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The subject of this article is from the initial release.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 25 November, 2016.


Observatory PuzzlesEdit

Observatories will always have the same flavor text and puzzle together, and are generally solved by following the pattern of rotation:

The solution for the Gek Observatory puzzle 2 is obtained as follows:

9183 - 1839 - 8391 - ****

Since 9183 becomes 1839, you should take the left-most digit and place it to the right, so 1839 becomes 8391.

This is called a rotation to the left.

Puzzle 1Edit

Flavor Text:

The lifeform that works, or worked, in this installation left its equipment scanning the skies for interesting new systems and spacial phenomena. In its absence, it struck gold. A beacon has been received, and a transmission sequence awaits response.

Puzzle: 1212 - 2121 - 1212 - ****

  1. 2121
  2. 1212
  3. 2112

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

I discover a location within the distant stars.

and incorrect:

There is no response. Machines remain dormant, the skies remain silent.

Puzzle 2Edit

Flavor Text:

The observatory hums gently as it scans the sky. The trader that manned it was clearly looking for something in the cosmos. And it seems the observatory may have found it.

If I can decipher this beacon's code, I may be able to pinpoint its origin.

Puzzle: 9183 - 1839 - 8391 - ****

  1. 3918
  2. 3819
  3. 8931

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

I crack the code and find the location within the depths of space.

and incorrect:

I cannot decipher the code. The location remains a mystery to me.

Puzzle 3Edit

Flavor Text:

A beacon sent from light years away flickers tantalisingly on the monitor, awaiting a response.

But what response do I give?

Puzzle: 9780 - 7809 - 8097 - ****

  1. 0978
  2. 8079
  3. 7908

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

My instincts were correct and my efforts are amply rewarded.

and incorrect:

My choice is greeted by silence.

Puzzle 4Edit

Flavor Text:

The observatory has long been abandoned by its overseer. Thick layers of dust betray years of neglect. But the systems remain online, ever vigilant as they scan the sky.

A beacon received from a distant alien world flashes on the monitor. All I need to discover its location is enter the correct response.

Puzzle: 2109 - 1092 - 0921 - ****

  1. 9210
  2. 2109
  3. 0129

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

Success! The new location is revealed to me.

and incorrect:

I enter the code and wait, but no new location is revealed to me.

Puzzle 5Edit

Flavor Text:

Details of past cargo dealings are found on the terminal. The trader who once manned this place must have also used it as a storage room. The trader was also scanning for something in the cosmos. But what? A blinking beacon on the monitor could hold the answer, but first I must send the correct response.

Puzzle: 3941 - 9413 - 4139 - ****

  1. 1394
  2. 3149
  3. 9134

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

The answer to my question is revealed...

and incorrect:

No answer arrives. The code I entered must have been incorrect.

Puzzle 6Edit

Flavor Text:

The trader that once manned this station seems to have been more concerned with commerce than the discovery of new worlds, leaving the observatory to scan the stars in its absence. A beacon, received years ago, flickers with unceasing persistence on the screen, awaiting the correct response to reveal its origin. Now I must attempt to decipher it.

Puzzle: 4865 - 8654 - 6548 - ****

  1. 5486
  2. 5846
  3. 5648

Entering the correct code will yield the text:

I discover a new location in the depths of space.

and incorrect:

I send my reply but there is no response. The code I entered was not correct.