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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Sol Empire
Sol Empire
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Delta
Region Nobomedeye Terminus
Capital system Loysteraatwi
Capital planet Eissisin-Yufu Ahiro
Coordinates ARZL:0991:007F:0EBB:0079
Founded by Serb
Federation member Pathfinder
Platform PC
Release Pathfinder

Summary[edit | edit source]

Her Majesty's Empire of Sol or Sol Empire is a loosely collected band of systems based out of the Loysteraatwi System in the Nobomedeye Terminus.

Background[edit | edit source]

Once awoken on a foreign, alien planet. The Great Prophet willed the reparations of her starship; the same starship found on Eissisin, the Homeworld of the Great Prophet and her many loyal followers.

After following the Path of the Atlas, the Prophet began searching for the Warped Sun. After countless years of searching, the Loysteraatwi system held promise. It's numerous (6) planets and (3) moons seemed bleak. Acid, Radioactivity, Inferno, and High Security posed a mighty foil to the Prophet. At last, in the far reaches of the system, hidden from sight by it's volatile sisters, was the planet of Eissisin, the current home of the Prophet, and the Capital of Her empire.

The pilgrimage to the planet is not for the faint of heart; being isolated from any nearby systems, it was chosen for it's remote location. It was only discovered by chance after a Black Hole delivered the Prophet to the Land of the Purple Sun. Eissisin is a waterworld, covered in red soil with red wavy grass. It's trees are bountiful, forests dot the planet's numerous islands. Though the Fauna is barren, Flora is abundant, the world more than enough sustains its populace. Most notable for it's cavernous oceans and unique floating islands, which are believed to be held to the heavens by her presence.

The Empire is ever-expanding, it's influence swallowing system after system, Her scouts sent forth in search of the prophecized Galactic Hub. Once Her word was spread, the worlds bent the knee to Eissisin, falling under the fold, their denizens seeing the Purple Sun's light.

General Information[edit | edit source]

This is some general information provided by the Council of Sol.

  • Government Type: Absolute Theocratic Autarchy
  • Head of State: The Empress
  • Head of Government: Council of Sol
  • De Facto Leader: The Ambassador
  • Military Branch: Soliolan Starfleet
  • Capital: Eissisin-Yufu Ahiro
  • Offical Language: Soliolan
  • Currency: Terminal Unit
  • State Religious Body: Cult of the Warped Sun
  • Official Holiday: Judicii
  • Motto: TBD
  • National Anthem: "A Sun's Light"
  • Date Founded: Sol 0

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In the early years of what is now known as the Sol Empire, this band of followers had no name. The Empire found it's identity through it's religious manuscripts, a prophecized Purple Sun. Once found, the followers named their civilization after it, Sol. Due to their leader, the Empress, it is formally called Her Majesty's Empire of Sol.

A person of the Sol Empire is called either a "Soliolan" or an "Eissisinian" depending on their birthworld.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Government[edit | edit source]


The Empire is lead by the all-powerful Great Prophet, residing on her homeworld and capital of her Empire, Eissisin. Though called an Empire, Her people consider themselves an Autarchy. Her light showed them the path to individualism; abolishing Government was the first step to immortalization among the stars. Almost in a trance, Her people followed her and her polices, her beliefs, and her ways.

A Social Caste System takes a large part in the society among the Empire.

  • At the pinnacle of the pyramid, lies the Great Prophet, the sole higher authority of the Empire.
  • Council of Sol. They are the ones who govern the Empire and make all political decisions.
  • Eissisinians are the habitants of the Capital and faithful followers of the Prophet. The Purple Scouts reside along side them.
  • Soliolans, the denizens of the Empire, excluding the Eissisinians.
  • Outsiders, those rejected by the Empire. In this caste lie the Slaves, Prisoners, Foreigners, and Non-believers. Within the Empire, unless explicitly given permission, Outsiders are either killed or taken captive.

History[edit | edit source]

The Early Empire[edit | edit source]

The Sol Empire is young, but it has it's fair share of journey, and conflict. The Great Prophet, the Empress, awoke on a mountainous, desert planet. Without a word, she set off in search of the required materials to repair her starship. Thought to be alone, she stumbled over a ridge, and into the outpost of a Gek. The Gek was euphoric at the sight of her; falling out of his seat, he said to her that she was the first lifeform he had encountered on the planet. From him, the Empress gained the materials required to repair her starship. The Gek bid his farewell, although sorrowful. He is now known as the Saviour to Soliolans; without him, the Prophet may not have reached enlightenment, and thus, never given birth to her great Empire.

