Galactic Voyager Initiative

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Galactic Voyager Initiative
Galactic Voyager Initiative
Platform PS4/PC/Xbox
Release Beyond

The Galactic Voyager Initiative is a community project.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Voyager Initiative is a community lead project designed to aid travellers who wish to visit specific areas of specific galaxies.

The following galaxies have representatives ready to assist (see member list below):

Background[edit | edit source]

Atlas Rises[edit | edit source]

The Atlas Rises era allowed players to migrate across huge distances by activated portals and claiming a vacant base site on the other side. Many players used this technique in order to migrate to civilised space areas such as the Galactic Hub Project and the AGT capital regions of Milland and Louyen (to name but a few destinations). This technique was also used by many players to reach a galaxy's centre quickly and progress through to the subsequent galaxy - and repeating this process allowed a player fast travel through numerous galaxies without having to spend time warping massive distances, as was the case before the Atlas Rises update.

NEXT[edit | edit source]

The NEXT update changed portal use and made it impossible to establish a permanent presence on a world visited via a portal without then travelling the entire distance to that location. At present, the only option other than warping the full distance is to seek out a player already in the desired location and join that player's game via the newly introduced multiplayer option.

Furthermore the NEXT update has corrected travel through a black hole so that it is no longer a random destination within the same galaxy. Instead, each black hole now delivers the player to a consistent, specific location (and still approximately 10,000 closer to the galaxy core than previously). The removal of this Black Hole Roulette exploit has further impacted a player's ability to travel quickly to a specific location.

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Voyager Initiative is a collective of No Man's Sky players located in 'areas of interest' within specific galaxies who can be contacted by travellers wishing to arrange fast access to that location by joining the host in a multiplayer game.

Listings are organised by platform, Game mode and galaxy, with notable locations also specified. If you wish to discuss travelling to a location listed below, please contact the respective player in their preferred manner.

Joining[edit | edit source]

If you have the ability to offer your fellow travellers assistance in reaching specific locations, please add your details below as appropriate.

Members[edit | edit source]

PSN/Steam/XGT Platform Game Mode Galaxy Location Preferred Contact
zazariins PS4 Normal Euclid AGT Yihelli Quadrant zazariins
zazariins PS4 Normal Euclid Galactic Hub zazariins
zazariins PS4 Normal Euclid NMSL/Core zazariins
zazariins PS4 Normal Hilbert Dimension AGT Louyen/Core zazariins
zazariins PS4 Normal Budullangr Galactic Hub Budullangr zazariins
zazariins PS4 Normal Doctinawyra Core zazariins
cbsson PC Normal Eissentam Galactic Hub Eissentam cbsson
cbsson PC Normal Eissentam ETF/Core cbsson
celab99 PC Normal Euclid Fiquencha/Agutissye Quadrant/AGT Nexus/Ubcanu celab99
EdVintage PS4 Normal Euclid Core EdVintage
intothedoor PS4 Normal Hilbert Dimension Core intothedoor
intothedoor PS4 Normal Calypso Core intothedoor
intothedoor PS4 Normal Hesperius Dimension Core intothedoor
intothedoor PS4 Normal Budullangr Core intothedoor
intothedoor PS4 Normal Eissentam Core intothedoor
intothedoor PS4 Normal Isdoraijung Core intothedoor
ardyalligan PC Normal Euclid Galactic Hub ardyalligan
ardyalligan PC Normal Hilbert Dimension Galactic Hub ardyalligan
Peacebomb PC Normal Euclid Core Peacebomb
Peacebomb PC Normal Eissentam Core/ETF Peacebomb
Peacebomb PC Normal #2 - #50 Core Peacebomb
Comander_Gan0n PS4 Normal Euclid
Galactic Hub/Core CommanderGan0n

Etiquette[edit | edit source]

  • All players offering multiplayer assistance in reaching destinations willingly take time out of their normal game in order to assist you. There may be delays in finalising a migration due to time differences, real life commitments, and other factors. Please be understanding and patient.
  • Unless agreed specifically beforehand, all relocation assistance is offered for no fee or reward other than the warm glow of having helped a fellow traveller.
  • If you are offering a lift to an area where you know naming conventions apply, it is your responsibility to ensure that the player understands and agrees to honour those naming conventions before taking steps to introduce them to the region in question.