HUB-K-14C Mitsudamat

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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
HUB-K-14C Mitsudamat
HUB-K-14C Mitsudamat
Region Rentocniijik Expanse
Galaxy Euclid
Color Yellow
Spectral class G7f
Distance to centre 166,568.7 light‑years
Planet(s) 3
Moon(s) 2
Claimed by Euclidean Scholar's Society
Discovered by edgarsoft
Platform PC
Release Pathfinder

[HUB-K-14C] Mitsudamat is a star system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

[HUB-K-14C] Mitsudamat is a Yellow Star system in the universe of No Man's Sky.

It is located in the Rentocniijik Expanse in the Euclid galaxy at coordinates 0469:0081:0D6D:014C near to HUB-V-17F Southern Light, one of the 3 points of reference for the Rentocniijik Expanse in the Galactic Hub.

This is a very lucrative system, as 3 of its planets and moons contains good resources: The oceans of Iashiroi EL369 are full of Rigogen; Kayamunds Thasa have sporadic Gravitino Balls, but there the Sentinels attack you on sight. The most productive of all is Witzungr Mokumo as it's caves are full of Vortex Cubes that can be taken without intervention of the Sentinels.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

This star system contains 3 planets and 2 moons:

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]

The HUB-K-14C Mitsudamat system is populated by the race of electronic lifeforms, the Korvax.

Starships[edit | edit source]

Pathfinder's Era, PC[edit | edit source]

Photo Name Type
Rasakata S53.jpg
Rasakata S53 Fighter
Gashimitom S94.jpg
Gashimitom S94 Cargo
Asebonac S55.jpg
Asebonac S55 Cargo
Yoakeosc S91.jpg
Yoakeosc S91 Cargo
Danonoic S13.jpg
Danonoic S13 Shuttle
Toyonawa S21.jpg
Toyonawa S21 Explorer
Nogakitak S89.jpg
Nogakitak S89 Explorer
Aokakudam S20.jpg
Aokakudam S20 Fighter
Uedagius S82.jpg
Uedagius S82 Explorer
Sahashihi S25.jpg
Sahashihi S25 Shuttle
Fussares S20.jpg
Fussares S20 Shuttle
Mutsuyam S70.jpg
Mutsuyam S70 Fighter

Multitools[edit | edit source]

Foundation’s Era, PC[edit | edit source]

These Multi-tools are no longer available with those specifications.

Pathfinder’s Era, PC[edit | edit source]

Photo Name Type Price Discovery
Vemannafiossen - Inversión de Naberekh-Pont - Slots.jpg
Inversión de Naberekh-Pont Rifle $1,230,000 Vemannafiossen
Vemannafiossen - Marca de Reshalfre XVI - Slots.jpg
Marca de Reshalfre XVI Rifle $1,865,000 Vemannafiossen
Vemannafiossen - Russerniscu-liam D300 - Info.jpg
Russerniscu-liam D300 Rifle Vemannafiossen
Vemannafiossen - Sombra Incomprensible VII - Info.jpg
Sombra Incomprensible VII Pistol Vemannafiossen

Other Alias[edit | edit source]

[HUB-K-14C] J. Garcia, PS4

Economy[edit | edit source]

Pathfinder's Era, PC[edit | edit source]

Shielding Sheet, Power Reservoir, Dynamic Resonator and Suspension Fluid are starred on the trading terminal in the Space station, so it can be sold at double its market price.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]

0469 : 0081 : 0D6D : 014C

Hub Management System Info[edit | edit source]

(Already added to the HMS)

Distance to HUB-V-17F Southern Light: 35.1
Distance to HUB-K-74 FistOfTheNorth: 434.0
Distance to HUB-V-79 Black Hole: 389.25

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