The Prophet went from system to system, she followed the Atlas Path. With each and every visit, more was learned from the supernatural behemoth. Eventually, it offered her an ultimatum: continue living in the galaxy, or go beyond, to what was yet unknown to her. A phenomenon that was ever-prevalent in this Galaxy, Black Holes offered a mode of transportation, at a cost. Seeing their usefulness, the Prophet gave up her Stones for the key. With every passing star system, the Prophet's influence grew. Until one day, her expanse had grown so large that her followers demanded government, they demanded freedom and most important: they demanded a home. The Prophet chose an ideal home, one only seen in the scrolls found aboard her ship. The planet's name: Eissisin. It was a very large waterworld, covered in waving red grass and tall blue-leafed trees. It's unique floating land-masses offered protection from the onslaught of rainstorms, the planet was in a perpetual state of downpour. From this planet, her following grew, and grew, into a mighty Empire.

A Home Among the Stars[edit | edit source]

After the arrival of the Prophet on Eissisin, using the technology given to her by the Gek on her "birthworld", her followers began construction of a grand city, the city that would soon absorb the planet. At the time, the Empire was no more than a band of people. Up until that point, the Empire was nomadic, moving from system to system. Soliolans had looked up to their Prophet, but on the First Night, she disappeared. Her tent was empty, almost all belongings in their position. It was learned later that at the time, the Atlas had summoned the Prophet for the final parts of their mission. The Prophet had gained the ability to locate Black Holes in the Galaxy, coincidentally, once the Prophet returned a Black Hole was discovered in their very own system. During her disappearance, the Soliolans devolved into a savage society, splitting into four factions. The factions were: Skai'kil, the Men of the Mountains, the Wru'kil, the Men of the Water, the Pait'kil, the Men of the Prairies, and the Islai'kil, the Men of the Islands. Though many other factions existed, these four were the most prominent. The Pait'kil controlled the in-progress "city" being built by the Prophet's Constructs (A group of people under the direct control of the Prophet to oversee progress). While the Wru'kil discovered technology that prolonged their longevity underwater, forming a society beneath the waves in the deep oceans of Eissisin. The Skai'kil kept to the high mountainous islands, they were largely pacifist, only attacking when attacked. The Skai'kil were a theological society, in this time, they reached enlightenment. They birthed the first religion of the Empire, the Cult of the Warped Sun. This religion was soon adopted by the Empire shortly after the last Skai'kil had died. The Skai'kil were the ones who welcomed the Prophet back to Her World, and set about creating a civilized society among the chaos. Once the Prophet had heard of the savage behavior of the barbaric factions, the Prophet unleashed a mysterious spell over them, it is still unknown what happened to the Pait'kil that day. The Islai'kil escaped fate, they bowed to the Prophet and fled the planet, it is assumed they were able to reach the Toxic planet of Celai MKV5, where they supposedly perished. The planet has since been cordoned off by the Soliolan Government to pay respects to the faction. Today, the only people to enter the planet are trade and mining convoys meant to extract the resources.

From the Ashes[edit | edit source]

With the guidance of the Great Prophet, the newly born Sol Empire began the reconstruction of the planet after the many years of war. At first the Prophet had put the population to work, every person had a job to do. Many public construction projects were already underway. The largest, the grand city that sat upon the oceans of Eississin had already resumed, and proved a mighty hurdle to the Eissisinians. It took the men of Eissisin over 200 Sol's to complete. By then, scientists of the Empire had improved starship technology, and even developed advanced war tech. Around this time, the first Soliolan Starfleet was created. A mandatory 50 Sol conscription was demanded of every Soliolan, today this policy has been abolished due to the surplus of ensigns in the Starfleet. Slaves and Prisoners were the backbone of the reconstruction of the Empire at this time, without their labor the Starfleet could not have been completed, and the Empire would surely have succumbed to war. During the reconstruction, the Great Prophet did not always lead the Empire. At this time, she was merely a figure and only played a part in the Church. It was revealed that back then, the Empire was lead by an oligarchy of aristocrats from the former factions. Though they may have thought they had control over the Empire, the Prophet lead the people. Soon after the completion of both the city and the Starfleet, the Prophet took the opportunity to finally seize control of her Empire. Swaying the Starfleet to her cause by abusing the soldiers loyalty to the Cult, she was able to stage a coup d'etat while the current government went under elections. The takeover took one night, and is said to have drawn no Soliolan blood. Soon after the fall of the previous government, the Empire faced rebellion. A civil war had broken out in one of the Empire's systems, The Rebels, stealing Soliolan tech, only gained momentum as they took system by system like dominoes. The Populist centered rebels took systems that felt that the government was no longer for the people. They believed the lawmakers of Eissisin did not "reach" them, laws of no concern to these people had affected their very lifestyle. This is likely in part due to the incredulous distance between Loysteraatwi and the rim-worlds of the Empire. These rebels called themselves the United Systems of Nobomedeye, a capitalist democracy based in the Telelleand System.

