HUB10-V-1EB Altair

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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
HUB10-V-1EB Altair
HUB10-V-1EB Altair
Galaxy Euclid
Region Uugusteur Adjunct
Color Yellow
Spectral class G2
Distance to centre 166577.5 light‑years
Planet(s) 1
Moon(s) 0
Faction Vy'keen
Claimed by Galactic Hub Project
Discovered by UniDestiny
Updated Pathfinder

HUB10-V-1EB Altair is a star system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

HUB10-V-1EB Altair is a star system in the universe of No Man's Sky.

It is one of the six star systems that constitute the sub-region known as the Antipodes Ring, the group of stars located at the lowest point in the Galactic Hub Project. Altair is the highest star of the five making up the ring itself (though slightly lower than HUB10-V-1C2 Dachtylon, the green star above and in the center of the ring).

System Chart[edit | edit source]

Altair - System Chart.png

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

This star system contains only one planet and no moons:

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]

The Vy'keen are the controlling faction in Altair.

Starships[edit | edit source]

Altair features a few notable starships, including a slant-winged Hauler, another S-Class Hauler, and a needle-nosed Fighter with an ancillary droid unit. (Hover over each link to see info and a thumbnail picture.)

Explorers[edit | edit source]

Fighters[edit | edit source]

Haulers[edit | edit source]

Shuttles[edit | edit source]

Space Station[edit | edit source]

The Galactic trade terminal at the system's space station purchases several common elements at higher prices, including Chrysonite (+106.3%), Shielding Sheets (+100.2%), and Zinc (+95.4%).

The following blueprints, which enhance multi-tool weapon systems, are sold by the Vy'keen NPC vendor in Altair’s Space Station:

Other Alias[edit | edit source]

The PC name for this system is unknown

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Hub Management System Info[edit | edit source]

  • Distance to Center: 166577.5
  • Distance to SouthernLight: 424.0
  • Distance to Rentocniijik Expanse Black Hole: 745.3
  • Distance to FistOfTheNorth: 808.4

Locating Altair[edit | edit source]

As one of the systems making up the Antipodes Ring (Fig. 1), Altair is very simple to locate. Simply descend to the lowermost portion of the Uugusteur Adjunct (directly below the "tree" region of the Rentocniijik Expanse), where you'll see two green stars near one another. One of these stars (Dachtylon) sits just above an uneven ring of five other stars, one of which is Altair. Altair actually lies between the two green stars Dachtylon and Raspringaroa XII (Fig. 2).

Nearest stars:

Star Distance (ly) Toward
HUB10-V-1C2 Dachtylon 23.2 Ahrimbalia Void
HUB10-G-1E9 Jeminica 27.0 Husfeleavez Boundary
HUB10-K-5F Foundation 39.4 Fujinbines
HUB10-V-1A6 Sachyris 40.3 Ahrimbalia Void
HUB10-V-200 Lodergrad 43.4 Kihikovant Cluster

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