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The EPM's Emblem after Origins
The EPM's Flag after Origins

The History of the EPM is a historical article.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The History of the EPM records all historical events that have occurred and have affected the Empire of Phantomium Marxium in any way.

Pre-Phantomial Era[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the new Xbox Universe was birthed, many Travellers appeared that wanted to explore and document it. Due to its young age however, it was poorly organized and there was hardly any effort recorded for creating Traveller Civilizations that were exclusive and indigenous to that Universe.

Not being aware of the existence of such organized communities existing in the vastness of the other Universes, the PC and PS4 ones, Iteration blek18 was baffled when he realized the possibilities available. The inexperienced Traveller stumbled upon one such possibility and took the opportunity. He joined the The Communist Constellations of U.S.S.R, a PC Civilization and established colonies for it in the Xbox Universe, namely the systems of Olleywo-Reles XVI, Oktovri Centauri V/I and Hobost which all belonged in the Hilbert Dimension.

Soon after, the Traveller informed his ally, Iteration Jikomiko about this event and ultimately the latter joined as well, establishing Revoltwo-Kepler I in Euclid. Weeks later the leader of the CCU, Comrade Einhus, was reported to have disappeared without a trace, deleting all records of his existence.

Following this, with the two Travellers being abandoned, and knowing that everything was within their own hands now, took their colonies and established the Empire of Phantomium Marxium to expand the Xbox Universe, basing themselves around Revoltwo-Kepler I's frozen planet Hoth (EPM).

Historical eras[edit | edit source]

The history of the EPM has can be divided into the following generations:

Phantomial Records[edit | edit source]

Information found here is generalized and may be of less relevancy than the above but is still worthy of note.

Date of Event Description of Event
Visions Era
20 March, 2019 The idea of an empire has formed.
22 March, 2019 The Empire of Phantomium Marxium has officially been created in accordance to civilization standards. The CCU loses its Hilbert Dimension colonies to the EPM due to members leaving it and joining the Empire.
23 March, 2019 The EPM is accepted into the United Federation of Travellers.
17 April, 2019 A new emblem is created to represent the EPM on gamepedia and on the Federation subreddit. KEETH1775 officially joins the civilization, establishing a base on Hoth (EPM). Blek18 soon follows with his own base on the capital planet. The EPM has now created a small community on Hoth (EPM).
21 April, 2019 The objective of the EPM expands. The Phantomial Corporation is to be founded and existing production bases are to be placed under its authority. Plans to expand it are set in motion. The capital base of Casterly Rock is moved closer to the other capital bases. All three of them now share a common coastline.
25 April, 2019 Le Matomaty officially joins the EPM and begins construction on his base EPM Terra Prima. A historical meeting of the current members came to happen today, as they all gathered at the base EPM Hoth Baraks. Its architect, KEETH1775, alongside Emperor Jikomiko, blek18 and newly joined Le Matomaty sat in front of the EPM sign and later, they called in their starships to showcase their collection of green ships. This day will be remembered in history as the First Negotiation Day.
25 May, 2019 SparkiinJayz joins the EPM as a registered member. The four members that were present during the First Negotiation Day are deemed Founders of the Empire. All big projects, including "The Phantomial Corporation", are postponed due to ill knowledge of future universal events.
26 May, 2019 SparkiinJayz shares his ideas for outdoor farms with the EPM.
2 June, 2019 Construction on a base orbiting the moon Polis Sentinelia begins.
5 June, 2019 The orbital base is finalized and is given the name EPM Alpha-102 Orbital Station.
14 June, 2019 ForwardPhoenix6 is now an official registered member of the EPM.
18 June, 2019 Blek18 is accepted as an Ambassador of the EPM in the Federation.
26 June, 2019 A Diplomatic Envoy was sent to the Domus Stellaris Confederation, consisting of Emperor Jikomiko himself and blek18. Both parties agreed to set up Embassies in each others' territory, with the DSC EPM-E Base already having been built in DSC territory.
14 July, 2019 SparkiinJayz creates a way for T3 (Rich, Flourishing, Booming etc.) Economy systems to be recognized within the space of the EPM. T3 Systems are assigned into the Olympus Alliance with a more characterizing tag to represent their economy to other Travellers.
16 July, 2019 Ballston Gamer joins the EPM as a registered member. The "Historical Entries" are now called "Phantomial Records".
20 July, 2019 It is decided that the Olympus Alliance should be re branded to the Phantomial T3 Collective.
23 July, 2019 The now Phantomial T3 Collective is officially recognized within the Corporate Directory.
24 July, 2019 A new guideline is implemented when naming systems in Galaxies other than Euclid.
31 July, 2019 Viceroy blek18 states that the EPM's territory expands up to 5000 LY in a spherical radius centered around Revoltwo-Kepler I, and the other Galaxies capitals respectively. Construction on the capital base of Eissentam begins.
3 August, 2019 The Phantomial Space Force is announced by the Emperor, granting the EPM a militant classification.
13/14 August, 2019 With the confirmation from the Atlas itself that the universal event known as Beyond by Travellers won't wipe their creations, the search for a new suitable capital begins early. KEETH1775 chose to act against the EPM and deleted the Discord Server, and thus is banned from EPM space indefinitely. Further investigation indicates that the unofficial census, the EPM Xbox Club is also suspended.
Beyond Era
14 August, 2019 After the EPM's loss of some of its platforms of communication, the Emperor, the Viceroy and the currently registered members joined communications to observe the universal event known as Beyond.
15 August, 2019 Naming Guidelines have been updated for uploading systems within EPM space with the intent of recording it for the PTC.
The trial of KEETH1775 was held today. Following established laws, specifically according to Article I; Paragraph III & IV he is ostracized from EPM space indefinitely.
Emperor's Signature:Jikomiko (talk) 10:18, 15 August 2019 (UTC) Viceroy's Signature:Blek456 (talk) 10:13, 15 August 2019 (UTC)
19 August, 2019 The Phantomial T3 Collective rebrands to just The Collective.
21 August, 2019 The idea of the Phantomial Corporation is scrapped.
26 August, 2019 The Trinity Pact, a treaty signed by the EPM, the Helios Confederation of Independent Systems and the Domus Stellaris Confederation which binds them in an alliance, is announced on the EPM and HCIS subreddits.
29 August, 2019 ULTRA SNIF, ydenisy and LinearSaucer801 become Registered Members.
7 September, 2019 The Phantomial Scouts reported an intriguing structure on a planet within the Quvele Adjunct. They discovered an ancient trading center dating way back to approximately six thousand years ago.
3 November, 2019 Construction on the Pyriad Temple which commemorates the old capital of Hoth is finalized. It's located on planet Catansin Tau.
13 November, 2019 Diplomatic discussion between the EPM and Wild Space occurred today, the result being the formation of a trade alliance.