An Empire Divided[edit | edit source]

For the early years of the civil war, there was an eerie absence of conflict. The largest battle was not of military, but of economy. The rebelling systems took a large chunk of the Empire's economy with them. Especially the Telelleand System, home to the most populous planets the Empire bolsters. In this system lay the only known vortex planet, proving to be a profitable venture by the Empire. Losing access to the resources and economy of these systems was by far the most lasting effect of the civil war. After 5 Sol's of virtually zero bloodshed, the USN attacked. With one of the Empire's most powerful strategic leaders at the rebels helm, the USN attacked with deadly precision. Their first strike was upon the homeworld of the Soliolan Starfleet, crippling the Empire's military capability. This battle saw major casualties for the Empire, due to the natural defenses of the planet, the headquarters seemed almost an impregnable fortress. Over time, the rebel casualties gradually evened out with the Empires, they soon withdrew from the planet. This was a devastating blow to the Empire, losing a majority of it's starships and planetary weaponry. Around this time, a blockade was ordered upon Loysteraatwi in order to protect it from rebel invasion. Most of the remaining Starfleet was evacuated to the system for repairs. Over the next 15 Sol's, the Empire could do nothing but wait as the rebel forces pounded down their doors. The blockade successfully held off rebel attacks until the Starfleet had been put back into active duty. At the time, the rebels controlled more than half of the older Empire, the future seemed bleak at this point. During this, the Great Prophet had fled Eississin in order to devise a plan to defeat the rebels. It was later known that she had struck a deal with pirates, they were hired to do occasional hit-and-run attacks on the rebel bases in nearby systems, as well as take out freighters that harbored the rebel Starfleet. Destroying fuel outposts a long the way, the rebels found it much harder to concentrate strikes on the blockade without major repercussions. The intensity of their attacks decreased, and gave the trapped Soliolans more freedom to leave the system. Due to this, Loysteraatwi began to buildup it's own economy and a sustainable infrastructure. Over the years, the system became independent of the Empire. The Empire began to strike back, their Starfleet in full functioning order, with more to spare. Gradually, the Empire began to take back systems as the rebels concentrated on felling the rest of the systems. This was their downfall, skilled pilots carried out bombing runs against major rebel installations and reduced their influence around Loysteraatwi. Seeing this, the rebels retreated to their Forward-Operating-Base in the Torphis System. The Battle at Torphis was the turning point of the war for the Empire.

The Tides of War[edit | edit source]

Religion[edit | edit source]

The Purple Sun and a few of it's planets.

The Sol Empire is home to many different religions. In the early life of the Empire a faction called the Skai'kil reached enlightenment, founding the Cult of the Warped Sun. The Cult is the main religion of today's Sol Empire, though it is not the only one existing in the Empire. The Cult worships a Sun, the Warped Sun, as seen by it's name. The Warped Sun is a supposed "Purple Sun" (not to be confused with the Purple Light a Sun emits, that comes in elsewhere). A Purple Sun is another class system for stars, it is the much coveted System of the Sol Empire. Ancient manuscripts say that the Warped Sun is not a complete star, The Warped Sun is a so-called "Intermediate Polar" in scientific terms. The system contains a white dwarf, and a secondary star that the dwarf drains energy from. It is unknown whether this type of system can hold a stable orbit with planets.

An Intermediate Polar

The system is said to contain 3 Garden World planets, with 3 barren planets. On the third planet lays a monolith, which once activated, fires a beam of light into the sky. This "beam" is a beacon for all lifeforms of the Galaxy. It is said to control all lifeforms, at the time of activation lifeforms will begin a Convergence type event as they will begin a pilgrimage to the system. It is said to give the person who activates the beacon ultimate power over the controlled lifeforms. Though, their is another book, written by the final Skai'kil, this book has been hidden from the public. It contains a single page, a prophecy, that foretells the end of the Galaxy.

This prophecy was written by the final Skai'kil born of Iskva. the false Prophet. Their name unknown, was the last Skai'kil with Seer's Sight, a power gifted upon those who gave their life to the Cult by the True Prophet, to see the Warped Sun's light. This final book, hidden away from the Galaxy, contains a single page. It says that once the beacon has been activated, and the Prophet has been given complete control over complex life of the Galaxy, they will carry out the Cleansing. The cleansing comes in three stages: Implementation, Identification, Imbalment. The first stage is the activation of the beacon in all intelligent lifeforms, and the beginning of a Convergence type event. These lifeforms will make a pilgrimage to the Warped Sun, or die trying. Once these lifeforms have reached the 3rd, catalog and identification will occur, where all lifeforms are accounted for. The Imbalment stage is the end of all life in the Galaxy. A suicide enzyme is activated within every organisms bodily systems that attacks and destroys the cells of the lifeform. This is the final stage, and will begin the Galaxy anew, a rebirth if you will. This is the duty of the Great Prophet, and of the Sol Empire. In the eyes of the Prophet, the Empire is a means to meet this end.

