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The subject of this article is from a pre-release seed. The information on this page cannot be found in the released game.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorized.
Atmosphere Yellowish-green
Updated Pre-release

Summary[edit | edit source]

Habik-Ogan is a procedurally generated planet in the universe of No Man's Sky. It is the third planet shown in No Man's Sky: A Tour of 5 New Planets.

Planet Type[edit | edit source]

Rolling and hilly. The landscape appears very similar to that on planet Quao-Iyl, which is featured in the I've Seen Things trailer.

Atmosphere[edit | edit source]


Life[edit | edit source]

Plant[edit | edit source]

Red grass, pink and green plants, and the occasional mushroom. Sparsely populated with trees having red leaves.

Animal[edit | edit source]

Mainly barren, although several small creatures can be seen moving around the base of one of the egg-shaped boulders.

Resources[edit | edit source]

This planet has many resources, both minerals and crystals. The minerals are locked up in huge egg-shaped nodules that must be blasted open. Many of the resources will go unnoticed without an upgraded scanner on the multi-tool