Ilbingew Band

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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Ilbingew Band
Ilbingew Band
Galaxy Rerasmutul
Civilized space Eyfert Khannate
Updated Visions

Ilbingew Band is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ilbingew Band is a region in the Rerasmutul galaxy of No Man's Sky. Though the region is discovered in the NEXT update, it is pretty much the same in the Abyss update, though with the following changes:

  • Systems with water planets are indicated by "Water" in the Galactic Map.
  • Planets and moons within the systems are the same, though those the underwater of planets with water get significant improvements. Land terrain, fauna and flora remain the same though some scientific names have changed.

It is located approximately 3800 light years away from The Arm of Pobelar and just outside of the Kaleidoscope. Facing the center, directly in front is the Sasageid Band, the new home region of the Eyfert Khannate.

The shape resembles a blooming flower. It occupies a large area of space but is rather desolate, having noticeably fewer stars compared to its neighbors. The region is restricted access and HIGHLY PROTECTED. Only a chosen few are allowed to go here because of the vast wealth of treasures hidden within. The Eyfert Khannate's True Capital is hidden somewhere here.

Documented system[edit | edit source]

System Color Distance Faction Planets Moons Platform
Olmasa-Naz Uncharted 3 1 PC
Tirkama Gek 2 PC

Other systems[edit | edit source]

Star systems with a (number / total) indicates the presence of lush planets/moons. The first number is the amount of lush planets/moons with relaxed sentinels in Survival Mode while the second number is the total number of lush planets in the system. A number with a plus indicates relaxed sentinels and storm-free weather.

Lush planets with relaxed sentinels in Survival Mode: 18 / 46

  • Anshie-Sayk (W, 0/1) (Experimental Multi-tool in Space Anomaly)
  • Aoanse (1/1)
  • Bieharab (W, 1+/2)
  • Dagze-Deg XIX (W, 1/1, diplos, red freighter)
  • Goganc (0/1)
  • Hahoeli-Rih (W, 1/1)
  • Iaxigan XV (1/1)
  • Ieshojo (1/1)
  • Iqinhe (0/1)
  • Inings-Edsk (1/1)
  • Juminta VI (W) (Experimental Multi-tool in Space station)
  • Lugovia (Alien pistol size Multi-tool in Space station)
  • Nagtang-Ats X (0/1)
  • Najinsh-Pasi XVI (0/2)
  • Nuyogze X (Experimental Multi-tool in Space station)
  • Olmasa-Naz (W, 1/1)
  • Ompain-Yau (0/1)
  • Owdzand-Aalim (2/2)
  • Qoidekou IX (1/1)
  • Rabqen-Tash (First megafauna diplo discovered in Rerasmutul]]
  • Ribinga XVII (Experimental pistol size Multi-tool in Space station)
  • Sebron-Qangy (0/1)
  • Tirkama (0/1)
  • Tisawaj (0/1)
  • Wenninqu XIV (0/1)
  • Xangho (1/1)
  • Xipinnd XV (0/1)
  • Xudingdi](0/2)

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

Eyfert Khannate

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