Signatures: EPM:Blek456 (talk) 22:05, 13 November 2019 (UTC) WS: Governor Spyder 17:15, November 13th 2019.

28 December, 2019 The EPM participates in Unification Day 2019.
4 January, 2020 The Phantomial Space Force conducts Operation Void Defender. Its goal is the defense of this weekend's event location from any potential troublemakers.
10 February, 2020 Head of Security of the UFT Mr Jordan Murphy reveals results of investigations regarding the population of the Cosmic Cooperative. Following the controversy that occurred were the CC's own departure from the Federation as well as the HCIS's and the EIC's.
15 February, 2020 The NLMO is founded and its management is assigned to member SGT SLING.
22 February, 2020 Multiple members are removed from Registered Status. SGT SLING and xXBenziPlayZXx become Registered Members.
26 February, 2020 Mazzulaelectro becomes a Registered Member.
27 February, 2020 The EPM welcomes the Orbital Engineering Company's Manager HollywoodOKC to Endor for Diplomatic Negotiations, which resulted in plans for mutual embassies.
29 February, 2020 Viceroy blek18 begins a structural renovation in order to add a ranking system in the EPM.
8 March, 2020 Based on the Viceroy's assessment, multiple members are granted the Registered Member Status.
10 March, 2020 A Census page for the EPM has been created. In addition, the EPM is now classified as a Hub (according to the old procedures).
11 March, 2020 Gunnerizized becomes a Registered Member.
12 March, 2020 Emperor Jikomiko, Viceroy blek18 and Registered Members SGT SLING and xXBenziPlayZXx meet and discuss with the CEO of the Von Fatalis Corporation, BARONVonFATALIS at his Cloud Castle.
13 March, 2020 Nukie 000 becomes a Registered Member.
14 March, 2020 Emperor Jikomiko is attacked by a known troublemaker, called Doc Doom35, while building a base near the Phantomial Capital. The EPM joins the United Nations 42.
15 March, 2020 BasedCommunism becomes a Registered Member. Upon his personal request, Helgr Kahl is removed from the Registered Members list.
16 March, 2020 The PSF captures and occupies the home system of the Emperor's assailant in Eissentam as part of Operation Green Storm.
20 March, 2020 The Phantomial Cosmonauts are formed as an exploration department of the EPM.
21 March, 2020 The NLMO now has its own specialization system. TheDude24601 (known as PapiStalin on Discord) becomes a Registered Member.
22 March, 2020 The EPM celebrates its first anniversary.
28 March, 2020 The EPM chooses a capital in Eissentam. Multiple members begin construction on bases on the capital planet of the EPM's Eissentam colony, Dantooine.
29 March, 2020 Registered Member mazzula analyses the EPM's industry and calculates the approximate GDP of it at 470,000,000 Units.
31 March, 2020 The EPM begins plans for the Phantomial Coalition, a company that unites all current departments of the EPM.
2 April, 2020 Mazzula investigates the area around the core of Euclid, and finds colonies of a large size, that do not seem to have been created by an organized entity.
3 Arpil, 2020 NLMO Manager SGT SLING also goes to investigate the mysterious colonies.
5 April, 2020 Nukie 000 is removed from the Registered Members list.
6 April, 2020 GrosserBreak470 is removed from the Registered Members list and banned for inappropriate behaviour. In addition, multiple unregistered members were kicked from the EPM Discord Server. The Cosmic Cooperative Remnant declares war on the EPM. The EPM chooses not to respond immediately.
