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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

GenBra Space Corp
ATLAS Version
GenBra Space Corp ATLAS Version
Headquarters see branches
Founded by intothedoor
Type Non-Profit
Branches (1) GenBra: Budullangr
(2) GenBra: EPIC Euclid
(3) GenBra: Galactic Travels
(4) GenBra: Permadeath
Specialisation Scientific Exploration and Documentation
Services Galactic Information
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Updated Atlas Rises

There are multiple game-release versions of the GenBra Space Corp company page.

GenBra Space Corp is an Exploration Entity in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

GenBra Space Corp is a Self-Envisioned Corporate Exploration Entity in the No Man's Sky universe.

All systems and research are open to all Travellers. The corporation is the BHub Representative and a Euclid Corporate Pirate.

ATLAS YEARS[edit | edit source]

This is the complete page as it was at the end of Atlas. All Discoveries are Atlas versions of the game.

MISSIONS[edit | edit source]

The Start of our Portal work in Budullangr

Space Exploration began in April 2017. Exploring the Budullangr and Euclid Galaxies. Currently playing Creative, Normal, and Permadeath Modes.

Euclid Missions[edit | edit source]

Overview and backroom notes: GenBra Euclid Notes

Budullangr Missions[edit | edit source]

Partnerships and Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

GENBRA BUDULLANGR[edit | edit source]

Budullangr Headquarters[edit | edit source]

GenBra Budullangr Headquarters is located in the HUB1-70 NHO Embassy Living Glass System.

044C:0082:0D55:0070 PS4


Bases Built in Budullangr[edit | edit source]


  • All of these System are in the New Hub Order Core area.

GenBra Budullangr Systems: A - H[edit | edit source]

A- H
System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20171226234423.png NHO-GenBra Agits Yellow 1 Planet, Hot
Distance from Valhalla: 284 ly.
The Core: 3287 ly
Notes: In the neighboring Iyyama Band Region, Positron Ejector Coolant Theta, Proton Cannon Damage Theta, Cyclotron Ballista Damage Theta, Freighter Warp Reactor Sigma
High rate of buildings and debris, lots of nanites
No Man's Sky 20171227014140.png NHO-GenBra Areya One Red 1 Moon, Fungal (Extreme Weather)
4 Planets, Dead, Dead, Cactus, Dead
Distance from Valhalla: n/a.
The Core: 3647 ly
Notes: Scatter Blaster tech available, Gravitino Balls found on planet Togo, Albumen Pearls found on planet Guyo, Guyo also has a Manufacturing Center marked.
No Man's Sky 20180106022204.png NHO-GenBra Auranke Yellow 2 Planets, Dead & Hot
Distance from Valhalla: .
The Core: 3584ly
Notes: Vy'keen Effigy sold at Space station. Marked Crashed B-Class Flighter. Located in the Lucovii Nebula Region.
No Man's Sky 20171220015149.png NHO-GenBra Boria IX Yellow 1 Planet, Hot
Distance from Valhalla: 67 ly.
The Core: 3365 ly
Notes: Portal Marked on this Planet, Economy Scanner, Freighter Warp Reactor Sigma
No Man's Sky 20180103021532.png NHO-GenBra Gerogen Blue 1 Planet, LUSH (Red Ocean, Butterflies, Sea Kelp)
Distance from Valhalla: 128 ly.
The Core: 3274 ly
Notes: Butterflies are amazing on this planet, Rocket Launcher, Pulse Jet Tau
No Man's Sky 20180102023048.png NHO-GenBra Hayama Yellow 6 Planets, Hot, Frozen, Dead Anomaly (floating Pillars), Cactus, Fungal(maybe water), Gamma
Distance from Valhalla: 192 ly.
The Core: 3226 ly
Notes: Toxin Suppressor Theta
No Man's Sky 20171229011907.png NHO-GenBra Hihiri Yellow 4 Planets, Frost, Hot, LUSH, Abandoned
Distance from Valhalla: 250 ly.
The Core: 3183 ly
Notes: Traveller marked at Trade Platform on planet Kiry. Sac Venom sold at Station, Freighter Warp Reactor Theta
No Man's Sky 20180105140848.png Hub Harvest Central Yellow 3 Planets, Dead, Frozen, Fungal
Distance from Valhalla: 131 ly.
The Core: 3380 ly
Notes: Hub Port 3 New Hub Order Alternative Ports Bring an Exocraft!, Thermic Layer Theta, Thermic Layer Tau.

