Galactic Empire of HOVA Warships within our territory, and any ships entering our territory that do not desire being shot down must be of non-Hovan relations. Otherwise, prepare to have your little scouting party crashed!
  • All Freighters serving in the Republic Navy must keep on them a minimum set amount of items as follows:
  • All Republic Navy Freighters must be of an A-Class or higher and possess a fully upgraded Hyperdrive.
  • All Republic Navy Freighters must also have at least 3 Fleet Command Rooms on board.

Frigates[edit | edit source]

  • All Frigates are permitted.
  • All Frigate Fleets serving in the Republic Navy must contain an equal number of all 5 Frigate Types.

Starships[edit | edit source]

  • All Starships are permitted.
  • Any Starships serving in the Republic Navy must keep the minimum following items on them:
  • For a Starship to be considered part of the Republic Navy, it must meet the following definition:
    • "Any Starship or Starships owned by the owner of the Freighter on which they are docked, in which case the Freighter must be part of the Republic Navy"
  • Republic Navy Starships must meet the following requirements before being considered for active duty:
    • A-Class or higher
    • Fully Upgraded Hyperdrive
    • Minimum of 2 A-Class Pulse Jet Upgrades, (those with an additional Photonix Core will be considered first).
    • Both Economy and Conflict Scanners
    • At least two weapons in addition to the Photon Cannon.
      • All three of the above must have at least 2 A-Class Upgrades.
    • At least 2 A-Class Deflector Shield upgrades.
    • Large Size Inventory, (yes, we will check your wings).

Personal relationships[edit | edit source]

  • All alien races are to be respected to the best of the player's abilities.
  • Be kind and respectful to all others.
  • We are equal to full extent, with nobody having any rights that somebody else doesn't have. This regulation applies to all species, regardless of skin color, gender, religion, or occupation.
  • We do not attack fellow Republic Citizens, regardless of their opinions.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • The possession of Surface-Living Intelligent Multiplying Endolith, or S.L.I.M.E., otherwise known as Living Slime, is a federal offense. As such, the only reason you should have purchased Living Slime from the Galactic Trade Market is if one plans to DESTROY it IMMEDIATELY!!! Any System where Living Slime is present should be reported IMMEDIATELY!!! Please bring sample as confirmation; NO MORE THAN 5 PIECES.
  • Share all Monoliths.
  • Base coordinates should be shared, unless one doesn't wish to have visitors.
  • We do allow pets on keyboards.
  • Share all cake.

Executive Orders[edit | edit source]

  • Executive Order 0001A: All Executive Orders listed here are to be followed without question. Likewise, they can only be enacted by a unanimous vote by the GRE Galactic Senate, or by the Office of Command. However, these orders can be overridden by the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic of Eissentam, and he himself has power to enforce any order without needing permission of the GRE Galactic Senate or the Office of Command. Note that the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic of Eissentam can only enact these orders if a State of Emergency is Declared, or there is an insufficient number of available GRE Senators to vote on an issue, at which point the Supreme Command of the Galactic Republic of Eissentam can opt to decide for them. However, he may not abuse this power intentionally. Note, Executive Orders issues by the Supreme Commander of the galactic Republic or Eissentam may only be overridden by the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic foEissentam. Rockatoa, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Republic of Eissentam Brickticks. Signed: --Brickticks (talk) 03:26, 17 January 2019 (UTC)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Galactic Republic of Eissentam is a known enemy of The Galactic Empire of HOVA, but the reasons for this are unknown.
  • The Galactic Republic of Eissentam is a major enemy of the so-called The Communist Constellations of U.S.S.R, due to obvious reasons. The GRE considers them the greatest threat to Galactic Peace since the Rouge Geken Galactic Empire of HOVA. However, due to the smaller population of the GRE, it currently wishes to remain undisturbed by both opposing parties as shall be the status of "leaving well enough alone". That being said, once again, the GRE's space claim is a sphere of 14,320 lightyears radius, centered on the Aurebesh System, and we shall not tolerate warships of either faction within that boundry line. So, please, leave us alone Hova and TCCUSSR, (please forgive me if I got that acronym wrong).
  • The Galactic Republic, despite its close proximity to Empire of the Rising Sun, does not share any known space with the aformentioned Empire.
  • The exact size of The Eissentma Republic is a 14,320 light-year shperical radius centered on Aurebesh System.
    • This means that a full trip from one side of The Eissentman Republic to the other, (in a straight line), will be 28,640 light-years, (the diameter of The Eissentam Republic).
    • This is also the range The Republic Flagship, Vangaurd-5, can travel before refueling, (assuming it starts in Aurebesh).
  • The Galactic Republic of Eissentam is currently on high alert as of the arrival of the Firegnomes to Eissentam, and has stated that action will be taken against any Firegnomes who should dare n threaten lives, equipment, business, or anything else within boundaries of the GRE. Furthermore, the GRE has expressed a willingness to open negotiations with Empire of the Rising Sun and Republic of Kairos for possible alliance against the threat of militant societies taking illegal actions against unarmed, undefended, or otherwise in need of assistance groups within Eissentam, or actions of militant groups against those who do not deserve it.