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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

GenBra: Galactic Travels
GenBra: Galactic Travels
Headquarters On the Move
Founded by intothedoor
Type Non-Profit
Specialisation Exploration
Services Exploration, Documentation
Platform PS4
Release Synthesis

Disambig.png This article is about the Beyond version of GenBra: Galactic Travels. For the Visions version, see GenBra: Galactic Travels (Visions).

GenBra: Galactic Travels is a company branch.

SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

GenBra: Galactic Travels is a Company Branch dedicated to traveling thru the galaxies of No Man's Sky.

This page provides historical documentation of places explored by GenBra Space Corp.

MISSIONS: BEYOND[edit | edit source]

M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13 gained in Euclid 7-18-2019
  • On a Mission to never settle, to explore the great unknown and to do it in style.
  • Monitor Reddit Page: NMS_OtherGalaxies
  • Monitor Reddit page: NMS_Budullangr
  • Travelling thru as many Galaxies as possible
  • Galactic Core Imagery
  • Base building and experimentation
  • Maintain Terminus Connections in multiple galaxies using one linear game play thru (game-save)


  • This will attempt to catalogue the discoveries found on this mission of 255 Galaxies.
  • Mission Began 12-3-2018 on version 1.76 of the game

BRANCH HISTORY[edit | edit source]

See: The Story of GenBra Space Corp for the origin story

INTER-GALACTIC TRAVEL LOG[edit | edit source]

#1-10[edit | edit source]

Core Image Galaxy Name Base Connections Star Systems Notes
No Man's Sky 20190223051056.png Euclid Pirate Paradise, HUB1-151 Hoder, Pidstain Free Delta Initiative/EPIC Pirates, Galactic Hub Project
M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13 - (24) Purple crystals, Backup Ryung Atomiser (PS4) - (24) Red Crystal with colour changing tubes, Unusual Oozyo Probe - (24) Black Crystal MT
No Man's Sky 20190118020359.png Hilbert Dimension Lumsleyb, Ivplander VII - GenBra Experimental Branch -
No Man's Sky 20190307023105.png Calypso Mollaywo, Litvall-Baat XVI - GenBra Experimental Branch -
A Class 38/12 Fighter The Prophecy of Madness
No Man's Sky 20190308013954.png Hesperius Dimension Baerono, Atzesi-Riffa - GenBra Experimental Branch -
Hyades EDITED IMG 1186.jpg Hyades Dubbell, Bolgoday I - GenBra Experimental Branch -
No Man's Sky 20190324141735.png Ickjamatew Viyysin, Tahiro XI - GenBra Experimental Branch -
Galactic High-five to player DG_Squared and Cafe 42 for getting me to the cores of galaxies #3, #5 and #6.
No Man's Sky 20190119011346.png Budullangr HUB1-0AC Fostoka BHUB, NHO, Bud Trail,
Sleep of Hadoimadi-XII Experimental MT by AstromonsX, The Hand Of Certainty - (24) Green Horned MT, Imperfect Waveform Elevator - Blue Experimental MT, Amerika's Second Star-Sailor S class 31/4 Hauler
No Man's Sky 20190502011449.png Kikolgallr Lategun X, Diehbog, Last AGT Restaurant It was great finding an old AGT Gateway system
Main Page: Alliance of Galactic Travellers, AGT Galactic Archives
No Man's Sky 20190502020005.png Eltiensleen Teyrarl-Usono, Saokais-Raga Astromons flew thru the whole galaxy in about 3 hours, I joined his game when he was at the Core.
The Hand of Ether Squid discovered by Astromons.
No Man's Sky 20190502023052.png Eissentam #10 Vefilmi-Kesp, Bagerd-Ubinz VE6 Oetsuk (38/12) S Class Explorer
Unprotected Dorornoe Driver (24) S Class Alien MT

#11-20[edit | edit source]

Core Image Galaxy Name Base Connections Star Systems Notes
No Man's Sky 20190112013708.png Elkupalos Blikal, Ehamei Improvised Isotope Capacitor (24) S Class Experimental Rifle
No Man's Sky 20190115033727.png Aptarkaba Pleygin-Sit, Sprone
No Man's Sky 20190119034101.png Ontiniangp Hikina-Sesta, Astromons System
No Man's Sky 20190123035908.png Odiwagiri Neuttelo, Eaponterd XIII Three S Class pistols and one S Class Rifle (24) found in Eaponterd XIII.
No Man's Sky 20190129002705.png Ogtialabi Dahurch, Astromons System Astromon found a nice Experimental Rifle (24) at the Core!
No Man's Sky 20190131031211.png Muhacksonto Suwonj-Nema, Dogatoma, Skerbu It's raining Alien Rifles
*A Class (24) by Astromons
*B Class (21) by Astromons
*B Class (20)
No Man's Sky 20190202015010.png Hitonskyer Akkano, Astromons System The Aegis of Madness (Oakeha-Renh VII) S Class Fighter 38/12 by Astromons
No Man's Sky 20190206033836.png Rerasmutul Tulumb, Hikhot-Riwo (PS4), Uoyanko XIII, Lasher-Goye Home galaxy of the Eyfert Khannate
Port: 118B30D459A4
Idorioka's Future BR1 Red Glow Hauler S 48/8
No Man's Sky 20190213031258.png Isdoraijung Orolfs XVIII, Xigazho-Beoka IV (Elysium Shrine) Searching for the lost civilization of Elysium
Elysium (Civilization), systems: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
No Man's Sky 20190222013100.png Doctinawyra #20 Relinax, Kimmel X, Shyuepin XII The Hand of Fire KC0/X (24) S class Experimental Rifle
Searching out an AGT Outpost at the Core; discovered numerous AGT named systems spread throughout many regions.