The Purple Scouts are not only the explorers of the Empire, but the Great Searchers of the Warped Sun. Becoming one of the Prophet's Scouts is a lifelong duty. Death is only granted by the Prophet once the Sun has been discovered. Her Scout's have been with her since the beginning, they scour every inch of the Galaxy in search of the Sun. Though, they've much to go. It is their duty to be the ones who bring judgement to the lifeforms of the Galaxy.

The Great Prophet, or Empress, of the Sol Empire is the head-of-church of the Cult, with her Council of Sol also holding a position of higher theological power.

Domain[edit | edit source]

The Sol Empire lays claim to over 160 systems in it's immediate area of space. The area has been known to be spherical in shape, radiating outwards from Loysteraatwi. Discovered systems are listed here.

The most recent acquisition of system was made 21 May 2017. 22 systems were assimilated, further exploration is required.

TBE = To Be Explored

Runehmundfah 4 0 X X X
Holtioniscii 2 0 X X X
Tasgramzeitun 1 1 TBE TBE TBE

Notable Species[edit | edit source]

Domain still being explored and charted.

Significant People[edit | edit source]

The Empress
The Empress and her Royal Guard

The Empress[edit | edit source]

The Empress, or the Great Prophet, is the sole higher authority of the Sol Empire. Though she has near complete control over the Soliolan Government, she resides alongside her trustworthy Council of Sol. A very secretive council, only seen once every Quarter-Sol, the Council supposedly serves for life, although none remember there being a change. The Council makes most executive decisions of the government, on the rare occasion that the Empress does make a decision, she runs it through the Council and, eventually, the Tribunes. The Empress is of an unknown age, seemingly older than the Empire, having awoken on a mysterious desert planet and began the pilgrimage to Eissisin, over 1825 Sol's ago (7.3 Quarter-Sol's). It is accepted by many that the Empress comes from The Beyond, the space where no light reaches, the endless dark expanse beyond the Galaxy.

The supposed Ambassador (placeholder photo)

The Ambassador[edit | edit source]

The Ambassador, a Necromancer who lives in a Tower in the far reaches of Loysteraatwi, is the sole representative of the Sol Empire in the Federation. Almost nothing is known about this person, only their dealings with the Empire and their job in the government. Not even the location of their "Tower" is known. Rumours have been spread about the man's meddling in the dead, going as far as being able to resurrect dead organisms, if so, this would explain their immortality as they would attain the power to perform the ability on themselves, regenerating cells as fast as they die, gaining biological immortality. Through the little government documents transcribed about the Ambassador, he is almost half-machine, aided by an A.I. to keep his mortal self "alive".

Council of Sol[edit | edit source]

The Council of Sol is the main governing body of the Sol Empire. Their power is given directly from the Empress, she trusts in them to run her Empire. The Council meets on the Eighth-Sol of every Quarter-Sol, only seen in public on every Fouth-Sol. Coincidentally, this almost always falls on Judicii, a holiday celebrating the arrival of the Prophet on Eissisin. A large parade is held on the Capital-world, the event is celebrated Empire-wide and attracts many tourists for it's unique display of Soliolan culture. Not much is entirely known about the Council, they produce a certain set of documents every Quarter pertaining to everything done in the quarter and what can be expected for the next.


Demographics[edit | edit source]

On Sol 1825 of the Empire's existence, a Census published by an unknown third party estimated the Empire's population to be around 427,000,000,000. An exact estimate would be too hard to produce without extensive federal aid, which would become too costly and require too much time to prove much use. The Empire spans many systems, some worlds not even advanced enough to realize the Empire's dominion over them. Over the past Quarter-Sol the Empire's population nearly quadrupled, this can be somewhat attributed to advancements in medicine and distribution of existing medicine to the Empiric Rim-worlds. Due to lack of information, it is unknown what position the Empire holds in the Galaxy.

Sol 250 9,000,000,000 N/A
Sol 500 22,000,000,000 N/A
Sol 750 42,000,000,000 N/A
Sol 1000 68,000,000,000 N/A
Sol 1250 92,000,000,000 4,000,000,000
Sol 1500 106,000,000,000 12,000,000,000
Sol 1750 213,000,000,000 11,000,000,000
Sol 1825 427,000,000,000 22,000,000,000