GenBra Budullangr Systems: I - M[edit | edit source]

I - M
System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20171228215817.png NHO-GenBra Ike Yellow 2 Planets, Frozen (Valley and Cave Networks), Fungual (blood Ocean)
Distance from Valhalla: 204 ly.
The Core: 3223 ly
Notes: Jetpack Booster Theta, Health Module Tau and Sigma, ShieldBoost Tau
No Man's Sky 20171228205435.png NHO-GenBra Imuraz Yellow 1 Planet, Airless
Distance from Valhalla: 174 ly.
The Core: 3246 ly
Notes: Good System for Aluminum, Copper, Marrow Blub, Plasma Launcher, Pulse Spitter, Blaze Javelin
No Man's Sky 20180109023901.png NHO-GenBra InoPape Yellow 3 Planets, Dead, LUSH (Extreme Weather), Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 240 ly.
The Core: 3222 ly
Notes: Manufacturing Center marked on the Frozen planet, Traveller at Space Station, Grenade Intensity Tau
No Man's Sky 20171228193917.png NHO-GenBra Jona Yellow 1 Moon, Life-Incompatible
3 Planets, Gamma, Fungal (water), Hot
Distance from Valhalla: 151 ly.
The Core: 3265 ly
Notes: All gases available in systems, Atlas Stones sold at trade platform on planet Papira, Grenade Intensity Theta, Rangeboost Tau, C-Class Experimental Weapon Found
No Man's Sky 20180111011239.png NHO-GenBra Kockik Yellow 1 Moon, Airless Moon
5 Planets, Hot, Dead, Fungal, Gamma, Fungal
Distance from Valhalla: 119 ly.
The Core: 3487 ly
Notes: Pulse Spitter Accuracy Theta, Grenade Damage Radius +1
No Man's Sky 20171220041103.png NHO-GenBra LobaBar Yellow 3 Planets, Hot, LUSH (Extreme Sentinels), Dead
Distance from Valhalla: 96 ly.
The Core: 3379 ly
Notes: Fauna Analyzer Theta, Manufacturing Center marked on planet Ultrop
No Man's Sky 20180103001950.png NHO-GenBra MARC (Brutal Red Cloud) Yellow 1 Moon, Hot
5 Planets, Gamma, LUSH, Frozen, Fungus, Devoid
Distance from Valhalla: n/a.
The Core: 3458 ly
Notes: This is the Saddest System, and it tries to tell the Sad Story of Marc. It is Dark and Red and Brutal, devoid. Even the multi tool was a pink 5 slot pistol, sad. Grenade Damage Radius, All gases available in system.
No Man's Sky 20180102211145.png NHO-GenBra Maba Yellow 2 Planets, LUSH(copper), Gamma (Nickel)
Distance from Valhalla: 136 ly.
The Core: 3262 ly
Notes: Jetpack Booster Theta and Tau
No Man's Sky 20180103040329.png NHO-GenBra Masa Yellow 2 Moons, LUSH, Cactus
4 Planets, Hot, Fungal, Fungal, Exotic Hexy Glass
Distance from Valhalla: 164 ly.
The Core: 3280 ly
Notes: Current GenBra Headquarters, 3 planets with 100% Zoology, GekNip sold at Station, Homing Grenade, Scatter Blaster Accuracy Theta and Beam Focus Theta tech available. Traveller marked on Planet Okkanzaifur
No Man's Sky 20180110005106.png NHO-GenBra Megu Yellow 1 planet, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 66 ly.
The Core: 3376 ly
Notes: Planet has 100% Zoology Discovered; also many Tau Exosuit upgrades.

GenBra Budullangr Systems: N[edit | edit source]

System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180104024347.png NHO-GenBra New Chitak Blue 1 Moon Fungal
5 Planets, Gamma, Dead, Hot, Lush(Forest), Lush(Water)
Distance from Valhalla: 147 ly.
The Core: 3302 ly
Notes: This system was once a GenBra Headquarters, great place. All gases available in system, Neutrino Modules and Vy'keen Daggers sold at Space Station. Travelers grave marked on planet Mestnoma, Vortex Cubes found on planet DoJang, same planet has a outpost marked that sells Murrine. Manufacturing Center marked on planet Yabeo, a Portal is marked on planet Wanton. Reload Accelerant Theta Boltcaster tech.
No Man's Sky 20180109235236.png NHO-GenBra New Iomich Yellow 2 planets, Cactus, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 60 ly.
The Core: 3377 ly
Notes: Albumen Pearls located on planet Hukwit, Infra-Knife Accelerator tech
No Man's Sky 20171228170221.png NHO-GenBra New Ogater Yellow 2 Moons, Dead, Hot
3 Planets, Frozen (water), Dead, Gamma
Distance from Valhalla: 113 ly.
The Core: 3319 ly
Notes: Manufacturing Center marked on planet YuYang, Dimensional Matrix at Space station, Economy Scanner, Positron Ejector Damage Theta
No Man's Sky 20180109003056.png NHO GenBra New Stgeela (Xship station) Yellow 1 Moon, Cactus
5 Planets, Hot, Dead, Hot, Hot, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 603 ly.
The Core: 2955 ly
Notes: Closer to the Core edge in the Ezkayatia Terminus Region. Exotic Ship Found, Red Single Tall top Fin style, two marked Travellers in this system. Crashed shuttle marked.
No Man's Sky 20180110014622.png NHO-GenBra New Uyamat Yellow 1 Moon Redacted (Floating Pillars)
4 Planets, Hot, Temporary, Airless, Desolate
Distance from Valhalla: 143 ly.
The Core: 3309 ly
Notes: Manufacturing Center marked on planet Sundumla, Conflict Scanner, Cyclotron Ballista Damage Theta and Tau, Positron Ejector Damage Theta, Infra-Knife Accelerator Damage Tau, Beam Impact Tau
No Man's Sky 20180111031427.png NHO-GenBra Neza Yellow 1 Moon, Lifeless
5 Planets, LUSH, Hot, Frozen, Airless, Lifeless
Distance from Valhalla: 166 ly.
The Core: 3475 ly
Notes: Opulent System, All gases available, Toxin Suppressor Theta, Fauna Analyzer Tau and Sigma, High Output Thamium9 at Trade Platform on planet Sicleerhey the hot planet.
No Man's Sky 20171228182612.png NHO-GenBra Niwada Green Green 4 Planets, Forsaken, Gamma, Cactus (with Vortex Cubes), Frozen (water)
Distance from Valhalla: 162 ly.
The Core: 3267 ly
Notes: Manfufacturing Center mark on planet Elka, Scatter Blaster Capacity Theta, Grenade Intensity Tau
No Man's Sky 20171227000906.png NHO-GenBra Noyeru Blue 1 Planet, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 265 ly.
The Core: 3274 ly
Notes: In the neighboring Iyyama Band Region. Became my favorite Radon gas harvesting planet, marked with a com. Korvax Convergence Cubes sold at Station, Good Tau level Exosuit Upgrades
No Man's Sky 20171227031140.png New Hub Order Numa Outpost Yellow 3 Planets, Hot, LUSH, Airless
Distance from Valhalla: 127 ly.
The Core: 3303 ly
Notes: Good Basic Exosuit Blueprints

GenBra Budullangr Systems: O - S[edit | edit source]