#21-30[edit | edit source]

Core Image Galaxy Name Base Connections Star Systems Notes
No Man's Sky 20190227004558.png Loychazinq Mephiltoni VIII, Ussaisn
No Man's Sky 20190305050047.png Zukasizawa Uzukarid, Ihsyaoc
No Man's Sky 20190311025635.png Ekwathore Pattien-Gash, Daybor, Ipunkt
No Man's Sky 20190315131443.png Yeberhahne Kameguro XVII, Iovisni-Gam - Astrobase 24-AlienMT station, Dearki-Café Exit 42/24 First post-Euclid Cafe 42 system discovered.
No Man's Sky 20190316031105.png Twerbetek Hunakaha, Esusis Astromons discovers a Red S Class Experimental (24)
I found an S class cabinet with normal-style rifles and Pistols
No Man's Sky 20190319020901.png Sivarates Toxetebo, Eshiwan-Efor VIII (Peace Out 3-19-2019)
No Man's Sky 20190325031142.png Eajerandal Laqvisni IV, Akahasuya - Astrobase 27
No Man's Sky 20190325050315.png Aldukesci Tutioa-Sideo, Sanovny-Yaw II - Astrobase 28, Urmans-Café Exit 42/28 Next Cafe 42 footprint to be found at a gateway system.
No Man's Sky 20190330024024.png Wotyarogii Sipiaws-Bam IV, Adstone-Ushon VIII - Astrobase 29
No Man's Sky 20190403192032.png Sudzerbal #30 Balbiany, Thlasvega-Café Exit 42-30 Explore the civilization Republica Galactica (assumed a travelling group currently in the 41st)

#31-40[edit | edit source]

Core Image Galaxy Name Base Connections Star Systems Notes
No Man's Sky 20190403194623.png Maupenzhay Aechen-Risog, Hey,Ho, Let's Go! -42/31 Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403200754.png Sugueziume Napolis IV, 10 To Go -32 Exit- NMS Cafe Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
Astromons found an S Class Alien Multi-tool REDDIT POST.
No Man's Sky 20190403202613.png Brogoweldian Wallni-Vea, 33 Calamari on the wall.. 42/33 Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
Red Squid Kinamish's Shimmering Auditor documented in the Calamari System.
No Man's Sky 20190403204654.png Ehbogdenbu Ieshah, Brefaddur II Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403211139.png Ijsenufryos Aichih, Arched XIX Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403213342.png Nipikulha Eywool-Uzak VII, Druzay-Café Exit 42\36 Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403215942.png Autsurabin Poytamist XVII, Far Cry 42 - Exit 37 - NMS Cafe Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403222022.png Lusontrygiamh Aoguanqa XIV, Don't be late -Exit 38- NMS Cafe Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190403234456.png Rewmanawa Noznava, Exit 39 Cafe 42 Hitch Hike
No Man's Sky 20190501011409.png Ethiophodhe #40 Areyame-Deygey, Awleyt XIII - Exit 40

#41 and Beyond[edit | edit source]

Core Image Galaxy Name Base Connections Star Systems Notes
No Man's Sky 20190501234750.png Urastrykle Yuryev-Ayl, Totunbur - Astrobase 41, Ifallec Ifallec is a Black Hole system
No Man's Sky 20190528024005.png Xobeurindj #42 Unyakh-Joets XVIII, Angels - Exit 42 Cafe 42 Galaxy - Grand meet-up in the Cafe!
pict Oniijialdu
pict Wucetosucc
No Man's Sky 20190619021039.png Iousongola #255 Exit-255 System; Sanctuary Planet Official PS4 Brand New Game-Save (6-19-2019) started in the 255th galaxy. System discovery and landing prep by AstromonsX.
Note: as of Synthesis the current save (Legacy Galactic Traveller, my linear-for-life game) also has a foothold in this galaxy.
No Man's Sky 20200121034206.png Odyalutai #256 Yehustinra Sector Exit 256 - GenBra Secret Core
base: GenBra Odyalutai Core Resort by AstromonsX
Not an official Galaxy

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Travel Gear[edit | edit source]

For reference: some of intothedoor's travel gear: