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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

GenBra Space Corp
GenBra Space Corp
Headquarters see branches
Founded by intothedoor
Type Non-Profit
Branches (1) GenBra: Budullangr
(2) GenBra: EPIC Euclid
(3) GenBra: Galactic Travels
(4) GenBra: Permadeath
Specialisation Scientific Exploration and Documentation
Services Galactic Information
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4
Updated Visions

There are multiple game-release versions of the GenBra Space Corp company page.

GenBra Space Corp is an Exploration Entity in No Man's Sky.

SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

GenBra Space Corp is a Self-Envisioned Corporate Exploration Entity in the No Man's Sky universe.

All systems and research is open to all Travellers.

PARTNERSHIPS[edit | edit source]

EMPLOYEES[edit | edit source]

These are official GenBra Employees

Member name Title Platform Reddit Contact
No Man's Sky 20180925040239.png intothedoor CEO PS4 intothedoor
ASTROCARD ap 659420.JPEG AstromonsX CEA PS4 Astromons

COMPANY BRANCHES[edit | edit source]

sub: GenBra Experimental Branch (from original Normal save 1-3-2018)

A BRIEF HISTORY OF GENBRA[edit | edit source]

One of those moments

Events Timeline[edit | edit source]

April 2017 Formation and the beginning of the GenBra Space Corp
August 2017 First entrance into Budullangr, finds the people of the New Hub Order at the Center and travels there, stays fort the entirety of Atlas Rises, documents over 120 Star Systems on the wiki, and builds a first glyph path using Portals and line of sight System naming to bring travellers to Valhalla
September 2017 Begins participation in The United Federation of Travelers. Becomes the first Ambassador from the Budullangr galaxy
12-06-2017‎ Wiki Category:GenBra is born. Thanks
5-28-2018 The New Hub Order releases ownership of The Budullangr Hub Trail, effective at the start of NEXT
7-19-2018 Last Euclid Base is constructed, NEXT prep almost complete
7-20-2018 Wiki Category:GenBraNEXT is born.
7-24-2018 NEXT is born
August 2018 Archive of GenBra Space Corp wiki page: GenBra Space Corp (Atlas)
8-03-2018 version 1.53 path is released, GenBra Budullangr is STILL grounded with the Initialize Bug
GenBra Euclid claimed HUB1-151 Gervin System (Original GenBra Name) in the ARK expedition
Permadeath is moving toward the Core of Euclid for Completion and certain deletion.
8-06-2018 Budullangr: Still living in broken game hell!!. Euclid gathers info on the second to last system near the Core
Coords 0804:0079:07FD:00CA
8-06-2018 First Entrance into the Hilbert Dimension
First Entrance into the Calypso galaxy
First Entrance into the Hesperius Dimension
All this progress is deleted because this is pointless. Euclid Pirate Save must remain in Euclid.
8-08-2018 GenBra starts a Brand new game, joins Multiplayer in Budullangr to be seeded in Budullangr. Aided by fellow travellers to regain money, nanites and other important resources. The Beginning game quests and First Base build is on the Hot ringed planet Ranform Sebot in the HUB1-0AC Fostoka System.
8-09-2018 Permadeath crosses the Euclid core securing the platinum trophy.
8-20-2019 Prep complete, nanite investment prepared.
8-22-2018 Patch 1.57 released, OG Bud Save unknown
Creative Mode has entered EPIC Euclid Space and is surveying the Port System
The New BHUB Save has just found Artemis's grave.
8-29-2018 Finally made it back to the Budllangr Core - thanks to Astromon for the terminus ride :)
9-2-2018 Patch 1.58 was released, OG Bud Save seems to be working. Both Euclid Creative and Normal Saves have entered EPIC space.
Polo Quicksilver event quests begin, New Bud save got stuck in Euclid, had to revert to a USB save, lost several hours of progress. Pirating supplies to offset setbacks.
9-12-2018 Testing of 1.59 complete, all seems good.
9-16-2018 OG Budullangr Normal Save now at the Core on the original Budullangr Hub Trail; starting in the Arjaus System. Also has outpost access the the old BHUB and New BHUB (HUB1-21 Isabill).
New Bud Save has a small outpost at the Astro Core Base location, under the Core. Additionally, many systems within the The Arm of Mupkean Region have been claimed by the New Bud Save.
Euclid GenBra Corporate has been built an Outpost in the EPIC Port System... the laundered funds have been buried within new hidden islands.
9-19-2018 Talk like an EPIC Pirate Day!
9-20-2018 EPIC work continues, building small outposts eventually leads to restoring the old Pvp Prep Base on Pirate Paradise. Main communication channel is the Amino App EPIC AMINO
10-20-2018 Restoring of old Atlas Rises era base begins. as of 10-28-2018 five separate GenBra Bases have been restored in the Budullangr galaxy and one in the Euclid galaxy. The potential is possibly limitless, restarting old Atlas Saves from the beginning to gain the 'Restore Base' NMS prompt. Great Assistance from player Astromon to join his game in MP in the Budullangr galaxy.
10-29-2018 The Abyss begins - version 1.7 of the game.
11-25-2018 The Visions update is in full swing - version 1.75 of the Game. OG Bud Save finally gains access to the 8th Community Event and is able to obtain Quicksilver for Tree Blueprints. The Euclid Pirate Save plans on attempting to get to the event too.
11-27-2018 The NEXT Budullangr Hub Trail - scraped due to game changes. Plans are being made to Travel forward through as many galaxies as possible.
12-3-2018 Final preparations are being made for my oldest game save to begin travelling thru as many NMS galaxies as possible.
12-4-2018 Cross into the Kikolgallr galaxy. All tech is broken except for internal tech slots in the starship and tech suit. MT is wasted. Remember to bring more supplies for next jump.
12-6-2018 Political Poll: HERE Allowing the Newly created wiki category Companies to be accepted as Ambassador with the Reddit group United Federation of Travelers.
12-13-2018 Political announcement: HERE in anticipation of GenBra Space Corp entrance into the United Federation of Travelers. Formal announcement of separation as Ambassador for the Galactic Hub Budullangr.
12-14-2018 Considering Unification Day 2018 System (PS4) Travel options in Euclid. Budullangr confirmation of the Imperfect Waveform Elevator MT, S Class nice Blue Experimental. Galactic travel to Eissentam is moving to the Core for brief exploration before progressing further.
Yet another update, version 1.77
1-3-2019 Officially resigned as BHUB Ambassador, Travelled to the 11th galaxy Elkupalos; and completed the Crashed Freighter Racing base for Unification Day 2018.
1-28-2019 No Man's Sky - Other Galaxies (REDDIT PAGE) officially launches. Legacy Traveller - Moving thru galaxies too fast now to account for each one, will be crossing into the 16th galaxy by the end of this writing. Wiki pages are still coming, one from the rebirth one at the Core. Euclid Pirate still in Uni Day 2018 system. New Bud is at the Core still on the Bud Hub Trail.
1-31-2019 Inspired Euclid Adventure: portal to S24 Experimental MT - Track down an S Class Experimental Rifle (24) with black crystals, posted on reddit originally discovered on PC by KurganSPK.
2-6-2019 18th Galaxy: Reached the lands of the Eyfert Khannate. Secured the port system on PS4 Hikhot-Riwo in honor of the Eyfert Khannate and for them. The System was immediately handed over to the locals (I hope the right ones).
2-7-2019 Granted full access to Eyfert Khannate space Official POST, it's an honor, thank you :)
2-8-2019 Expedition of Glass 0187FCFF8FFD, the Core of the 19th
2-19-2019 Federation Emblem 2.png
GenBra officially recognized as an Ambassador within the United Federation of Travellers (Request and Reddit Poll)
2-22-2019 Eluicd Pirate is in the FDI Capital Pidstain, in the region of Astara on a Mission to update current information
Just jumped to the 21st Galaxy.
3-1-2019 Tangent Missions: Exploring Awakenings and Revived my PERMADEATH game. Currently established at the Hilbert Dimension core. Soon will be jumping to Calypso and joining MrBlack at the core of #3.
Along with that game-save was the EPIC Pirate NORMAL save from the day before NEXT. So I established the PVP Defensive Base in the new GHUB, on planet Dragon Slayer, system: (HUB1-4E) Jasmine's Star (confirmed same name on both PC/PS4), coords: 042F:0078:0D55:004E.
Opening the third is an old Bud save which led me to find our Favorite Master BU9. An Atlas Rises ship that has been rediscovered in Visions. Astro System: HUB1-$-071-ActiveShieldHauler RaNi++ships, Original Reddit Post by Astromons
3-6-2019 Normal Mode Galactic Traveller has reached the 23rd galaxy, all set and ready to move beyond the beginning system. Permadeath has been established at the Core of Calypso with MrBlack87 - planning to build a base and document his Calypso Paradise System.
3-19-2019 Astromons contracted as the new GenBra Chief Executive Astronaut (CEA)
3-20-2019 - GenBra Experimental Branch -Achievements!!!, DG_Squared brought me to the Hyades core and I was able to jump to Ickjamatew!. Leaving the Core of the 6th galaxyas the last mission for the Experimental Branch. Still undecided the Branch may retire in Budullangr; however, that is undecided at this time.
4-3-2019 With the aid of a great Cafe 42 player (MIKEDN), I was able to jump from galaxy 30 to galaxy 40 in a couple hours. Secured USB saves for each galactic core.
4-17-2019 Wrapping up galaxy 35 documentation, on the hunt to find the coords of ≫HEART OF -42≪
4-21-2019 Established wiki pages for the different GenBra Company Branches - There is much construction to do.
5-2-2019 finished all 41 galaxies cores in similar fashion (No HUD), can finally build photoshop collages of the galaxy cores (nice). Found the Cafe 42 Capital System: ≫HEART OF -42≪. The special characters will create a challenge, but it is good to document such great things.
5-10-2019 May Vacation
6-13-2019 Document assist: Peacebomb (Intergalactic Exploration Corporation aka InExCor) documented MT discovered by AgentTomCat Silhouette of Matter, Create PS4 system page for Iacroy = Iacroy (PS4), build region page Astara. OUTDATED (look to update) Free Delta Initiative; Free Delta Initiative (Atlas)
Participate in the Black Hole Suns Black Hole contest, AstromonsX secured at least 20 BH Pairs for GenBra, I secured 90 pairs for the FDI (who came in third most pairs for any Civ over 1400 to the GHUBs 1st place of over 2300). This was a several day event that had many people adding to the Black Hole Database. This helped discover entrance and exit points of BH destinations. Where they go and how these can be strung together to make long distance travel easy, this is the purpose of the Black Hole Suns (a very smart people ).
LINK to Black Hole Suns
7-8-2019 Discovered the existence of an experimental rifle with purple shaded crystals (rifle is white with heavy black cross hatch design), discovered by geneticcode (currently assumed). I found the post on his twitter page LINK.
Coords: 07FA:007F:080A:0070
M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13, system Akhtagi (PS4).
7-18-2019 I was able to claim the M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13 Multi-tool in Euclid with my galaxy 42 game-save. Constructive game joining via multiplayer achieved this, specially because in order to spawn this MT one needs to reload their game on a particular planet. As a player joining someone's game I could not reload in order to spawn the correct multi-tool in the discovered location; and because I was from another galaxy I could not build a base which I could come back to. When I joined at first the incorrect MT spawned, but then I left the planet (MT location) and made a manual save on the planet which is the one to 'reload' on. I rejoined the Euclid players game and was loaded on the planet and location which I last made a manual save (in multiplayer). Now rejoined in Multiplayer I flew to the planet and location and found this wonder S Class Multi-tool as meant to be. When I quit this multiplayer game I restarted and found we were successful. I was again in the 42nd galaxy but this time I had a new MT from Eucild. I believe the key is the planet in which the joining player joins on - this (in theory) determines the 'spawn pool' of Multi-tools in a multiplayer game.
No Man's Sky 20190718023625.pngNo Man's Sky 20190718023757.png
7-18-2019 Next mission to track down a new Experimental with White-ish Green Crystals: ORIGINAL REDDIT POST, coords: 0968:007E:07A3:00BB, 50BBFFFA4169
8-14-2019 pt1 Advanced prep complete. Stasis Investment processed. see 8-20-2018 for nanite investment.
8-14-2019 pt2 Beyond drops and GenBra goes into a state of wait as the bugs are ironed out. Wiki pages are all moved to GenBra Space Corp (Visions). This historical record is refreshed, stopped on the Visions page and restarted on the new Beyond page. All recorded events before 8-14-2019 are accounted for on the old Visions page.

