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ICC The Reach
ICC The Reach
Star system ICC Karano
Region Harmonte Mass
Galaxy Euclid
Biome Sub-zero planet - {{{description}}}
Weather Icy
Sentinels Passive
Fauna Generous
Discovered by FretusOG
Release NEXT

ICC The Reach is one of the planets in the ICC Karano system. It is the current grand capital of the International Colonial Commonwealth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Having been the main capital of both Interstellar Socialist Commune and Confederacy of Colonial Systems, to this day The Reach is the symbol and national pride of the Colonial Commonwealth. A paradise planet and industrial centre for most of its history, after the fall of the Socialist Commune and Confederacy it quickly turned into an ice planet with sub zero climate due to the irreversible damage to the atmosphere from the planet-wide industrial centres.

After the establishment of the Commonwealth, ICC The Reach became the first Grand Capital-Planet and the centre of Colonial government.

Even though most of the planetary infrastructure vanished because of erosion and constantly changing weather, a framework of enormous, city-size factories remained. Facing no violent resistance from the strangely programmed, passive and peaceful sentinels, the Colonial Research and Technology Corps. quickly rebuilt few of the enormous Living Glass factories.

History[edit | edit source]

It is believed that the Commonwealth's predecessor state, Confederacy of Colonial Systems, has reprogrammed the most of the planetary Sentinel army and used it as a part of Reach's police force.

Scientists believe that during the pre-sentinel era Karano was the capital of one of the biggest Delta quadrant civilizations, the Interstellar Socialist Commune. The estimated population of The Reach during that time is 15-18 billion citizens (not counting the AI). The sentinel invasion and the great fall of the Commune resulted in Karano losing most of its influence in the quadrant, eventually making the Planet fall into the crisis of food shortage, crime-syndicalism and corruption. Only after the dawn of Confederacy almost 600 years later had the situation in Karano improved, yet the ever worsening atmosphere and temperature change forced the local government to gradually spend more and more money to combat the global cooling. It is unclear what happened afterwards, but after the fall of Confederacy the system seemed to enter the dark ages: no written historical documents have remained, and the communication with foreign systems was mainly non-existent. Commonwealth's scientists believe that this was the time when Global Cooling went out of control and the planet simply didn't have enough supplies to combat it. Only around 20% of the population survived. Now, after the rise of Commonwealth almost 4000 later, The Reach's strata is around 5 billion citizens (not counting the sentinels and AI).

Planet type[edit | edit source]

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Fauna[edit | edit source]

Name Photo Gender Behaviour Diet Weight Height Notes Discovered by  Brief description
Cratus Bratanus CratusBranatus.jpg Non-uniform Cautious Flowers 85.3 kg 1.2 metre Bruisable organs FretusOG To be written

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