15 April, 2020 SGT SLING and xXBenziPlayZXx embark on a Phantomial Cosmonaut expedition towards the Euclid core. They discover a settled system belonging to the PKW Hub and a base built to resemble a small town in one of the planets.
16 April, 2020 Drocasma adds themselves as a Registered Member.
17 April, 2020 After investigation, it is concluded that Drocasma is a spy and is subsequently banned from the EPM.
21 April, 2020 The EPM arrives in Unity One, a system maintained by UN42 that acts as an embassy for civilizations. The EPM chooses to respond to the declaration of war and assembles Task Force Phantom to eradicate the remnants of the Cosmic Cooperative in the Xbox Dimension.
24 April, 2020 Operation Tide Breaker commences with the goal of besieging and conquering the capital of the CC, Nuhamauri in the Oldato (CC) System. The NMS Galactic Empire joins the EPM in its conquest of the CC.
25 Arpil, 2020 Four members of the EPM meet on Hoth (EPM), the old capital, to celebrate the Second Negotiation Day.
7 May, 2020 theDJm_5 (aka Semi Anonymous) adds themselves as a Registered Member.
8 May, 2020 DottKom2 becomes a Dual Citizen, with his first citizenship being that of the Free Delta Initiative.
27 May, 2020 Wildrax is banned from the EPM for being a spy and alt of Drocasma.
28 May, 2020 xSx Blouses xBx (aka I 877 Cars4kids) adds themselves as a Dual Member. In addition, the EPM reaches Galaxy 70 thanks to DottKomm2.
1 June, 2020 Viceroy blek18 unveils the Phantomial Compendium, a catalogue series which documents various resources and locations of the EPM.
5 July,
The EPM is banned from the United Federation of Travelers. The EPM chooses to celebrate the event as the Phantomial Independence Day.
6 July,
The EPM departs from the United Nations 42.
7 July,
DottKomm2 is removed as a Dual Member by his own request.
9 July,
The EPM starts moving to the 70th Galaxy.
27 July,
A group of explorers of the EPM named the Emeril Convoy completed a journey across a small lush moon in G70.
9 August, 2020 The EPM launches its fourth department, Instar, with the goal of researching anomalous activities within the game such as bugs and glitches.
12 August, 2020 The Phantomial HM1 Vortex becomes the second official ship of the NLMO, along with the FM2 Nebula.
14 August, 2020 The EPM joins the NMS GE's side by declaring war on the Galactic Autonomous Zone for their multiple terroristic actions across the universe.
17 August, 2020 After some fighting, all participants came together to sign a treaty of peace. Later on the same day the treaty was broken by GAZ's ally, known as White Noise, as they put down a base in EPM territory, in violation of what was signed earlier. GAZ itself drops out from the war, leaving only White Noise.
18 August, 2020 EPM relations with Wild Space collapse as Phantomial High Command witnessed an attempt at meddling with the EPM's private affairs. After consideration, High Command cut ties with Wild Space.
20 August, 2020 White Noise obtains access to the EPM's Galaxy 70 capital. In response all available PSF Pilots were called in for defence. With the EPM's primary objective complete, that is the stop of GAZ's terroristic actions, it loses interest in offensive operations against White Noise.
28 August, 2020 The EPM steps down as a Hub and becomes a Standard civilization once again. LeanerBee starts an event series called Green Friday as part of the NLMO.
1 September, 2020 The Marxium Palace is fully built on Zolara.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The following images display the emblem and flag used during each generations.