HUB1-21E Veggjoro I

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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.
[HUB1-21E] Veggjoro I
[HUB1-21E] Veggjoro I
Region Nuwardia
Galaxy Hilbert Dimension
Color Blue
Spectral class B5
Distance to centre 671.545 light‑years
Planet(s) 2
Moon(s) 0
Waterworld Yes
Faction Uncharted
Economy Data Unavailable
E-Sell -14.2%
E-Buy 68.2%
Wealth Data Unavailable
Conflict level Data Unavailable
Claimed by Galactic Hub Hilbert
Discovered by SeraphimRisen
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Beyond

[HUB1-21E] Veggjoro I is a star system in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

[HUB1-21E] Veggjoro I is a star system in the No Man's Sky universe.

It contains two planets. One is an extremely radioactive world, and the other is a scorched world. Both house extremely hostile Sentinels.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Current: HUB1-21E Veggjoro I

Discovered[edit | edit source]

Explorer SeraphimRisen discovered this system on 27th September, 2019. They warped into system in their ship, HFX Tenebrous, and initially settled down on Evueta. After a trek across this world to document its life forms, they lifted off and moved to Hicombe, where they found members of genus Rangifae and a portal situated in a gorgeous lake valley. They called their freighter, HFSC Unyielding Hierophant, into orbit and began setting up a base. Today, this is the system they call home, having moved here after finding no suitable home in Euclid or Budullangr. Eventually, they moved on, reducing the grand home here to an armory instead.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

Planet Image Planet Name Type Extreme
Nms hub1-21e veggjoro i evueta.png Evueta Irradiated YES YES
Nms hub1-21e veggjoro i hicombe.png Hicombe Scorched NO YES

Player Bases[edit | edit source]

Player Planet Base Name Notes Photo
SeraphimRisen Evueta A-In/O2 Depot Basic amenities, Activated Indium and Oxygen Depots Ukta Base
SeraphimRisen Hicombe Seraphim Industries Armory Basic amenities No Image

Location information[edit | edit source]

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Portals[edit | edit source]

Seraphim Risen performs a flyby of the portal on Evueta.

The system has two portals. Their address glyphs are as follows:





Space station[edit | edit source]

Veggjoro I was never charted by any of the galaxy's major factions. As such, it has no space station.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

Visitors are highly advised to bring combat-ready equipment for any planetary explorations. Both worlds in Veggjoro I are host to extremely hostile sentinels. Strong radiation protection supplies are also recommended for Evueta, and some degree of heat protection for Hicombe.

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