O - S
System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20171227002724.png NHO-GenBra RabaWad X Yellow 4 Planets, Fungal, Cactus, Fungal, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 159 ly.
The Core: 3277 ly
Notes: No Dead Planets(Budullangr Rarity) further MT exploration needed. Korvax Casing and Korvax Convergence Cubes sold at Space Station, Phase Coolant Theta, Warp Reactor Tau, Infra-Knife Accelerator, Cyclotron Ballista. All gases available in system.
No Man's Sky 20171218182638.png NHO-GenBra Rasua Yellow 3 planets, Hot, Dead, Redacted (Floating Jacks)
Distance from Valhalla: 71 ly.
The Core:3384 ly
Notes: Hub Port 2: (0804:0079:07FC:0177), Redacted Planet marked as a Vy'keen Campground Habitable Base 8 minutes walk planet Yeshma, Traveler in Station, Economy Scanner, Freighter Warp Reactor Sigma.
No Man's Sky 20171220025824.png NHO-GenBra Riasah Yellow 4 Planets, Cactus, Hot, Fungal, Frozen
Distance from Valhalla: 89 ly.
The Core: 3363 ly
Notes: All gases available in system, and No Dead Planets meaning better MT chance needs to be explored more. Boltcaster Impact Damage Omega, Mining Combat Amplifier Theta, Scanner Rangeboost Tau, A-Class 24slot Rifle was found and marked.
No Man's Sky 20180102192052.png NHO-GenBra Ruokak Red 2 Moons, Gamma, Exotic
4 Planets, Frozen, Exotic, Dead, Cactus
Distance from Valhalla: 162 ly.
The Core: 3242 ly
Notes: Traveller located at the Space Station, Positron Ejector Damage Theta and Tau, Rocket Launcher, Pulse Jet Tau, Mine Copper and Nickel on nice temperature planets. Sac Venom for sale at Space Station. Exotic Ship Found: Tiny Yellow Snub-Nose Twin Engine
No Man's Sky 20171220012930.png NHO-GenBra Semboku Blue 1 Moon, LUSH
3 Planet, Frozen, Fungal, Redacted (Floating Pillars)
Distance from Valhalla: 19 ly.
The Core: 3386 ly
Notes: Lush Moon (sea Kelp & Diplos), Flora Analyzer Theta, Korvax Convergence at Space Station
No Man's Sky 20171229000710.png NHO-GenBra Sukiha Yellow 1 Planet, Hot
Distance from Valhalla: 240 ly.
The Core: 3192 ly
Notes: Traveller in Space station, Decent star ship weapon tech available
No Man's Sky 20180105132205.png NHO-GenBra Suso Yellow 2 Planets, Hot, Gamma
Distance from Valhalla: 60 ly.
The Core: 3360 ly
Notes: Sac Venom at Space Station, Blaze Javelin, Pulse Spitter

GenBra Budullangr Systems: T - Z[edit | edit source]

T - Z
System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20171218183441.png NHO-GenBra Umotos Red 1 Moon Dead
5 Planets, LUSH (Hostile Sentinels), Hot, LUSH, Redacted (Exotic Gear), n/a
Distance from Valhalla: 70 ly.
The Core: 3374 ly
Notes: Vy'keen Campground marked on Redacted planet, Manufacture marked on planet Lazo, Operation Canter marked on planet Tuzo, Gravitino Balls at Space station.
No Man's Sky 20180110021830.png NHO-GenBra UgaHiko Yellow 2 Moons, Cactus, Airless
3 Planets, LUSH, Fungal, Desolate
Distance from Valhalla: 184 ly.
The Core: 3234 ly
Notes: Freighter Warp Reactor Sigma, Warp Reactor Tau, Deflection Enhancement Tau, Defence Chits at Space Station.
No Man's Sky 20171227005918.png NHO-GenBra UnJing Yellow 5 Planets, Dead, Frozen, Dead, Frozen, Fungal
Distance from Valhalla: 161 ly.
The Core: 3283 ly
Notes: Terrain Manipulator
No Man's Sky 20180103032035.png NHO-GenBra Yaito Yellow 3 Planets, Gamma, LUSH (water), Cactus
Distance from Valhalla: 50 ly.
The Core:3355 ly
Notes: Freighter Warp Reactor Theta, Phase Coolant Theta, Korvax Convergence Cubes found in the Space station. Kelp Sac in this system.
No Man's Sky 20180103031257.png NHO-GenBra Zawa Red 5 Planets, LUSH (Extreme Sentinels and WX), Fungal, Erased (Floating Light Pillars), Cactus, Hot
Distance from Valhalla: 70 ly.
The Core: 3384 ly
Notes: Extreme Portal Marked on Planet Ezu Prime, Warp Reactor Theta, Conflict Scanner, Omegon found at outpost but location was lost, High output at Planet Trade Station (Tham9 & PL)

