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The subject of this article is from the Foundation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 7 March, 2017.

The starships in No Man's Sky share four basic types of instrument panels. Each one contains a center screen larger than the others that is used for navigation. Additional ancillary panels display starship speed, shield information, distance from nearby objects, and other information as yet undefined. Some of the displays may simply be for show. As with other starship components, the instruments displayed on the panels can be upgraded using the proper blueprints.

Panel types[edit | edit source]

Navigation - this is the largest display in the instrument panel, and displays nearby planetary objects, as well as starships of various kinds. This is a working display in the game.

Ancillary - This is a smaller panel generally set to the left or right of the Navigation screen. These panels may show one specific instrument (such as shields), but are generally banks of smaller instruments.

Design layout[edit | edit source]

Based on the pre-release videos, there are four basic patterns in use. Of these four types, the first two were seen in the earlier trailers and demos, while the newer and slimmer versions have begun to make their appearance in later videos.

The starship used by the scientifically-minded Korvax has the clearest panel (a2Na2) which probably makes sense. The internal layout of Trader vessels were never specifically shown, so their instrument panels may be different.

NmsShip Instruments aaNaa.jpg aaNaa: A center navigation panel flanked by two ancillary panels on either side
(ancillary ancillary Navigation ancillary ancillary)
NmsShip Instruments aaNaaC2.jpg
aaNaaC: A center navigation panel with an ancillary directly left and right and two additional ancillaries stacked directly above the Nav panel
(ancillary ancillary Navigation ancillary ancillary) cluster
NmsShip Instruments aNa-aa.JPG
aNa-aa: A center navigation panel with an ancillary directly left and right with two additional ancillaries connected to a bar dropped from the top of the cockpit
(ancillary Navigation ancillary - ancillary2 ancillary2)
NmsShip Instruments a2Na2.JPG
a2NA2: A center navigation panel with a double-wide ancillary panel to the left and right
(ancillary-double Navigation ancillary-double)

Conjecture[edit | edit source]

The starship with the aNa-aa panel appears to be the same ship externally (see Gallery section below) as the one originally using the aaNaa Cluster. Looks like someone upgraded their starship!

Gallery[edit | edit source]