Hyperdrive Upgrade

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Hyperdrive Upgrade
Hyperdrive Upgrade
Category Starship - Hyperdrive
Type Generated Upgrade
Stats CLASS.S.png / CLASS.A.png / CLASS.B.png / CLASS.C.png
Release NEXT

Hyperdrive Upgrade is a starship upgrade.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hyperdrive Upgrades, contained within Hyperdrive Modules, are procedurally generated upgrades granting bonuses to the Hyperdrive of a Starship.

Upgrade properties[edit | edit source]

Hyperdrive Upgrades grant variable magnitudes of the following bonus based on their class:

  • Hyperdrive Range: Increases the maximum distance of a hyperjump by a fixed amount.

A-class and S-class Hyperdrive Upgrades also grant +100% of the following bonus:

  • Warp Cell Efficiency: Increases the fuel range of the ship by 100% each.
    • It has a stacking effect: 1 = 50% fuel cost / 2 = 33% fuel cost / 3 = 25% fuel cost (5% per jump!)

Up to three Hyperdrive Upgrades can be installed in each inventory of the Starship --- installing four or more upgrades in a given inventory will disable all upgrades of that type until the upgrade count is reduced to three or less.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Hyperdrive Upgrades can only be obtained from opening Hyperdrive Modules.

Hyperdrive Upgrade can be repaired using the following resources:

Hyperdrive Upgrade can be dismantled after construction, returning the following resources:

Installing[edit | edit source]

Upgrade modules follow a static progression. The generation seed is used for all module families at the same time. During module installations it goes up by one. The new module they change into correlates to their order of installation. If the game is reloaded, the exact same pool will be offered to the player, no matter the order they install other modules.

Example: An S-class module of "Ancient Ion Cycler" is loaded on the third installation no matter in what order the former modules are installed or their class. If the same S-class module is used third again, it will once again be the "Ancient Ion Cycler". Only if used second or fourth will it change to something else.

Modules[edit | edit source]

Discovered Hyperdrive Upgrades
Class Name Hyperdrive Range (ly) Warp Cell Efficiency
CLASS.C.png Alternate Antimatter Injector 51 -
CLASS.C.png Alternate Antimatter Injector 77 -
CLASS.C.png Alternate Distance Polariser 52 -
CLASS.C.png Alternate Pressure Inverter 87 -
CLASS.C.png Alternate Relativity Shield 77 -
CLASS.C.png Backup Relativity Shield 58 -
CLASS.C.png Backup Vacuum Drive 78 -
CLASS.C.png Backup Relativity Shield 58 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Frame Drag Limiter 67 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Frame Drag Limiter 72 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Frame Drag Limiter 93 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Relativity Shield 66 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Superluminal Drive 94 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Vacuum Drive 51 -
CLASS.C.png Secondary Warp Core 93 -
CLASS.C.png Tuned Relativity Shield 89 -
CLASS.C.png Tuned Vacuum Drive 98 -
CLASS.B.png Polished Antimatter Injector 144 -
CLASS.S.png Flawless Causality Isolator 208 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Pressure Inverter 217 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Pressure Inverter 239 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Reality Destabiliser 249 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Superluminal Drive 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Superluminal Drive 239 +100%
CLASS.S.png Flawless Vacuum Drive 203 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Antimatter Injector 211 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Distance Polarizer 210 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Frame Drag Limiter 205 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Pressure Inverter 201 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Relativity Shield 240 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Vacuum Drive 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Vacuum Drive 242 +100%
CLASS.S.png Glorious Warp Core 236 +100%
CLASS.S.png Gyroscopic Antimatter Injector 151 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Antimatter Injector 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Antimatter Injector 207 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Causality Isolator 205 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Causality Isolator 228 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Frame Drag Limiter 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Frame Drag Limiter 248 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Pressure Inverter 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Reality Destabiliser 250 +100%
CLASS.S.png Harmonic Vacuum Drive 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Antimatter Injector 202 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Antimatter Injector 246 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Frame Drag Limiter 242 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Frame Drag Limiter 245 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Frame Drag Limiter 247 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Pressure Inverter 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Pressure Inverter 220 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Reality Destabiliser 201 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Reality Shield 210 +100%
CLASS.S.png Hypersonic Relativity Shield 243 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Antimatter Injector 249 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Causality Isolator 239 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Reality Destabiliser 200 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Reality Destabiliser 240 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Superluminal Drive 226 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Warp Core 202 +100%
CLASS.S.png Supercharged Warp Core 244 +100%

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Upgrade bonuses trigger for Hyperdrive Upgrades if they are adjacent to Hyperdrive or each other, increasing their Hyperdrive Range bonuses above listed values.