Other Budullangr Systems[edit | edit source]

OTHER Systems
System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180413011141.png ASTRoMon 3 Planets: Dead, Exotic Jacks, Cactus Yellow, F3pf
Distance from
The Core: 3316 Ly
Valhalla = 2049Ly
Notes: Corrupted Portal will send you to the first planet only, use this for a Galactic Waypoint
coords: 07FF:0078:07FB:01B3 Region: Sea of Cedivati
Discovered by PS4 player nathanpt2000.
pic NHO Gileyskov Outpost 6 Planets; planet one Fungal Yellow
Distance from
The Core: xx Ly
Notes: This system has Radiation Deflector Theta
coords: 0802:0078:07FC:005A
pic SystemName Brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core: xx Ly

Other Budullangr Adventures[edit | edit source]

GENBRA EUCLID[edit | edit source]

Euclid Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Privateer Encampment Sunset

Acting Euclid Headquarters is Privateer Base Sunset, established EPIC Pirates of the Delta in the Black Saba Sail System. This is a beautiful area of space, all Privateer inquires are reviewed.

0906:007E:092c:0021 PS4


Bases Built in Euclid[edit | edit source]

Creative Bases[edit | edit source]

EUCLID SYSTEM CATALOG[edit | edit source]

GenBra Euclid (non-civ specific) Systems[edit | edit source]

Euclid: SECTION ONE System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20171230023702.png Unification Day (System) 1 Moon, Dead
4 Planets, Lush, Lush, Hot, Dead
Yellow G6pf
Distance from
The GHub: 676,265Ly
The Core: 290,774Ly
Notes: This is the location of the in-game event Unification Day 2017 which took place on 12-30-2017. Many players contributed to this system; System discovered by Syn1334; Planet discovered by rormar2000. Note: Rumored to have Two Travellers Graves marked on the planet; however, this has not been confirmed.
No Man's Sky 20180108232011.png Spirit 3 Moons, Hot, Cactus, Gamma
3 Planets, Dead, Hot, Fungal
Yellow G2p
Distance from
Unification Day: 22Ly
The Core: 290,767Ly
Notes: Traveller found in the Space Station of this system, the grave is marked on Planet Iywan
No Man's Sky 20171212234230.png Kully IV 1 Moon, Frozen
3 Planets, Dead, Hot, Lush
Yellow G9f
Distance from
Unification Day: 37Ly
The Core: 290,801Ly
Notes: Traveller found in the Space Station of this system. Manufacturing Facility marked on the Riasa Moon.
No Man's Sky 20171213014428.png Uginsar 1 Moon; Fungal
3 Planets; Cactus, Gamma, Gamma
Yellow G3pf
Distance from
Unification Day: 34Ly
The Core: 290,763Ly
Notes: Unification Support Base built in this System. Vortex Cubes are found in the Space Station. Red Exotic Guppy found in this system, found in the Space Station.
No Man's Sky 20180105044146.png Ricco 3 planets, Lush (water), Frozen (Water), Cactus Yellow G6pf
Distance from
Unification Day: 50Ly
The Core: 290,725Ly
Notes: Unification Day Embassy built in this System. Two planets with great Kelp Sac, and a nice source of Cactus Flesh
No Man's Sky 20180101230339.png Iyeoje-Bir IV 1 Lush Planet Yellow, G7f
Distance from
the Core: 5568 Ly
Notes: Discovered by PS4 explorer ClavieyBaby. GenBra Grave Base built on this planet. Traveller found in the Space Station, Grave marked with a Communications Station on the planet.
No Man's Sky 20180227135815.png PXL.Aregath 4 Planets; Dead, Frozen, Desert, Tropical Yellow, G9f
Distance from
Itscuha IV: 49Ly
Notes: Tower of The Grave Base built in this system. Two Graves marked with Communications Stations on planets Xang and Ozlo. This is a PXL support system, discovered by PauloRZRZ.
No Man's Sky 20180227234659.png PXL.Nagga 1 Moon; Lush
2 Planets; Airless, Hot
Yellow, G8pf
Distance from
Itscuha IV: 97Ly
Notes: Traveller found in the Space station. The Grave is found and marked on Planet Lomu. This is a PXL support system, discovered by PauloRZRZ.
No Man's Sky 20180223005916.png PXL.Privoi 2 Moons; Gamma, Desolate
4 Planet; Dead, Hot, fungal, Forsaken
Yellow, G4p
Distance from
Unification Day: 147Ly.
Notes: Gek Relics for sale at the Space Station. Grave marked on planet Ibus. This is a PXL support system, discovered by PauloRZRZ.

