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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

GenBra Space Corp
GenBra Space Corp
Headquarters Moblie HQ
Founded by intothedoor
Type Non-Profit
Branches GenBra: Galactic Travels
Specialisation Scientific Exploration and Documentation
Services Galactic Information
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Release Synthesis

Disambig.png This article is about the Beyond version of GenBra. For the Visions version, see GenBra Space Corp (Visions).

GenBra Space Corp is an Exploration Entity in No Man's Sky.

SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

GenBra Space Corp is a Self-Envisioned Corporate Exploration Entity in the No Man's Sky universe.

All systems and research is open to all Travellers.

PARTNERSHIPS[edit | edit source]

EMPLOYEES[edit | edit source]

Current Official Flag of GenBra Space Corp
F-15 / B-15

These are official GenBra Employees

Member name Title Platform Reddit Contact
No Man's Sky 20180925040239.png intothedoor CEO PS4 intothedoor
ASTROCARD ap 659420.JPEG AstromonsX CEA PS4 Astromons
Pizza Birth IMG 1919.jpg PizzaCraft100 Intern PS4 no contact available

COMPANY BRANCHES[edit | edit source]

A BRIEF HISTORY OF GENBRA[edit | edit source]

The Story of GenBra Space Corp

Events Timeline[edit | edit source]

The timeline below was refreshed at the beginning of Beyond, older timeline history found Here

8-14-2019 Beyond drops and GenBra goes into a state of wait as the bugs are ironed out. Wiki pages are all moved to GenBra Space Corp (Visions). This historical record is refreshed, stopped on the Visions page and restarted on the new Beyond page. All recorded events before 8-14-2019 are accounted for on the old Visions page.
8-18-2019 New pages are transferred and created
8-25-2019 Two Multi-tools are rediscovered - I added the new info to the old pages: Trace of Itvaler-III & M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13
8-25-2019 New GenBra Space Corp. logos are released to the public. Beautifully designed by AstromonsX.
8-27-2019 Galactic Explorer Branch has returned to Budullangr through The Nexus. Complete Company reconfigure is in the planning stages. All Branches may be condensed, some retired, a New Astro Branch may be announced.
10-11-2019 New player PizzaCraft100 is brought in as GenBra Space Corp's inter. Connection points will be documented.
10-13-2019 Branch consolidation - Considering the game now has the ability to travel thru and return to multiple galaxies... it now plays as I was. Time to effort consolidating my connections (Station Terminus, Inter-Galactic Terminus and base connections) to a single game-save. This will be the Galactic-Traveller, the legacy save which was began the first day of Atlas Rises, it also has the most game play hours and multi galaxy connections. Other game-saves will be used for jumping points if needed. I will note the equipment (MT, Ships and tech), with the Euclid Pirate Save, is exceptional and may be tapped in the future.
10-15-2019 Base Notes: GenBra Base Notes 01
10-20-2029 Looking thru the wiki I came across theGrabra Quadrant. Interesting name?! I hope to explore it one day.
10-27-2019 Budullangr PS4 player Pansilva found an A class Alien Rifle: Ohmic Neutron Harmonizer. Eventually, later that night him and AstromonsX found the S!
10-28-2019 Journal entry: ugh!!! wake up in the star system Luforolfu... like how did I get here? This happens all too often now in Beyond. It's my own damn fault, but the game definitely changed. Don't know where it is or what galaxy or what place... or wait; yep 3265LY from the Core... geez of course the core, at least that's somewhere! ok let's focus on where we are? warp...plenty of fuel, too much at times... those were the days... I got a whole hauler full. Here we go, Budullangr; it seems like I am home. The damn core color makes sense now; I know so many more colors... beautiful combinations that bring all sorts of feels. Anyway, I have been away for so long I wasn't sure of the Green.
10-28-2019 On the hunt in Budullangr to document Pansilva's new found Alien Rifle ORIGINAL POST - S class Ohmic Neutron Harmonizer
12-19-2019 Preparation for Unification Day 2019. PizzaCraft100 leapfrogs intothedoor into GHUB systems HUB1-151 Hoder and HUB1-152 Bragi. The HUB1-151 Hoder system was originally discovered in the first days of NEXT and has retained its day 1 GenBra Cave Base and Portal location, along with general system information (note: this system should go thru refreshed documentation).
12-20-2019 Mission to contact Unification Day 2019 (PS4), research Unification Day 2019 (PC) for greater information. Public event trailer was released 12-19-2019 HERE on OtherGalaxies - Event currated by WAAM86 Empire of Jatriwil Ambassador
coords: 042F:0077:0D4B:0096
Portal glyphs: 0096F854CC30
(system originally found on PC byg5457s and voted on by The United Federation of Traveller HERE
Original system detail post HERE
Detailed Hubble Zone location by Acolatio
Hubble Zone Synthesis Map.png
12-28-2019 Happy Unification Day everyone!
1-8-2020 Goal of 10 Billion in Stasis Devices and near 100,000 in nanites have been transferred to Pizzacraft100 for deep storage (Possible Federation treasury fund donation). Original Fund brought out from NEXT era 'game-save' investments, (see game save notes 8-14-2019).
1-10-2020 investment fund: Stasis were much easier to store; current fund is approx 36 Billion (6 storage containers full at 400 SD per storage unit). Nanites are a little more hard to determine, sale prices seem to be variable, current nanite fund is 3 storage containers full at 20 S Class tech per storage unit (approximating over 20,000 nanites well under initial hopes). Complete fund is currently stored with PizzaCraft100, 1-16-2020 Fund has been doubled.
1-10-2020 FavMas IMG 2098.jpg
Rediscovered Favorite Master BU9 - one of the best and easiest ships to acquire... found another S Class!
1-17-2020 AstromonsX found a path to Galaxy 256 Odyalutai. He brought me in and I established a basic GenBra Hut with Portal. Exploration TBD
Siddnessmy introduction to this new out of bounds galaxy
1-21-2020 Began GenBra Notes 2020 ... to expire within one year.
1-21-2020 Initial exploration on Galaxy 256 began. Astro has created an awesome underwater exploration/documentation research center disguised as a cozy diving resort. Wiki page in progress system: GenBra 256 - Odyalutai Core Resort, region: Yehustinra Sector, base: GenBra Odyalutai Core Resort -all by AstromonsX
No Man's Sky 20200121015757.png

ADVENTURE GALLERY[edit | edit source]

Official Bases[edit | edit source]

GenBra Media & Insignia[edit | edit source]

The First 42 Galactic Cores

Logos created by AstromonsX

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

Proud member
United Federation of Travelers
  • First officially recognized company of the UFT February 2019.

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