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The subject of this article is from the Synthesis update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 18 February, 2020.
[B] Hyde
[B] Hyde
Region Arkess Cloud
Galaxy Euclid
Spectral class G1
Distance to centre 5,627 light‑years
Planet(s) 6
Moon(s) 0
Faction Gek
Economy Scientific
Wealth Promising
Conflict level Relaxed
Discovered by Birdy
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Release Synthesis

[B] Hyde is a star system in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

[B] Hyde is the capital system of The Anomaly Empire.

It is the origin and centre of the empire where the main legislation occurs. It is also home to the capital planet, Ridelendeys B12.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Current: Hyde

Discovered[edit | edit source]

By PC explorer Birdy.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

Planet Name Type Extreme
H.jpg Hingham III Desolate Desiccation High
Hy.jpg Hyturi I7 Rocky None Low
Nm.jpg Nightmare X09 Forsaken None Low
Fd.jpg Feverdream Light None Low
E.jpg Eadles O38 Hot Burning Air High
R.jpg Ridelendeys B12 Flourishing None Low

Location information[edit | edit source]

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


System Location[edit | edit source]

Located in the Arkess Cloud 5,627 Light-Years from the centre of the Euclid Galaxy

Space station[edit | edit source]

The space station merchants offer the following items for sale:

Multi-tool Technology Merchant 20191205182228 1.jpg
Starship Technology Merchant 20191205182241 1.jpg 20191205182248 1.jpg 20191205182250 1.jpg
Exosuit Technology Merchant 20191205182305 1.jpg 20191205182307 1.jpg

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