Euclid: SECTION TWO System Name System Brief Star Color
pict GenBra Creative
Obangan Outpost
1 Planet; Frozen Red, M6
Distance from
The Core: 158,598Ly
Notes: The Habitable base is a minute away from the portal, discovered on CREATIVE MODE.
coords: 0989:007D:07BC:00E7
seed name: Obangan, region: Olsummerk Instability located above the Vijahnei region. Gek, Affluent
[[ GenBra Creative
Weeklope Outpost
5 Planets, Dead, Lush, Frozen, Hot, Fungal Yellow, F5f
Distance from
The Core: 714,543Ly
Notes: Planet one has no Habitable Base, Planet two has Kelp Sac, portal 6min drive.
coords: 0E4F:0078:0AF8:0030
seed name: Weeklope-Hul Region: Nalalejet Adjunct
Gek, Tranquil, Promising.
[[ Solarion Observation Outpost 3 Planets, 2 Moons Yellow
Distance from
The Core: 643,791Ly
Notes: Beautiful 3 Planet, 2 Moon System, located near the Uruthekla Instability. Planet One is a Yellow grass paradise, Habitable Base is approx 5 min Nomad drive.
coords: 0C38:0080:0CA7:0033
seed name Zaosahyhy XV (Korvax).
Solarion Capital System coords:0C38:0080:0CA8:0126 Anuk Valyros
[[ SystemName brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core: xxxLy

GenBra Privateer Systems[edit | edit source]

Euclid: EPIC Pirate Systems System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180328014304.png Black Saba Sail 1 Moon; Lush
4 Planets; Frozen, Lush, Dead, Hot
Green, E6pf
Distance from
The Core: 159,879Ly
Notes: Privateer Base Sunset
coords: 0906:007E:092c:0021. Region Nikelle Cluster
4021FF12D107 Building Base on Planet index 4
Affluent Korvax system. Found a Yellow Grass Lust Moon, and a place to bury the bodies, I mean gold.
Radiation Deflector Theta, Aeration Membrane Theta tech.
No Man's Sky 20180411004516.png Yaga's Veil 3 Planets, Cactus, Lush, Dead Yellow, G3p
Distance from
The Core: 159,857Ly
Notes: Privateer Base Bird (CREATIVE MODE)
coords: 0906:007E:092c:007D. Region Nikelle Cluster
Flourishing, Health Module Theta tech available.
High Output Trade Post marked which sells 500 Thamium9 plus NPC ship purchases.
No Man's Sky 20180501000808.png Doriokaw's Klaw (EPIC LG) 4 Planets; Gamma, Fungal, Dead, Hot Green
Distance from
The Core: 159,946Ly
Notes: Privateer Base Face- EPIC Living Glass Farm.
coords: 0906:007E:092c:004B. Region Nikelle Cluster
(seed name: DorioKaw)
Opulent System
No Man's Sky 20180418142007.png Tillies Treat
Creative Black Site
3 Moons;
2 Planets;
Distance from
The Core: xxxLy
Notes: Creative Privateer Base Diplo.
coords: 0906:007E:092c:xxxx. Region Nikelle Cluster
Korvax System, Prosperous, Tranquil
No Man's Sky 20180621002352.png Nemura Cove
GenBra Port
1 Moons;
4 Planets;
Distance from
The Core: 159,961Ly
Notes: Creative GenBra Base Eclipse - GTA Inspired Garage on the moon Blue Addey
Used as a Commute system between EPIC and the GHUB
coords: 0906:007E:092C:00DE. Region Nikelle Cluster
Vy'keen System, Prosperous, Sporadic
Seed name: Nemura-Otana XII
pict SystemName brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core: xLy
Galactic Business, but better!

