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The subject of this article is from a pre-release seed. The information on this page cannot be found in the released game.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorized.
Atmosphere Yellow tint, composition unknown
Updated Pre-release

Summary[edit | edit source]

Imlyanovor-Kai is a procedurally generated planet in the universe of No Man's Sky. It is the second planet shown in No Man's Sky: A Tour of 5 New Planets.

Planet Type[edit | edit source]

Rolling and hilly. Plenty of grass, but many rocky outcroppings spot the surface. Water seems to be plentiful.

Atmosphere and Climate[edit | edit source]

The sky is a light yellow color, composition unknown.

Life[edit | edit source]

Plant[edit | edit source]

Plenty of green grass, reddish trees, and bushes. The water appears to contain a wide variety of plants as well.

Animal[edit | edit source]

The water is inhabited by a wide variety of fish, and several creatures similar to a floating man-of-war can be seen on the surface. Several large rhino-like creatures has been seen grazing near the shoreline.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]