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The Hubble is a zone of space in the Gamma Quadrant.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Hubble is a zone of space in the Gamma Quadrant which many civilizations have occupied. It is defined as 1-2 maximum-distance warps (4,000-5,000 light-years) in any direction of the Galactic Hub, meaning it includes the Galactic Hub itself, the Huburbs (regions directly connected to the Galactic Hub's 11 regions), and many regions & civilizations unaffiliated with the Galactic Hub.

Due to the dense concentration of civilizations, the Hubble is also one of the prime locations for multiplayer interactions (such as meeting other players, visiting bases, or finding Communications Stations).

Governing Structure[edit | edit source]

The Hubble has no central government. Civilizations which locate themselves in the Hubble zone are not automatically considered a member of any political / social alliance or group. However, some civilizations may choose to extend certain benefits to fellow Hubble civilizations and citizens on a voluntary and optional basis.

Hubble Association[edit | edit source]

The Hubble Association is an association of civilizations based in the Hubble Zone. Participation in the Hubble Association is voluntary, optional, and open. This means that civilizations located in the Hubble Zone are not automatically members of the Hubble Association, but may declare themselves as such at any time.

The purpose of the Hubble Association is to increase communication and player traffic between Hubble-based civilizations. Hubble Association civilizations offer certain benefits to players located in any civilization in the Hubble Zone. These benefits vary by civilization (see list below), and are non-binding, meaning the civilization may decline to provide these benefits if desired.

The Hubble Association's nature as a voluntary, optional, open, and non-binding organization is designed to increase cooperation and traffic between localized civilizations without introducing bureaucratic governance.

Hubble Association Members[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Staff Coordinates Main Website Platform
Galactic Hub Emblem 2.png
Galactic Hub Project Gamma HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun See Galactic Hub Project - Staff 042F:0079:0D55:006A NMS Galactic Hub PC / PS4 / Xbox
Financial Aid - The Galactic Hub will supply your civilization with a bulk amount of Units (in the form of high-value items). This is primarily meant for civ leaders, but may be requested by individuals with due cause as well. Contact 7101334.
Peacekeeping Assistance - The GH will dispatch Galactic Hub Defense Force officers to your civilization upon request by a civilization staff member. Contact Head Security Officer MrJordanMurphy.
Star League Representation - Hubble-based civilizations are invited to create teams in the Galactic Hub Star League's leaderboard, the Star League Athlete Scoreboard, under your civilization's banner. Contact nmskibbles.
In-game Consultation - If you need assistance planning an in-game colony, event, or other in-game goal, a Galactic Hub Councilor will visit your location and provide advice. Contact 7101334.

Hubble Zone Map[edit | edit source]

Image Map of the Hubble Zone as of July 03, 2019.
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