SPECIAL Death Trap Portal[edit | edit source]

Located in the Gamma Quad near the edge of the Delta.

Planet System Portal Address Coords Data Comments
Miharakata Sett
(seed name)
Crontbij-Oli XVI 11D5046F2F68
(Address was checked on PS4 6-21-2018)
0767:0083:0EF1:01D5 POSSIBLE DEATH
Portal is partially under water, You Spawn under water! be prepared to swim! Weather is EXTREME Boiling Monsoons.
Region Oyajie Adjunct.

GALACTIC HUB PROJECT Systems (GenBra Euclid)[edit | edit source]

Euclid: Galactic Hub Project System Name System Brief Star Color
pict SystemName brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core:
Notes: HUB1 coords: 044C:0082:0D55:0000,
Region: Shungka Void
pict SystemName brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core:
Notes: HUB2 coords: 044C:0082:0D54:0000,
Region: Waolab Anomaly
No Man's Sky 20180320025506.png HUB3-99 (GenBra Outpost) Tumiddal 1 Planet, Fungal Yellow, F7pf
Distance from
The Core: 664,400
Notes: HUB3-99 Cords: 044D:0082:0D54:0099,
Region: Iajukul Cluster
Corrupted Portal (only one planet in system).
No Man's Sky 20180313003737.png HUB4-!-99 Wosha X (GenBra Outpost) 2 Moons; Frozen, Fungal
4 Planets; Dead, Hot, Hot, Lush
Yellow, F9f
Distance from
The Core: 664,792Ly
Notes: GenBra Reinforcement Outpost a base dedicated for PVP training and defense
coords: 044D:0082:0D55:0099,
Region: Dizele Void
HUB4-!-99 (seed name: Woshayanab XVI), all three crafting gases are available in this system. High population system, lots of Nanites.
No Man's Sky 20180316005224.png HUB5-99 Rutviks Jam (GenBra Outpost) 4 Planets; Fungal, Fungal, Cactus, Frozen Yellow, F3
Distance from
The Core: 665,170
Notes: 044D:0082:0D56:0099,
Region: Ninasoness Mass
HUB5-99 (seed name: Rutviks-Jamege)
pict SystemName brief Yellow
Distance from
The Core:
Notes: HUB6 coords: 044C:0082:0D56:0000,
Region: Eyrint Fringe
No Man's Sky 20180319031142.png HUB7-77 Pleygin (GenBra Outpost) 6 planets; Cactus, Fungal, Gamma, Fungal, Gamma, Frozen Yellow, F1pf
Distance from
The Core: 665,553
Notes: HUB7 coords: 044B:0082:0D56:0077,
Region: Dadurgh
(seed name: Pleygin Nakh), AquaSpheres available in Space Station.
No Man's Sky 20180310022028.png HUB8-!-99 Bastim (GenBra Outpost) 4 Planets, Hot, Dead, Lush, Frozen Yellow, F9
Distance from
The Core: 665,295Ly
Notes: GenBra Permadeath CB Farm Built in this system
HUB8-!-99 coords: 044B:0082:0D55:0099,
Region: Marmor Spur
(seed name: Bastimmtu II). Neutrino Modules and NipNip Buds sold at the Space Station. System has all three gases available.
No Man's Sky 20180309001034.png HUB9-six9 Giggity (GenBra Outpost) 3 Planets; Frozen, Gamma, Dead Yellow, F8
Distance from
The Core: 664,827Ly
Notes: coords: 044B:0082:0D54:0069,
Region: Ooksten Terminus
HUB9-69 (the profanity filter wouldn't allow this name). (seed Name: Islozhevs). High population planets
No Man's Sky 20180310013626.png HUB10-99 Hamats (GenBra Outpost) 2 Moons; Lush, Dead
3 Planets; Lush, Frozen, Desert
Green, E7p
Distance from
The Core: 665,076Ly
Notes: coords: 044C:0083:0D55:0099,
Region: Aybess Terminus
HUB10-99 Green Star, (seed name: Hamats) has the Extreme Frozen World at center! This System has all three gas types. Moons are planet index 3 and 4
No Man's Sky 20180307004733.png HUB11-!-99 (GenBra Outpost) Ijangn-Vushi 2 Moons; Lush, Dead
4 Planets; Lush, Lush, Hot Hot
Yellow, F7p
Distance from
The Core: 665,087
Notes: BASE: GenBra GHub Outpost - Tribal Jump,
3 minute drive from the portal. All six minerals used in crafting found in this system. Cannon Damage Theta and Accelerated Fire Theta Tech available.
HUB11-!-99 coords: 044C:0081:0D55:0099
Region: Dujerad Adjunct
No Man's Sky 20180321001218.png HUB11-!-CB (GenBra Outpost) Zuxianj V 1 Moon; Dead
4 Planets, Frost , Cactus, Lush, Dead,
Yellow, F5p
Distance from
The Core: 665,078
Notes: Support System For GenBra Hub Missions, only 9Ly away from The Tribal Jump Base in HUB11-!-99. Kelp Sac on planet SunCo-Ouch. All gases available in this system. Portal Marked on planet Nogen the Center.
Seed Name: Zuxianj V