RESTORED ATLAS RISES BASES[edit | edit source]

Using dozens of old backup saves I was able to (in a way) go back in time. I re-loaded points in time when certain Euclid and Budullangr Bases were active and used the NMS game function to restore my old Atlas Rises bases. Each newly loaded save acts as if I am Opening NEXT for the first time, allowing the Restore Base prompt to trigger. In theory, someone could load the same base throughout the galaxy, but only play one.

Below are the Bases I brought back from Atlas and revived into NEXT/Abyss/Visions. Special Shout out to AstromonsX for supplying me with needed supplies, labor and Multiplayer Hitch-hiking assistance to complete this task.

Visions Image Base Name Visions Location Original Atlas Rises Location Notes
No Man's Sky 20181026234927.png Restored
BHUB Embassy Lounge
Now in
HUB8-Mogata Blue
Originally in
HUB1-!$-14F NHO Embassy Lounge
This was the first officially built base in the Galactic Hub Budullangr during the Atlas Rises era
No Man's Sky 20181026014741.png Restored
Tribal Jump Base
Now in the BHUB's HUB8
(info needed)
Originally in the GHUB
This base was built as high as the game allowed at the time of Atlas Rises and it was meant to test your fear of jumping. The idea was developed while I was playing Permadeath on a Hostile planet.
No Man's Sky 20181026032056.png Tribal Jump Base
at night
Just an extra image because the atmosphere is so cool.
GenBra PVP Prep Base IMG 0744.jpg Restored
GenBra PvP Prep Base
Now in Euclid's EPIC Region
Pirate Paradise
Originally located in the GHUB
The very last Atlas Rises Base I made, and has been restored in Visions at least four times. It reminds me of my old GI Joe Toys.
No Man's Sky 20181027210234.png Restored
GenBra Masa Core HQ
HUB8-16A Anjoshu-Ask
BHUB Region
Originally at the Budullangr Core
GenBra Core Headquarters
This was the GenBra Management offices for the New Hub Order
No Man's Sky 20181027044959.png Restored
GenBra Unification Day Embassy
Now in BHUB
HUB3-12D Amkoms-Pada I
Originally in
This was a support system directly next to Unification Day 2017 System in the Euclid galaxy.
No Man's Sky 20181029031738.png Restored
GenBra PvP Prep Base
(2nd restore)
Now in the BHUB's
HUB2-1FE Suyama-Veko
Originally located in the GHUB HUB4-!-99_Wosha_X
No Man's Sky 20190302031105.png Restored
GenBra PvP Prep Base
(3rd restore)
Re-established in the new GHUB in
(HUB1-4E) Jasmine's Star
Originally located in the GHUB HUB4-!-99_Wosha_X Built on planet Dragon Slayer; System name confirmed same name on both PC/PS4.

ADVENTURE GALLERY[edit | edit source]

Behold the Power! (Visions addition)

Final Approach[edit | edit source]

Finishing up the Atlas Quest, gaining the ability to see black holes.

United Federation of Travelers[edit | edit source]

Proud member
United Federation of Travelers
  • First officially recognized company of the UFT February 2019.

RESOURCES[edit | edit source]

Wiki Resources[edit | edit source]

Additional Info[edit | edit source]