Garementhyerny 1-NIWA

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Garementhyerny 1-NIWA
Garementhyerny 1-NIWA
Galaxy Euclid
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Star system CF8Afg6G-049 Hebelther
Biome Boiling
Weather Inferno Winds
Resources Occasional
Sentinels Minimal
Flora Full
Fauna Full
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Garementhyerny 1-NIWA is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Garementhyerny 1-NIWA is a small planet in the star system of CF8Afg6G-049 Hebelther on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 67 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

74.7 °C 1.6 Rad 17.4 Tox
64.5 °C 0.3 Rad 3.6 Tox
109.3 °C 0.8 Rad 18.6 Tox
5.39 °C 1.8 Rad 16.8 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Garementhyerny 1-NIWA features Vortex Cubes, Solanium, Aluminium and Iridium.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Garementhyerny 1-NIWA houses 11 species of fauna. A full zoology scan awards a 275,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Genus Rarity Temperament Diet Gender Weight Height
Foconferae Treutr CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa07 Non.jpg Anastomus Rare Amenable Herbivore None 291.42 kg 6.28 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa07 Ort.jpg Orthogonal 286.82 kg 6.08 m
Danosisii Treutr CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa01 Alp.jpg Felidae Rare Docile Absorbed nutrients Alpha 288.59 kg 5.95 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa01 N-U.jpg Non-uniform 297.70 kg 6.00 m
Edioceumeum Nayno CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa04 Exo.jpg Tetraceris Uncommon Shy Grazing creature Exotic 80.68 kg 1.73 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa04 Rad.jpg Radical 66.77 kg 1.65 m
Eumereumis Nayno CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa09 Fem.jpg Felidae Uncommon Anxious Herbivore Female 108.03 kg 1.67 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa09 Pri.jpg Prime 98.01 kg 1.49 m
Romiteusima Bagem CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa08 Pri.jpg Procavya Uncommon Stalking Meat-eater Prime 65.88 kg 1.60 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa08 Rat.jpg Rational 60.54 kg 1.60 m
Kurnagopeae Eoarg CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa03 Non.jpg Procavya Common Anxious Vegetation None 53.59 kg 1.08 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa03 Sym.jpg Symmetric 45.10 kg 0.98 m
Ipseudaea Eoarg CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa02 Non.jpg Felidae Uncommon Anxious Absorbed nutrients None 50.72 kg 0.89 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa02 Pri.jpg Prime 38.56 kg 0.85 m
Agkistiumera Eoarg CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa05 Alp.jpg Procavya Common Timid Vegetation Alpha 36.42 kg 0.64 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa05 Sym.jpg Symmetric 42.58 kg 0.82 m
Usioreumum Meiana CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa06 Rat.jpg Agnelis Uncommon Erratic Absorbed nutrients Rational 80.31 kg 1.34 m
Lomarumiae Meiana CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa11 Asy.jpg Agnelis Common Unintelligent Herbivore Asymptotic 71.23 kg 0.84 m
Ragustusosa Idmir CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa10 Ind.jpg Bos Uncommon Predator Carnivore Indeterminate 85.29 kg 0.97 m
CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fa10 Mal.jpg Male 77.15 kg 0.94 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 12 flora varieties exist on Garementhyerny 1-NIWA.

Name Image Age Root structure Nutrient source Notes Elements
Mysotumera Yurneum CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl02.jpg Ancient Many-Limbed Theft Vigorous Carbon
Ichoneum Leticima CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl03.jpg Mature Many-Limbed Infrared Radiation Ticklish Stamen Carbon
Stem plants
Udnosus Pulpoe CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl08.jpg Regenerating Linear Carbon Absorption Wailing Roots Carbon
Joneria Boducosa CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl05.jpg Moderate Substantial Heat Recycling Perennial Carbon
Noptivia Louteum CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl01.jpg Seasoned Simple Photosynthesis Suspicious Odour Carbon
Waereum Rejeantum CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl04.jpg Old Knotted Free Radicals Stinging Fruit Carbon
Carnivorous flora
Mekium Leverera CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl09.jpg Fully Grown Substantial Carbon Absorption Cloned Carbon
Marrow bulb
Ittornum Emeystium CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl11.jpg Youthful Balanced Ultraviolet Radiation Sentient Fruit Marrow Bulb
Tetrum Ifroe CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl12.jpg Immature Extensive Underground Bubbles Bi-Seasonal Marrow Bulb
Resource flowers
Ialerae Esweekum CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl10.jpg Immature Linear Soil Bacteria Meaty Roots Thamium9
Siarus Kaseia CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl06.jpg Sproutling Symbiotic Thermal Capture Tiny Hairs Zinc
Yectaedis Rufossum CF8Afg6G-049-1-Fl07.jpg Dying Circular External Maintenance Inconsistent Blossom Platinum

Minerals[edit | edit source]

There are 15 known mineral formations on Garementhyerny 1-NIWA.

Name Image Metal content Formation process Notes Elements
Above ground
Eskopite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi04.jpg 74 % Explosive Magma Complex Crystals Detritum
Kohmangite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi08.jpg 47 % Plant Deposits Recently Formed Detritum
Gichamite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi07.jpg 41 % Gas Humidity Vacuum Core Detritum
Creedite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi09.jpg 53 % Atmospheric Metal Hydrophobic Iron
Coloseite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi06.jpg 57 % Lithification Proto Cellular Structure Iron
Valloite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi05.jpg 48 % Lithification Strong Odour Iron
Essenite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi15.jpg 45 % Meteorite Impact Eroded Iron
Nokdichtime CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi03.jpg 63 % Gravitational Silicate Iron
Caoxinewite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi02.jpg 66 % Ancient Tidal Erosion Recently Formed Iron
Gomeyeite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi01.jpg 74 % Petrification Quantum Instability Iron
Kumtyite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi14.jpg 55 % Comet Fragment Audiophoic Iron
Zumenegite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi13.jpg 62 % High-Pressure Strong Odour Detritum
Kospherite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi10.jpg 64 % Atmospheric Metal Faintly Luminous Iron
Eroborite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi12.jpg 44 % Pyroclastic Inedible Iron
Puhyuseite CF8Afg6G-049-1-Mi11.jpg 58 % Localised Black Hole Gravitational Bonds Iron

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