GENBRA PERMADEATH[edit | edit source]

GenBra Permadeath game-play, current set up:

Permadeath: First System Cluster[edit | edit source]

All Base Building quests were completed using these three Systems. This includes all quests: Scientist, Armourer, Technician, Farmer and Overseer.
(approx 22hrs)

Permadeath Mode
System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180425025922.png Tug-Mech 1 Moon; Desolate
4 Planets: Hot, Cactus, Gamma, Airless
Yellow, F1
Distance from
The Core: 687,841Ly
Notes: Base Survival Facility the beginning Permadeath GenBra location.
coords: 07B8:0076:0EB5:0062
Region: Pummel Nebula edge of Gamma and Delta
seed name:Tugefic-Mechn, Korvax, Flourishing
Starting planet seed name: Yantenaschitf (Planet index=2)
No Man's Sky 20180501022736.png Lordel 3 Planets; Fungal, Hot, Frozen Yellow, F7pf
Distance from
The Core: 687,837Ly
Notes: Gek
A-Class 24 Slot Multitool Rifle was found in this system.
Region: Pummel Nebula
coords: 07B8:0076:0EB5:01F1
No Man's Sky 20180502011146.png Nodunar 4 Planets; Dead, Frozen Yellow, F3p
Distance from
The Core: 687,903 bLy
Notes: Vy'keen Systen, seed name: Nodunar
Region: Pummel Nebula
coords: 07B8:0076:0EB5:0024

Permadeath: Artemis's Gravesite[edit | edit source]

This is the System which I was transferred (re-set by the Atlas). I re-woke and was led to my first in-story Portal. I had to repair my ship first, then find a Halo-Terminus and begin communication with the NPC character -null-. He led me to Artemis's grave site.

Permadeath Mode
System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180509235218.png Inshiwada Outpost 6 Planets; Fungus, Dead, Cactus, Frozen, Dead, Lush (water) Yellow, G8p
Distance from
The Core: 681,799Ly
Notes: coords: 06E5:007B:016E:005B
Region: Unchan Cluster

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